RO Acquisition Plan

RO Acquisition Plan

Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Recovery Observatory (RO) Haiti Hurricane Matthew RO Status and Next Steps Presentation to WGD #8 Buenos Aires September 5th, 2017 Helene de Boissezon, CNES Agwilh Collet, CNES Andrew Eddy, AG - ROOT Secretary Outline Haiti Recovery Observatory Status Overview Workshop in Port-au-Prince ROOP Steering Committee Next Steps 2 RO Status Overview A Reminder of Haitis diversity Triggering of the RO decided by CEOS Chair in consultation with CEOS Principals, December 22, 2016, after Hurricane Matthew - October 2016 Mission to Haiti 31 Jan - 3 Feb 2017 to establish partnership with Haiti RO users and stakeholders Mission to Haiti 29 May 2 June 2017 to establish RO users connection and feedback from first products 3 Haiti RO to cover three departments: GrandAnse, Sud, and Nippes

RO Status Overview Infra dvt Product def. Image requ. RO Lessons learned RO Hati Triggering 2015 22/12/16 PDNA 2016 2017 Early RO evaluation 2018 2019 2020 jfmamjjasond jfmamjjasond jfmamjjasond jfmamjjasond jfmamjjasond jfmamjjasond Matthew hurricane in Hati Malawi, Nepal demos Missions (Haiti, WB/UN) (2 to 3 per year) 04/10/16 1st 2nd

Workshop 29 May-1Jun 5 RO Mission to Haiti Workshop users : 29 May to 2 June, 2017 Validation of needs and state of the art with Haitian users, organized by CNIGS/CNES. Introduced by the Head of the Ministry of Planning cabinet, CNIGS director, UNDP deputy country director, ONEV director. CNES : Helene de Boissezon Frederic Moll Agwilh Collet CIMA : Giorgio Boni RO Secretary : Andrew Eddy 6 Workshop users #1 46 participants from Ministry of Planning, CNIGS, CIAT, ONEV, Mining and Energy department, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Resources and Rural development, Delegation of European Union, Echo Field, French embassy, CNSA (National Coordination of Food Security) , UNDP, UNEP, SERTIT, CIMA 7 Workshop users #1 Forests, coastal and protected natural areas Infrastructure and road communication Health, Populations displacement Technical web

infrastructure Landslides, seismic risks Agriculture and food security Watersheds, flooding 6 Value-added product themes, 1 technical Haitian + CEOS speaker Haitian concrete examples / showcases Discussion to define priorities for value added products 8 Feedback from Workshop users #1 (1/2)support for RO concept Strong Haitian presence and Plan to link existing tools & platforms for increased synergy: Common portal RO,, RASOR, KAL-Haiti, future ONEV environmental information service. In each theme: o Definition of key partners and key users o Feedback from first products and improvement o Choose zoom area(s) to highlight Map of future works Plan the Copernicus EMS Risk&Recovery requests Strong need in Capacity Building (not directly addressed in CEOS WG Disasters framework) 9 Workshop users #1 : Concrete example Forests, coastal and protected natural areas

Torbech Secteur 1 : Plaine des Cayes Deposits / Erosion Spot 7 1,5m Image before Matthew 08/01/2016 Deposits / Erosion Geometry modification: Progress of Coastline Study funded by CNES 10 Workshop users #1 : Concrete example Forests, coastal and protected natural areas Torbech Secteur 1 : Plaine des Cayes Deposits / Erosion Spot 7 1,5m Image post Matthew 14/02/2017 Deposits / Erosion

Geometry modification: Progress of Coastline Study funded by CNES 11 Workshop users #1 : Concrete example Landslides, seismic risks SPOT 6 Pre Matthew January 2016 SPOT 7 Post Matthew February 2017 Application of ALADIM to pre / post-Matthews images (SPOT) Deposit channels are difficult to map (+ ~ 30% of affected areas). Shadows on the west and north slopes can cause an underestimation of total displacement. Workshop users #1 : Concrete example Agriculture Evidence of pre/postevent variation SPOT6 MS of 08/01/2016 and SPOT 7 MS du 14/02/2017 Fraction of the Vegetation Cover (calculate from NDVI) Evolution betwen

2016 and 2017 Study funded by CNES Secteur de la Plaine des Cayes Data collected Workshop users #1 (1/2) Bathymetry 50km from shoreline (Global Bathymetry and Elevation Data at 30 Arc Seconds Resolution 2009) Data Base BRGM (Geological and mining research office) o Risk Atlas 2017 o 36 studies on haiti from 1999 to 2015 with GIS data related Data Base CIAT o Administrative boundaries o Studies with GIS data related Works on Cap Haitian CNIGS Orthophoto and MNT 2014 : cell size : 1,5m Artibonite project (2014) Out of RO area (water uses and waterhsed ) PDNA : all documents and GIS Data (Boundaries / School / Health facilities / road etc) Cyclonic threat ( 2009) 14 Planned works 1/3 Forests, coastal and protected natural areas Thematic

