Revision: A brief guide for Students & Parents What do you think it is? How are you supposed to do it? Revision: What should it be? A way to re-learn what youve already understood. A way to remember/retain key information. A way to deepen your understanding and improve your ability in all of your exam subjects. A way to increase your self-confidence and make

you feel good about yourself. Revision: What should it be? A way to avoid regret next summer - feelings like I wish I had worked harder.... A way of removing unpleasant surprises from the exam process. A way of practising skills and questions until youve mastered them. A way of achieving your goals and ambitions.

Revision: What shouldnt it be? Something that destroys your social life. Something that is both time consuming and a meaningless experience. Staring at textbooks for hours and learning nothing. Something that gets you

Depressed Stressed Bored Angry De-motivated A nightmare to live with And loses you confidence Most importantly Revision works best in short sharp focused amounts 20 minute concentrated bursts followed by a short break

It should not take over your life Give yourself some time off Do not leave it to the last minute Start your revision early (already!?) Revision: How can you help each other? We all want the same thing! Honesty and Transparency Display a revision timetable The work/play debate

If youre on track with your revision, you wont be nagged about going out! An easy way of proving that you are working hard and deserve some time off. Practical Help Revision techniques Healthy body, healthy mind Sleep! Diet! Etc. Revision: Time This is not set in stone and is just a rough guide the amount of time you revise will often depend upon the number and nature of the subjects that youre taking.

While at school - 2 hours/day During holidays - 4 hours/day 2 nights/week off Saturday always a day off Try and finish by 7:30 if you can each night Stick to the plan. Dont lie whats the point?

If you fall behind then use Sunday as a catch up day. Manage your time You can revise on your way to school, during meal times etc (1 hour done before you even get home) Revision: Techniques Variety! to avoid too much boredom Revision at home: Some practical ideas Flashcards (paper or powerpoint (paper best) question on one side, answer on the other look at them while eating breakfast, travelling by car/bus etc.) Practice questions from past papers (get them from your teachers take responsibility for knowing what will be on the exam paper)

Listen to revision downloads BBC Bitesize & other Podcasts (Ipods etc. listen to them in the car, on the bus, as you walk to school no-one need know...) You tube! type in topics that youre revising, there are many fantastic presentations (WARNING there are also some very bad ones use your common sense) Mind Maps & Revision posters (display them in your room? in the kitchen? Above your bed!) Work with friends (1 hour revision and then go out WARNING this requires lots of self-discipline from both parties) Post it notes in prominent places at home (the mirror, cupboards)! Revision at school: Ask your teachers/ revision guides/ past papers

Revision sessions at school build them into your plan Revision: Techniques: Conclusion 1) Learn the key factual information first then in the last few weeks before the exam 2) Practice sample questions the more the better The end: Any Questions? ?

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