Quick Guide to the 2016 AP Biology Exam

Quick Guide to the 2016 AP Biology Exam

May 9, 2016 AM Test time Basic Info Section I: 90 minutes for 63 multiple-choice + 6 gridin questions 50% of total score Section II: Free-Response Questions 10 minute reading period to read/plan answers 80 minutes to write: 2

Long Free Response questions (~20 min each) 6 Short Free Response questions (~6 min each) 50% of total score Content Big Ideas: 1.Evolution 2.Cellular Processes: Energy & Communication 3.Genetics & Information Transfer

4.Interactions Download and study the AP Biology Course and Exam Description (available on our class website under AP Exam Review) Section I: Multiple-Choice & Grid-In Questions Multiple Choice (63 questions) Essential Knowledge + Science Practice

Requires more reading than in previous exams (paragraphs, diagrams, data analysis) Grid-In (6 questions) Integrate science and math skills Calculate correct answer and bubble in the grid Bring a four-function calculator (with square root) to use on the exam A formula list will be provided for the exam

Essential Knowledge + Science Practice Essential Knowledge 2.B.3: Eukaryotic cells maintain internal membranes that partition the cell into specialized regions. Science Practice 6.2: The student can construct explanations of phenomena based on evidence produced through scientific

practices. Learning Objective 2.13: The student is able to explain how internal membranes and organelles contribute to cell functions. Sample Multiple-Choice Membrane-bound organelles have been an important component in the evolution of complex, multicellular

organisms. Which of the following best summarizes an advantage of eukaryotic cells having internal membranes? A.Eukaryotic cells are able to reproduce faster because of the presence of organelles. B.Some organelles, such as mitochondria and chloroplasts, are similar to prokaryotic cells in structure. C.Organelles isolate specific reactions, increasing metabolic efficiency. D.Compartmentalization leads to a higher mutation rate in DNA, which leads to more new species.

Sample Grid-In In a certain species of flowering plant, the purple allele P is dominant to the yellow allele p. A student performed a cross between a purple-flowered plant and a yellowflowered plant. When planted, the 146 seeds that were produced from the cross matured into 87 plants with purple flowers

and 59 plants with yellow flowers. Calculate the chi-squared value for the null hypothesis that the purple-flowered parents was heterozygous for the flowercolor gene. Give your answer to the nearest tenth. Multiple-Choice Strategies Pacing is important! Give yourself about 1 min. per multiple-choice and about 3 min. per grid-in.

NO penalty for guessing!! Answer every question. If calculations are required and more time is needed, skip it and come back to it later. (Make a mark in test booklet next to question to answer later.) Do the same with questions you cant answer. Lab-set questions are tedious. Skip the diagram/data, skim the question first, then go back to the diagram/data to seek the information. Underline key words such as NOT or EXCEPT.

Multiple-Choice Strategies Read each answer choice before making a final selection. Use process of elimination! Cross out letters of incorrect choices in test booklet. Narrow it down. If you absolutely dont know it, GUESS! Dont leave anything blank! If you finish early, go back over as many items as possible to catch careless errors.

Free-Response Questions During 10-minute reading period: Skim each question Identify which is easiest hardest Organize thoughts and outline essays on sheet provided Circle or underline KEY WORDS Be sure to address each directive listed. (eg.

analyze, compare, contrast, describe, design, explain) Free-Response Questions If there are several parts, answer in sequence. Write an essay! No bullet points or outlines. Diagrams: Label them! Calculations: Show your work and each step! Remember UNITS.

Buzz words: Define or describe them! If you cant remember a term, describe/define it. Dont leave any part of essay blank. Each point is worth 2X a multiple-choice point. If time allows, proofread your essays! Be kind to Readers: use good handwriting On test day: Arrive early! (30 minutes before start time.) Eat a good, nutritious breakfast!!

Bring a photo ID. 2+ sharpened #2 pencils + clean eraser 2 black/dark blue ballpoint pens for essay Bring a watch. Calculator. (4-function w/square root) provided Also, NO books, notes, laptops, cameras, cell phones

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