Review: New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition ... - Wyoming

Review: New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition ... - Wyoming

Review: New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards Six Cent Certification Worksheet Training Sara Olson Reimbursable Meal Worksheet Definition SFAs must list reimbursable meals offered on the menu. Each reimbursable meal consists of all required food components: any grain/ meat/meat alternates in an entre and/or side dish, total amount of fruit offered with this meal, total amount of vegetables in an entre and/or side dish, and amount of milk. Sample Menu (Meal #1):

Chicken Nuggets (5 pieces) 3oz meat, no creditable breading WW Roll 2oz grain (WGR) Honey Sauce 2 TBSP Mixed Fruit Cup cup Steamed Broccoli cup Baby Carrots cup 100% Orange Juice 4 oz Milk 8 oz 2 Reimbursable Meal Worksheet Definition, contd SFAs will report all reimbursable meals in the All Meals tab Enter the name of the main dish to match the menu

submitted for certification. If vegetable pizza is called Garden Power Flatbread, type Garden Power Flatbread into worksheet Certification is based on offered menus- do not consider Offer versus Serve options. Report the full offering of fruits and vegetables on the menu, NOT what a child typically selects. The worksheet is not weighted. 3 Crediting of Fruit Juice Crediting of fruit juice Credited on volume as served

4 ounces will credit as cup No more than half of the fruit or vegetable offerings over the week may be in the form of juice The USDA menu worksheet calculates this in the Weekly Report tab On any given day, may offer both fruit pieces and juice Example: cup juice plus cup peaches to meet

1 cup minimum offering in grades 9-12 4 Crediting of Vegetables Crediting of leafy salad greens Raw, leafy salad greens credit at half the volume served Consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Example: cup of Romaine Lettuce contributes cup toward the dark green vegetable subgroup. Cooked leafy greens credited by volume as served

Example: cup of sauteed spinach credits as cup of dark green vegetables Must enter creditable amount into menu worksheet 5 Vegetable Subgroups in Worksheet Vegetables pre-populated by their subgroup Drop-down lists to select vegetable used; most commonly served vegetables If not listed, SFAs may select Vegetable

unspecified in the subgroup list and type in the name 6 Vegetable Subgroups in Worksheet, contd Mixed vegetable dishes credited as Additional The use of the Additional category in the meal pattern is for purposes of meeting the weekly TOTAL volume Not a unique subgroup requirement

Therefore, no need for this category in the Menu Worksheet or Simplified Nutrient Analysis Total volume is captured from entries in the All Meals tab (1/2 cup California mix entered as cup vegetable) 7 Vegetable Quantities in Worksheet Each day within the worksheet, must indicate for each vegetable subgroup the largest amount able to be taken.

Example 1: Monday choice 1: spinach pizza (1/4 c dark green) or choice 2: broccoli pizza (1/2 cup dark green) Child cannot take both types of pizza, so do NOT report cup dark green vegetables offered on Monday Child could take up to cup dark green veggies Monday 8 Grains Daily and weekly requirements (min/max) All grains offered in amounts of 0.25 oz eq or

greater must be included in the calculation of daily and weekly grain offerings, as well as dietary specifications Round down to nearest 0.25 oz eq (unchanged) Worksheet does this for you if you do not do so in advance Example: 1.6 oz eq bread = 1.5 oz eq creditable grain Non-creditable grain ingredients in products at very low levels (less than 0.25 oz eq) are allowable 9 Counting Grains in the Worksheet

SFAs may use either ounce equivalents OR grains/bread servings in SY 2012-2013 Due to one year extension for manufacturers allowing 14.75 gm weight (1 grain/bread serving) OR 16 gm weight (1 oz eq) 1 grain/bread serving = 1 oz eq ALL grains must be based on 16 gm weight beginning SY 2013-2014 10 Meat/Meat Alternates/Milk Meat/Meat Alternates

Daily and weekly requirements for lunch Milk options allowed: fat-free milk (flavored and unflavored) low-fat milk (unflavored only) Daily variety of milk (at least 2) is required Menu Worksheet assesses milk component on a daily basis 11 Dietary Specifications for Worksheet Calories Requirement: minimum and maximum calorie levels Worksheet assesses average daily calories, must fall

within acceptable range Saturated Fat Limit to less than ten percent of total calories Weighted averages Worksheet does NOT assess: Trans fat restriction Part of SFA attestation, validation review, administrative reviews Sodium limit First target not effective until SY 2014-2015

12 Menu Worksheet Data Entry Questions 13 Multiple Serving Lines- Worksheet For purposes of the menu worksheet, SFAs do NOT have to fill out a different sheet for each serving line. All meals offered on all lines for a given menu are listed together Consideration of administrative burden SFAs will ATTEST that each serving line

meets the meal pattern requirements Validation reviews will assess offerings on each line 14 Certification Worksheet for Breakfast Compliance with breakfast requirements is required for six cents certification No changes to breakfast in SY 2012-2013 except for milk variety/fat restriction Breakfast worksheet is based on existing breakfast requirements, plus milk requirements for variety/fat restriction

15 Certification Worksheet for Breakfast contd For certification, all schools should be using the Menu Worksheets for breakfast, unless they are still NSMP, in SY 2012-13 If SFAs adopt requirement early, they will need to also show the State they are meeting the new requirements Refer to Q#13 in SP 34-2012 for more information 16 Grain Offerings Optional with Entree Example: Spaghetti with meat sauce (2 oz

eq grains) is offered with an optional breadstick (1 oz eq grains) To reflect that the breadstick is OPTIONAL, must menu as 2 separate meal choices: Choice 1: Spaghetti with meat sauce and breadstick (3 oz eq grains) Choice 2: Spaghetti with meat sauce, no breadstick (2 oz eq grains) For purposes of the menu worksheet, enter Choice 1 and Choice 2 as 2 separate entries on the All Meals Tab (and select both meals on the17

day served) Determining Salad Bar Portions For certification of menus, requirement is what is offered to students, not actual usage Enter pre-determined serving sizes into worksheet Offered portion sizes confirmed by State during reviews 18

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