Riddle Poems - 3rd Grade

Riddle Poems - 3rd Grade

Riddle Poems Read the riddle and try to guess what the object is! Hint: They are all things you can PLAY!

Poems are from Betsy Francos 201 Riddle Poems to Build Literacy (Scholastic, 2000) Over my head And under my feet,

The rope twirls around, As I jump to the beat. What am I doing? I am jumping rope!

I climb the ladder, And then sit down. Whoosh! Im swishing to the ground!

What am I doing? I am sliding on a slide!

Draw the squares In white or black. Throw a stone Hop up and back. What am I doing?

I am playing hopscotch! I;m it. I chase you-\

One, two, three. I try to catch the friends see. What am I doing?

I am playing tag! Home run, Single, double, too. You hit this ball

and catch it, too. What am I? I am a baseball!

Swoosh! Its going through the hoop. The happy crowd Lets out a whoop. Im playing

I am playing basketball!

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