Reliable vs. Unreliable Sources - Ms. Folsoi's Library WEbsite

Reliable vs. Unreliable Sources - Ms. Folsoi's Library WEbsite

VS. Sources are references and evidence a writer uses in his or her research that influence and support their work. Examples of Sources?

Books Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin Articles The LA Times, Time Magazine Journals - Ebsco Interviews First or second hand interviews Pictures uses for analysis and support

To provide authenticity/credibility to research To provide compelling support for ones topic or argument Organized citing allows ones sources to be verified by the readers Citation limits plagiarism Proper citation saves the writer lots of academic and legal problems

Libraries Digital Library Internet Websites Newspapers Video Collections (ex. Documentaries) The Community (ex. Local government offices like city hall) Known author Part of a respected academic community

Ex. Associated with Universities Rely on research Printed by established publishing companies Provides verifiable evidence/honesty about bias Part of information centers Authors job is on the line.

Are extremely biased No author Independent blogs (not all of the time) Though convenient, .com and .org websites can often be unreliable but there are exceptions (ex. Lack evidence and are purely opinion based Do not cite their own sources

You may use unreliable sources to make a point in your writing By using an unreliable/popular source you may address a counter argument When gathering a variety of opinions/perceptions on a subject

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