Health, Populations displacement Product Frequency DATA Area Status of regeneration in protected areas - Annual Optical THR Macaya Park Classification and detection of change and HR Grand Bois Monitoring of habitat resettlement (if RB la Hotte possible). Forest and protected natural Map of forest ecosystems aresas Forest Monitoring Follow-up of the Mangrove Coastal Zone Monitoring of the coastal zone (zoom on Annual change scientific product) OCS Coastal ecosystem Removal / Construction of damaged buildings Displacement of population and rural habitats Change in use of urban land Temporary housing (progress and location) Type of reconstruction

2 per years for 2 years Optical and HR THR West and South coast only Sentinel 3 Optical THR Jrmie Additional Areas TBD ? Planned works 2/3 Agriculture and food security Thematic Product Frequenc DATA y Monitoring : Baseline + MNT RNOP (OCS); update Optical and Radar Ground movement after major HR and THR ; loss of events soil Mapping and assessment of flooded areas Crisis

Early Warning : Hydrometeo monitoring model Flood routing Real time Watersheds Monitoring Evaluation of agricultural change Agriculture Watersheds, flooding SAR Lidar Area Priority basins (vulnerability, stake, representativeness) CIMA Foundation. / RASOR CNIGS Radar ability Entire Area with CNIGS (+expert in identification of key hydraulic points according to the modeling) event Capacity to activate the Charter Priority basins

CNIGS (+expert in (vulnerability, stake, hydraulic representativeness) modeling) Pluviometry (automatic (Flood stations) ; period) weather image (Imerg); Radar; Caribbean Weather services Baseline HR and THR Zooms on the plains before/afte Optical of Jrmie, Port Salut r et Les Cayes Then 2 to Comment Access required to Nomenclature adapted to the South Basic product over Planned works 3/3 Landslides, seismic risks Product Landslide Automated change detection Frequency

Pr / Post event DATA Optical THR HR 3 to 6 months TBC Optical HR, THR Monitoring with quantification of displacements (horizontal deformation fields) Stereo for MNT ? Area Zoom on les Cayes Jrmie Road Jrmie, les abricots By the application of correlation methods of time series images Quarry Detection and Bi annual Development Landslide Monitoring Bi annual by radar amplitude image correlation tests Baseline + annual Mapping of Road network Infrastructure and road network THR

Radar TerraSAR-X Optical HR (primary road), THR for secondary VHR or HR SAR (after storms) Arniquet quarry Idem monitoring RO area Comment Very high resolution required to identify low amplitude movement Final product: Maps with displacement fields / speed per period and a map summarizing the sectors and their movements over the period Access to field data essential (for characterization) Catalog displacements on zoom For regulation (e.g. offset-tracking) need of HR radar data Calculation of RAI Comparison with CNIGS and UNDP network Precise MTN required Secondary dirt road

Thematic coordinators Produit Key User First Elaboration Satellite data Cartography of the building (Jrmie, Les Cayes, route dAquins) CIAT/Ministry of Planning (MPCE) Copernicus EMS; SERTIT (methodology); CNIGS (production); Optical THR Land Use All (reference data) Forest Evolution / Environmental Impact Ministry of Environment (MDE) Copernicus EMS Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture (MARNDR) Copernicus EMS ;

CNIGS/SERTIT ANAP / ONEV (MDE) State and monitoring of the Macaya Park State and monitoring of watersheds Landslide / Quarry monitoring ONEV (MDE) - Ministry of Agriculture (MARNDR) BME / Ministry of Public Works (MTPTC) Focal Point Institution Rose-May GUIGNARD CIAT Pierre Alexilien Versaille MPCE/ CNIGS Jacques Philemon MONDESIR MPCE / CNIGS Pierre Emmanuel PHILIPPE MDE/ Directeur

des forts Saint Phar JEAN MDE/ ONEV Sentinel-2, Optical HR, zoom THR Ognel PIERRE-LOUIS MARNDR/ DRFS David TELCY MPCE / CNIGS Copernicus EMS ; SERTIT Optical THR, radar THR Sait Phar JEAN MDE/ ONEV Jean Andr PIERRE MPCE/ CNIGS CIMA Foundation Digital terrain model 1m/20cm and Radar THR Pradel FORMONVIL MPCE/ CNIGS Saint Phar JEAN

MDE/ ONEV Samuel GENEA MTPTC/ BME Eric CALAIS ENS France CNIGS/CESBIO /SERTIT Sentinel-2, HR Optical EOST Sentinel-2, SPOT, Optique THR Optical HR/THR, Radar TerraSAR-X 18 ROOP Data Acquisition Plan (1/4) Data Types VHR Optical Pixel size: <1m Possible sensor contribution Pleiades, Geoeye, Wordlview-1, Worldview-2, Worldview-3, QuickBird Images

