Recruitment & Retention Panel

Recruitment & Retention Panel

Recruitment & Retention Panel JR Esquivel, Ray Graham Association Trisha Hoagland, Human Support Services Christine Ziemba, Clearbrook Number of people served: 8,000 Number of DSPs: 900+ Number of CILAs: 52 CILAs, 1 (85 bed) ICF + 3 (16 bed) ICFs Number of people served: 796 Number of DSPs:56 Number of CILAs: 27 Number of people served: 2,000 Number of DSPs: 158 Number of CILAs/ICFs: 25 CILAs, 1 ICF Recruitment Initiatives for DSPs Online Boards The Rome Group Employee Referral Programs College Presence Internship, volunteer, Service Learning IL Department of Employment Security (IDES) Recruiter (full-time) DSP specific webpage Libraries/Churches/Shelters/ Park Districts/Food Pantries Advertisements Company-wide intranet Flyers Job Fairs

Flyers Job Fairs Fliers Attend events/job fairs Weekly Newspaper Ads Blog Parades & local events and festivals Networking (Chamber, GLOW, Rotary, Pastor Meetings, local nonprofit meetings) Banners Signs Paper Applications Vehicle Stickers Newspaper ads (Daily Herald) Public Press releases Ads in business association magazines (SBA, Greater OHare, etc) Email Blasts Agency swag Recruitment Initiatives for DSPs Billboards

Sign on high traffic road Open Interview Days On the job training program Lowered/free Health Insurance Social Media Retention Initiatives for DSPs Appreciation + Recognition Efforts Employee Celebration Calendar Years of Service Celebration/Holiday Party Bi-Weekly Newsletter Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration Banquet Logo Wear

Staff Appreciation Week Monthly Social Committee Events Suggestion Box Impressions through Paylocity (time keeping system) Start Awards Team Members Personal Accomplishments on Companys Intranet Annual Recognition Event Pop-Up Events Above & Beyond Recognition (monthly); Annual Employee Recognition Dinner; Annual Holiday Dinner; Annual DSP week + all staff BBQ Length of service increase Years of Service Bonus

5 $50.00 10 $100.00 15 $150.00 20 $200.00 25 $250.00 30 $300.00 1 year 3 year 5 year 10 year 20 year Additional 40 hours at 5 years Additional 40 hours at 12 years 0 to 3 years 3 to 5 years Every year for the 1st 5 years (union employees only) Vacation time increase

3 weeks after 3 years of service, 4 weeks after 7 years of service Tuition reimbursement We reimburse once class is passed - 3 year commitment to the agency $300-750/year $400 bonus for earning degree Retention Initiatives for DSPs Ongoing (non regulatory) + Training Incentives Relias Learning (can self enroll in courses) Agency InService (2X year) 1% pay increase if staff earn 40 hours of training annually Benefit Time paid out after 10 years of service when they leave Loan Forgiveness Programs End of the year bonus

Attendance Bonus Promotion Opportunities Stay Interviews/Satisfaction Surveys When possible Retention Initiatives for DSPs Employer Paid Medical Benefits (fulltime employee only) 401(K)/403(B) Contribution Without employee contribution Wellness Program Monthly Wellness Challenges Wellness Newsletter We pay 50% up to $20 per month for fitness related items Teledoc Blue Cross Blue Shield program Coaching Supervision Various Training Opportunities

Additional Initiatives for DSPs Annual Employee Appreciation Dinner Annual Holiday Dinner DSP Week Celebration Contact Information J.R. Esquivel, Ray Graham Association Phone: (815) 485-6197 email: [email protected] Trisha Hoagland, Human Support Services Phone: (618) 939-4444 ext 1212 email: [email protected] Christine Ziemba, Clearbrook Phone: (847) 385-5056 email: [email protected]

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