Reduce Development and Testing Time on Embedded Space ...

Reduce Development and Testing Time on Embedded Space Programs With AutoGenerated Code Matthew Conte Software Engineer Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Abstract Embedded software for space systems is one of the most expensive types of software to produce, mainly because of the rigorous testing involved. However, developers on the Northrop Grumman Space Systems Software team have observed that infrastructure code such as class definitions for interface messages, configuration files, and telemetry points is often repetitive, with each class differing only in parameters and implementation of common functions. It became clear that rewriting this repetitive code for each program and, sometimes, within a single program was taking developers focus away from the true engineering problems. To reduce time spent writing repetitive code, we have built up a suite of tools to parse

human-readable documents such as Interface Control Documents (ICDs), configuration files, and telemetry definition spreadsheets and automatically generate C++ classes from these files. The use of these tools has improved code reuse and reduced the number of SLOCs that must be tested, resulting in cost and schedule benefits for our programs and freeing up developers time to concentrate on the unique technical challenges of each program. This presentation will explain how we designed our code generation tools and discuss the many benefits of these tools to our products. 2 Agenda Who We Are Why Auto-Generate Code? Auto-Generation Tool Suite Evaluation of Our Auto-Gen Efforts Lessons Learned 3

Who We Are Northrop Grumman Space Systems Software (SSSW) group Develop embedded FSW for space systems Maintain a test software (TSW) suite to control our integration lab equipment and exercise functions of the system Work with a variety of languages and tools C++, Java, Tcl, Python VxWorks Workbench 4 Program Background Our system is highly configurable Configuration files Telemetry definition files Calibration files

Need C++ code to read in these files at startup and provide the data to the relevant software components Dozens of each type of file Writing and maintaining C++ classes for each individual file would be a large effort Settings change constantly during the testing phase of the program If FSW group is bogged down in supporting test engineers, no time to continue development 5 FSW Development Cycle 1. Modify Config File 2. 4.

Red boxes indicate steps in the cycle where FSW is directly involved FSW engineer required at every step Provide new build to tester 3. FSW Make code changes to use new values/fields 6 Update C++ classes to reflect config file changes

Why Auto-Generate Code? Engineers dont want to do tedious work of maintaining dozens of configuration files Especially not during Integration and Test (I&T) phase Systems and test engineers update config files multiple times per day Being bogged down with small updates distracts from critical development work Program management wants a shorter schedule and lower cost Test the auto-gen tool once instead of manually-edited code every time it changes Time spent writing tool up-front saves developers time later Tools can be repurposed for later programs, promoting reuse 7 Auto-Generation Tool Suite Developed a suite of Java tools to generate code for several types of configuration files

Common features such as parsing text files and populating code templates Java Tools Core Library ConfigParser Calibration Parser EventAndTele mParser Inputs: Spreadsheets and text files created by Systems and Test Engineers

C++ class templates Outputs: C++ classes which are built into our flight code Hold the data from the input files Provide an interface for the rest of the system to access the data 8 Configuration Parser Engineer feeds config.txt into the Java tool Test Engineer config.txt Manually coding changes to program logic is unavoidable. But

these are now the only changes which creates involve FSW engineer. Software engineer makes required software changes and provides build to tester 9 ConfigParser Tool Tool outputs C+ + classes Configuration Parser

Role of the software engineering team is minimized in the process of updating configuration files for testing New classes are automatically generated by the tool Tool is trusted so testing not required on updated classes Quick turnaround compared to manually modifying and testing C++ code Turn out build in minutes Speed essential because of tight I&T schedule

Less burden placed on software group to support testing 10 More time to develop actual flight code Event and Telemetry Parser Feed spreadsheet into EventAndTelemParser Telemetry ICD created in collaboration with customer 11 EventAndTelemPar ser Tool

Outputs C++ classes and definition files for TSW suite Event and Telemetry Parser System events and telemetry points are more complex than config files Definitions must be coordinated between FSW and TSW TSW simulates sending/receiving telemetry from FSW Cannot test unless both are in-sync Tool generates the interface as well as the message-building classes for both TSW and FSW

Telemetry TSW UUT FSW 12 FSW Development Cycle (with tool suite) 1. Modify Config File 4.

Removes FSW engineers from steps 1. and 2. Now only required for code changes in step 3. Update C++ classes to reflect config file changes Provide new build to tester 3. FSW Make code changes to use new values/fields 13 2.

How Has Auto-Generation Worked for Us? Software engineers enjoy the auto-generation approach Less tedious work Reduced testing time for code changes More time to work on the true engineering challenges Still figuring out the development life-cycle for the tools See Lessons Learned Has been a tougher sell to management Need to be convinced to spend money on non-delivered code 14 Lessons Learned Rigorous testing of the tools should be performed well before I&T phase of the program Time fixing bugs in tool is time that could be spent fixing integration issues

Sinking too much maintenance time into the tool defeats its purpose Develop early and reuse This was the SSSW groups first foray into auto-generating config code Developed tools from scratch side-by-side with FSW Keep tools up-to-date Make change to tool as soon as new formats released Dont let auto-gen files get stale; regenerate with new builds Maximize use of code templates Easier to swap out than if the text of the CPP file is hard-coded in the tool Convince management of the value of investing time in auto-gen tools up-front 15

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