Realist Approach -

Realist Approach -

Realist Approach Third way between positivism (and quantitative approach) and constructivism (qualitative approach) Regular patterns exist in the social world which can be studied However, these tend to be complex and dependent on context Realist Evaluation Started by Pawson and Tilley (1997)

Focus on evaluation of social programmes (especially those aiming to reduce crime) Starts with a discussion why evaluation tends to be so bad at discerning and predicting what works This is partly because programmes do not impact on everyone in the same way What works, for whom, in what circumstances The mantra of realist evaluation

P&T argue that scientific evaluation is too beholden to clinical-type experimentation (with RCT as gold standard) This does not work with social programmes as these interact with social worlds which cant be excluded/ controlled for A programme creates potential for change, but this is not always activated Developing theory Realist evaluation develops a theory of the

context, in which mechanisms of the intervention (not all intentional!) lead to outcomes (or not) CMO rugby ball Theory can be refined by iterative patterns within evaluation or a cumulative approach to different evaluations Can use multi-method approach but this is driven by the emerging theory Conventional Interviewing

P&T argue that both structured and unstructured interviewing make the same mistake: they do not supply context to the interviewee and hide their theory This leads to little cries for more context is this right? is this what you want what kind of problem do you mean? Power issue: talking about oneself while being the subject of someone elses inquire Realistic interviewing

Aimed at eliciting understandings of context, mechanisms, outcomes from experience of providing/ receiving social interventions Researcher and interviewee teach each other; interviewees are invited to comment on and refine the emerging theory This is how you have depicted the potential structure of my thinking but in my experience of those circumstances, it happened like this

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