Main applications GeoEye, Worldview-1/2/3: approx. 225 km, swath Housing, transport, approx. 15 km health and education Pleiades: 400 km, swath 20 Agriculture, landcover, km environmental Could be tasked per sq km to monitoring fit specific AOIs HR Optical Pixel size: 1 m < 30 m Medium/Low Resolution Optical Pixel size: > 30 m Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, 6m SPOT: 3,600 km, swath 60 km Landsat-8: 34,000 km, swath SPOT 185 km, Sentinel-2: 84,100 km, swath 290 km Sentinel-3, MODIS MODIS: 5,428,900 km, swath 2330 km Sentinel-3: 1,612,900 km,

swath 1270 km Agriculture, landcover, landslides, environmental monitoring Coastal apps, environmental monitoring ROOP Data Acquisition Plan (2/4) Data Types VHR SAR Pixel size: <4m HR SAR Pixel size: 4 m < 30 m DEM Possible sensor contribution Images Main applications Focus on science Cosmo-SkyMed,TerraSAR-X, Radardat-2, in Spotlight mode products Cosmo-SkyMed, (interferometry, the swath is 10 km. ALOS-2 polarimetry) ALOS-2 Spotlight mode: Swath

TerraSAR-X, Landslides 25 km Radarsat-2 Ground movements Sentinel-1, SM full res. mode: Fault mapping Swath 80 km Flood products Cosmo-SkyMed, ALOS-2 Stripmap modes or ALOS-2 fine Focus on science mode: Swath from 30 km to 50 products Cosmo-SkyMed, (interferometry, km ALOS-2, Sentinel-1 polarimetry) Cosmo-SkyMed, ALOS-2, Ground movements Radarsat-2 (to be Radarsat-2 ScanSAR modes and (fault mapping, confirmed) Sentinel-1 in SM/IW high res landslides) mode: Swath from 200 km to Flood products 350 km World DEM, Lidar Flood and landslide Entire AoI ROOP Data Acquisition Plan (3/4) Describes the current understanding of data needs based on planned applications and products. To be discuss Period/Sensor Baseline Data Pre-event Post-event Monitoring Data 2017 2018 2019 2020

Total Main Applications SPOT Pleiades Cosmo-Skymed TerraSAR-X 10 4 8 4 4 8 11 8 8 8 8 30 30 30 30 (34) (34) (34) (34) 30 30 30 30

14+32 8+120 Agriculture, Forests and protected areas, health Coastal zone monitoring, population displacement, road networks, rural settlements 10 10 10 10 8+40 (132) Water system monitoring rapid change detection/ obstructions, (landslides stacks of 24 added to 10 annual) 19+120 Landslides ROOP Data Acquisition Plan (4/4) Period/Sensor RADARSAT-2

ALOS-2 ROSKOSMOS VHR Sentinel 2 Pre-event 3 6 Post-event 7 6 4 6 2017 10 6 15 30 2018 10 6 15 30

2019 10 6 15 30 2020 10 6 15 30 Total 10+40 12+24 4+60 9+120 Baseline Data 3 Monitoring Data Main Applications Water system monitoring, post event status

Change detection (also landslide coherence) Coastal zone monitoring, population displacement, road networks, rural settlements Land Use (all topics), Agriculture, Forests and protected areas RO Dotcloud Platform Translation of key texts. Multilingual by October. 23 Haiti RO Steering Committee #1 Day-to-day management of the RO telcon every 3/4 months Member of the Haiti RO Steering Committee (SC) : - Michle ORIOL (CIAT) - Boby PIARD (CNIGS) - Dwinell BELIZAIRE (ONEV) - Martine THERER and Chiara MELUCCI (UNDP) - Mare LO and Sergio DELLANNA (WB) - Simona ZOFFOLI and Giorgio BONI (ASI/ CIMA) - Stphane CHALIFOUX (CSA) - Hlne de BOISSEZON (CNES) First SC meeting planned on 27th September 2017 24

Haiti RO - Next steps Development of first applications based on identified requirements from Users workshop Haitian Web Portal for all Spatial Data being established Technical mission end 2017, to validate 1st products, plan capacity building and dissemination Solicitation of new funding and partners to augment applications offered and to develop Capacity Building capacities Reporting to major stakeholders (WB, GFDRR, UN) 25 RO Timeline To August 2017 Haiti RO Establishment Discussion of MOUs with Haitian users and partners, Establishment of IT infrastructure with charter images, baseline pre/post-event First User workshop in Haiti to provide further input to the ROOP and finalise the Haiti RO baseline. Sept 2017 to early 2018 Haiti RO Commissioning Incorporating the first products into the Haiti RO and ensuring easy access Definition of capacity building plan Solicitation of new partnerships (for value-adding and capacity building) Animating the user forum; Encouraging and promoting Haiti RO use. First early evaluation, with a report to Haiti RO Steering Committee To end 2020 Haiti RO Steady-state Operation / Generic RO definition

Ensure IT updates, engage in capacity building activities, generate regular products, report on Haiti RO annually to stakeholders and partners Analysis of Haiti RO operation & results, to derive Generic RO specifications Preparation of Haiti RO closure, including evaluation and legacy strategies. 26 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION TerraSAR-X TanDEM-X (post-Matthew) ALOS-2 (pr-Matthew) Pliades (post-Matthew) 27 WorldView-1/2, Geoeye (post-Matthew)

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