Regional Fly tipping research -

hertfordshire rural forum Regional Fly tipping research Results and key findings hertfordshire rural forum Summary First-hand experience Frequent occurrence Everyday materials Everyday people Random acts Rural routes Under reported

Mixed reception Do-it-yourself Physical measures hertfordshire rural forum First hand experience Have you had fly tipping on your land? Have you had any fly-tipping on your land? 1600 1412 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 193 200 0 Yes 88% said yes

No hertfordshire rural forum Frequent occurrence How often do you find fly tipped material? Frequency of fly-tipping (Q2) Yearly Daily 4% 9% Weekly 28% Quarterly 25% Monthly 34% 66% experience fly tipping on at least a monthly basis hertfordshire rural forum Everyday materials What types of waste do you find? What types of waste are typically found fly-tipped on your land?

1200 1141 1099 928 1000 1015 684 800 600 400 200 8 0 Green Waste Appliances Vehicles

Domestic Rubbish Builders Waste Other 66% is household waste, green waste or construction / demolition waste hertfordshire rural forum Everyday people Who, in your opinion, are responsible? Who, in your opinion, are the main culprits? 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 1155 988 529

58 32 Householders Large businesses Criminals (car thieve etc) Small businesses (gardeners etc) Organised criminal activity 134 Other 73% cited householders and small businesses as the main culprits hertfordshire rural forum

Random acts Do you notice a pattern to fly tipping? Trends in fly-tipping (Q5) 66% said no HWRC Pattern associated with... Weather Location Some identified patterns associated with: Holidays Travellers Weekends, high days and holidays Gardeners Builders Evenings and after dark Winter Autumn

Travellers Summer Spring After dark Building trade Friday night Weekends 0 10 20 30 40 Gardeners hertfordshire rural forum Rural routes Where does fly tipping occur? Where does the fly-tipping typically occur? 1400

1241 1200 1000 752 800 812 600 400 275 200 57 0 Field gateways Farmyards Open fields

Along farm tracks Along country lanes 90% cited country lanes, field gateways and farm tracks hertfordshire rural forum Under reported Three quarters do not report fly tipping Reasons for not reporting fly-tipping (Q12) Nothing happens when I do I haven't got the tim e I get too m any 58% reporting that nothing happens when they do hertfordshire rural forum Mixed reception

When reporting, what is the nature of the service received? 30% experienced a supportive service from all authorities District councils were the most supportive All authorities, except parish councils were criticised for indifference The police were the most indifferent hertfordshire rural forum Do-it-yourself Who clears away fly tipping? Who clears away fly-tipping? (Q13) 689 384 266 I do it Dis trict Council I m ove it, then the Dis trict Council clears it 5

9 Environm ent Agency Other Most reported that it was easier and quicker to clear it themselves hertfordshire rural forum Physical measures What measures have been taken to prevent fly tipping? Over 70% had adopted physical measures Over 70% had paid for them themselves Over 70% were successful although 62% reported that the problem had been displaced

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