"Plant-Like" Protists: - Emerald Meadow Stables

"Plant-Like" Protists: - Emerald Meadow Stables

Plant-Like Protists: Unicellular Algae Unicellular Algae Chlorophyll and accessory pigments allow algae to harvest and use energy from sunlight. Both give algae a wide range of colors Phylum Euglenophyta - Euglena

Plant-like protists that have two flagella but no cell wall Red eye-spot helps organism find sunlight to power photosynthesis Phototrophic autotroph or heterotroph (absorb nutrients in decayed organic material) Pellicle cell membrane Reproduce asexually by binary fission

Euglena Anatomy Chloroplast Carbohydrate storage bodies Gullet Pellicle

Flagella Eyespot Nucleus Contractile vacuole

Phylum Pyrrophyta Dinoflagellates Half are photosynthetic, half are heterotrophs Two flagellas Reproduce asexually by binary fission Some luminescent/give off light Only eukaryote with no histones to help store

DNA Phylum Chrysophyta Mostly solitary Yellow-green and goldenbrown algae Gold-colored chloroplasts Cell walls contain pectin rather than cellulose; others can have both pectin and cellulose

Reproduce asexually and sexually Store oil, not starch Phylum Bacillariophyta Diatoms Most abundant organisms on Earth Thin, silicon cell walls Ecology of Unicellular Algae Helpful:

Phytoplankton diatoms and dinoflagellates 70% of photosynthesis occurs in ocean Symbiosis corals and dinoflagellates Tridacha gigas (clam) and dinoflagellates In both cases, algae provide food to the animal Ecology of Unicellular Algae Harmful: Algae blooms dangerous toxin

produced by algae shellfish eat the algae and eat the toxin = people cant eat it Dinoflagellate Gonyaulx red tide Fungus-like Protists Heterotrophs that absorb nutrients from dead or decaying matter. Unlike true

fungi, fungus-like protists have centrioles and lack chitin in cell walls Recyclers of dead organisms Slime Molds Play key roles in recycling organic material 3 Phyla of slime molds Phylum Acrasiomycota Phylum Myxomycota Phylum Oomycota

Phylum Acrasiomycota Cellular slime molds Begin life as amoeba-like cells When food begins to run out, then form colonies and produce a fruiting body which produces spores Spores hatch into amoeba-like cells Phylum Myxomycota Acellular slime molds

Begin life as amoeba-like cell, called plasmodia, that contain thousands of nuclei but only one cell membrane Plasmodia may reach several meters in diameter Form fruiting bodies Produce haploid spores which germinate into flagellate cells which fuse to

produce the diploid amoeba Phylum Oomycota Water molds Thrive on dead or decaying organic matter in water and are plant parasites on land Hyphae thin filaments A water mold caused the potato famine in Ireland in 1840s

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