Review - Mrs. Kunde

Review - Mrs. Kunde

Review What are the 2 properties of matter?

A graduated cylinder is used to measure a. Weight b. Volume c. Mass

d. Inertia The volume of a solid is measured in a. Liters

b. Grams c. Cubic centimeters d. All of the above Mass is measured in

a. Kilograms b. Liters c. Centimeters d. Newtons

What is the relationship between mass and inertia? A nugget of gold is placed in a graduated cylinder that contains

80 mL of water. The water level rises to 225 mL after the nugget is added to the cylinder. What is the volume of the gold nugget?

Physical property a characteristic of a substance that can be observed without changing its identity

Examples: Color, odor, mass, volume Magnetism Strength Ability to

conduct a current Other physical properties Conductivity rate at which it

transfers heat Plastic Foam is a poor conductor

Other physical properties State physical form it is in such as solid, liquid, or gas Ice is water in

the solid state Other physical properties Solubility ability to dissolve in another substance

Flavored drink mix dissolves in water Other physical properties

Ductility ability to be drawn into wires Other physical properties Malleability ability to be rolled

or pounded into sheets Other physical properties Density amount of matter in a given volume

Lead is very dense, so it makes a good sinker for a fishing 46 g

2g Density is a useful tool for identifying a substance

No Wooden Nickels! Electronic coin testers in vending machines can instantly identify the properties of real coins and reject fake coins.

Equation for Density: Density Measured in g/cm, g/mL,

kg/m, and kg/L Density Water has a density of 1.00 g/mL

Density Anything with a higher density than water will sink, and anything with a lower density will float

How to tell if an egg has gone bad Salem Witch Trials If she floated, she was a

witch If she sank, she wasnt

Fun With Density

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