Punta Gorda Waterfront Development Master Plan Proposal ...

Punta Gorda Waterfront Development Master Plan Proposal ...

PUNTA GORDA WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENT MASTER PLAN 2018 Punta Gorda Located at the confluence of Peace River & Charlotte Harbor The Punta Gorda Waterfront Has and continues

to play a decisive role in the development of the City Key to future development Greatest resource Boating Community Punta Gorda Isles & Burnt Store Isles Premier boating communities

Accounts for bulk of City population Increases residential revenue Benefits all citizens, residential & commercial sectors Punta Gorda Recognition Money Magazine (1996 & 2003) Top 10 Best Small Cities to

Live in Yachting Magazine 2011 One of the 50 Best Yachting Towns in America Miami Herald (2014) these waters are known internationally for fishing and sailing. Where to Retire magazine Why A Master Plan?

PGBA approached the City with a request to revise and update Waterfront Master Plan March 8, 2018 Council approval to move forward Plan Focus Develop a plan which: promotes Punta Gorda as a destination for a variety of water-

Waterfront Master Plan Mission Statement To develop and submit a Master Development Plan to the City of Punta Gorda with regard to, but not limited to, the development of and management of our waterfront. This Plan will seek to establish Punta Gorda as THE premier recreational boating community in the continental United States. The implementation of this plan will ensure our citizens experience a superior boating environment and visiting boaters will enjoy enhanced amenities while taking advantage of our boating-friendly

Member Organizations Laishley Marina The Mariners of PGI The PGI Cruising Club PG Islanders Cruising Club Pier 1 Yacht Sales Platinum Point Yacht Club Port Charlotte Yacht Club Punta Gorda Boat Club Punta Gorda Sailing Club Punta Gorda Yacht Brokers Seafarers Cruising Club Burnt Store Marina Burnt Store Isles Boat Club

Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club Charlotte Harbor Regatta The Community Sailing Center Emerald Pointe Yacht Club Fishermens Village Marina Isles Yacht Club Sea Tow SWF Marine Industries Association Advisory Organizations Peace River Sail and

Power Squadron U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 98 Punta Gorda City staff Charlotte County staff Charlotte County Beaches & Shores Punta Gorda City Council liaison Charlotte County

Marine Advisory Committee The Punta Gorda Waterfront Development Master Plan OBJECTIVE Establish Punta Gorda as a preferred destination for visiting boaters and support recreational boating in our community. Ponce DeLeon Park Redesign Includes Relocation of the

Peace River Wildlife Center Re-designed parking Kayak launch ramp Restrooms Pavilions Playground Fishermens Village Marina There is an increasing shortage of slips/ dockage

Recommend the City should work with Fishermens Village Marina to expand the number of slips at the marina The Punta Gorda Waterfront Hotel & Marina Lack of slip availability Recommend the City work with owners to re-establish the

marina Would provide additional Slips Dinghy docks Restrooms Showers for visiting Four Points Hotel/Marina Lack of slips available Recommend the City

work with owners to re-establish the marina Would provide additional Slips Dinghy docks Restrooms Showers for visiting boaters Inviting environment Amenities for Visiting Boaters

Enhanced trash receptacles Potable water access for boaters Establishment of a Wi-Fi System Showers for visiting boaters (Fishermens Village or The PGH) Visitors Information Center located near the West Mooring Field

Establish west mooring ball field Promotes boating tourism Provides the City a mechanism to manage and control anchorage off of Commercial entity management Gilchrist Park

(Fishermens Village Marina or The [re-established] marina at Punta Gorda Hotel). Provides the City with ability to Manage length of stay Deal more quickly with derelict boats Provide additional dockage during high season Day/Dinghy Docks Because of limited day and dinghy dock locations the

following should be considered: Working with the County to construct day/dinghy docks behind the Charlotte HarborDocks Eventat Four Points and PGH Dinghy Center a break wall at the Gilchrist Construct Landing dinghy docks Kayak Launch Sites

Establish sites at: Ponce Park East of Highway 41 adjacent to the Harborwalk Colony Point Drive Boat Club/Bayfront Waterfront Buildings City should act on one of three options: Renovation of both buildings Cost would be significantly less than replacing the buildings Extended lease would allow renter to invest in improvements

New facade on exterior of the buildings Update the interior: new restrooms; other improvements Would greatly improve their usability Improve curb appeal Remove the old buildings and replace them with a new structure (if first option is taken this Ordinances City recently established clear

ordinances for boaters utilizing the dinghy docks at the Boat Club and Laishley Marina City should continue to establish ordinances (rules) for boaters living in and visiting our city Alternate Access Complete Buckleys Pass Bird Cut

Dredging Review/apply for permits for Ponce Inlet Dredge deeper (6.5 to 7) Two year permitting process need to apply now Work with County to

dredge Alligator Water Taxi Service City should work with Sunseeker to ensure reliable Water Taxi Service is established. Promotes tourism for Punta Gorda Reduces the impact of automobile traffic

Boating Events City and Chamber of Commerce should work with local clubs and organizations to Develop large boating events (Sail-ins; Trawler Fest) Attracts visiting boaters & visitors

Expand existing events Example: The Conquistador Cup and Leukemia Cup, held annually on the Peace River. Marketing Establish an enhanced ongoing campaign and City Branding aimed at boaters and tourists interested in waterbased activities in

partnership with The City, Punta Gorda & Charlotte County Chambers of Commerce Charlotte County Tourism Bureau Continued Focus on Infrastructure and Environment Manage & maintain harbor facilities by continuing and developing programs for repair, reconstruction and maintenance of

Harbor Walk, seawall, beaches, dinghy docks, boat access areas, piers and fishing wharfs Provide consistent & attractive signage, public access improvements, and an information and maintenance program Continue working with environmental groups to protect the environment (i.e.CHNEP) Establish oyster beds, living shorelines etc. The Waterfront Our most valuable resource Proactive measures must be taken by:

City County State Federal governments Proactive measures must be taken to: manage & develop this resource benefit our citizens attract visiting boaters & tourists to our community benefit of our commercial sector Additional Input The Punta Gorda Boaters Alliance believes the actions recommended in this document will

greatly enhance the environment of Punta Gorda, benefit its citizens, and attract visiting boaters which will have a beneficial impact on our commercial sector. We further recommend that additional input be sought from homeowners associations, the commercial sector, citizens throughout our community as well as continued review and input from City Planning.

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