Revolutions Breakdown -

Revolutions Breakdown -

Atlantic Revolutions Introduction American, French, Haitian, & Latin American = The Atlantic Revolutions Common Themes European absolutist and/or colonial governments were challenged by people who wanted greater democracy** Usually, a growing middle class of people were behind the call for change Huge changes in social and political structures

resulted (but most often the changes were NOT as revolutionary as we think they were!) All were inspired by Enlightenment thinkers All created important documents Declaration of Independence (USA) Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (France) Jamaica Letter (Simon Bolivar in Latin America) American Independence Overall Causes: British colony Frustrated by mercantilist policies of the British govt (econ exploitation of colonies) Middle/Upper class wanted a voice in govt

Helped by French military (b/c France hated Britain) End Results: Independent from Britain in 1783 Limited democracy with strong checks on the peoples power French Revolution Overall Causes: French govt bankrupt Middle class wanted a say in govt (Ancien Regime was viewed as unjust) & weak King Louis XVI 2 Main Phases

Moderate Phase (Constitutional Monarchy) BUT France was invaded by foreign governments & a crazy mob mentality developed Radical Phase (cut off Kings head, tried to implement true democracy) End Results Dictatorship under Napoleon Bonaparte (17991815) b/c France just wanted stability again! Haitian Revolution Overall Causes Most Haitians were slaves (more than 90% of the population) The French Revolution occurred back home (Haiti was a French sugar colony)

While France was busy with foreign invasions and mob rule during the Radical Phase of their own revolution, slaves revolted in their colony End Results Independence from France in 1804 Toussaint LOuverture (former slave) became dictator Corrupt & dictator-filled Haitian govt today Latin American Overall Causes Spanish & Portuguese colonies Frustrated by mercantilist policies (econ exploitation)

Middle/Upper class wanted a voice in govt Fought wars of liberation led by Creole generals Bolivar & San Martin End Results Independence No single nation formed (as in USA) Attempted democracy, but upper class creoles held onto power/wealth at expense of the poor

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