"The King of Mazy May" Jack London - Tracie Wright

"The King of Mazy May" Jack London - Tracie Wright

The King of Mazy May Jack London Survival and the Strength of Character ------------------Literary Focus: Characterization and Character Motivation Essential Question #1 What methods do authors use to develop a character? Describe how a character looks

Portray how a character thinks Present what others say or think about the character Make a direct statement about a characters behavior or personality Types of Characters Do you know the difference between the protagonist and the antagonist? Define each term in your notes. **Remember, a protagonist may work against more than one antagonist.

Type of Conflicts for Characters Man vs. Man (external) Man vs. Nature (external) Man vs. Society (external) Man vs. Himself (internal) In this story, our protagonist faces more than one antagonist. After reading the selection, be ready to tell which two conflicts describe his experience.

Character vs. Character As you known, words can have multiple meanings. A character is the individual that takes part in a story or drama. However a different definition Character is the traits that people have which define their values, ethics, and morals. Author Background Jack London, an American writer during the

early 20th century, is the author of this short story. He wrote many novels and short stories including Call of the Wild and White Fang. London based many of these stories on his personal experiences in Alaska and the Yukon Territory during the Alaskan gold rush. Background to the Story

The setting of this story is the Yukon Territory in northwestern Canada. The first gold was discovered here in a small creek off the Klondike River in the 1890s. Eventually, tens of thousands of Americans swarmed to the area in search of gold, but they faced obstacles such as below-freezing temperatures, lack of food, a fierce environment,

and few established settlements. Many died in their quest for gold. However, within the first ten years of discovery, over $100 million in gold was removed from the region. Map of the Yukon Territory Background to the Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFfl

JCrZtGE Background to the Story One of the primary modes of transportation during that time (and even today) is dog sleds. Background to the Story The main character in this short story is Walt Masters, a fourteen-year-old boy who lives with his father, a gold miner. Although Walt has not experienced many

things like other kids his age due to the isolation of his home, he still faces difficult choices and must solve problems by doing the right thing. Essential Question #2 How can a reader understand a characters motivation? By examining the characters actions, thoughts, feelings, and behavior

What is motivation? Create a word map for motivation. Definition: (Synonyms) Motivation (Actions) (Motives)

VocabularyWords to Know antic: an odd or extravagant gesture or act; a prank capsize: to overturn or cause to overturn commissioner: a person authorized (by a commission) to perform certain

duties flounder: to make clumsy attempts to move or regain ones balance liable: likely

peer: to look intently, searchingly, or with difficulty prospector: one who explores an area for mineral deposits (gold) or oil stampede: a sudden headlong rush or flight of a crowd of people

summit: the highest point or part; the top yaw: to swerve off course momentarily or temporarily As you read Think about the character, the values, of our protagonist, Walt Masters. Be ready to discuss how his survival through a dangerous situation represents his strength of character as

it relates to doing the right thing. Post-Reading Activity Copy the organizers below into your notes. Be prepared to complete information about the main characters traits as an individual as well as his motivation for action during the story. Traits Motivation

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