Romeo and Juliet Characters

Romeo and Juliet Characters

Romeo and Juliet Characters Team Montague Characters close to Romeo Romeo Montague 16 years old Only son of Lord and Lady

Montague Peaceful: Not interested in the feud between the Montagues and Capulets Hopeless romantic: in love with Rosaline and Juliet throughout the play Lady Montague

Mother of Romeo Wife of Lord Montague Emotional: dies of grief after the death of a character Lord Montague (Referenced as Montague)

Father of Romeo Husband of Lady Montague Leader of all Montagues Concerned: worried about Romeos sadness Balthasar Romeos servant

Abram Servant to the Montague family Violent: Fights Capulet servants at the beginning of the play Benvolio Romeos cousin Tries to convince Romeo to

move on from his love of Rosaline Loyal: Defends Romeo in his times of need Non-violent: activist for peace between the Montague and Capulet families

Mercutio Romeos best friend Funny: makes inappropriate jokes with puns and wordplay Spiteful: hates the Capulets; he fights and makes fun of them Unromantic: doesnt understand why Romeo is concerned with the romantic side of love

instead of physical acts Team Capulet Characters close to Juliet Juliet Capulet 13 years old Only daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, but mostly cared for by

The Nurse Obedient: at the beginning of the play she listens to what her parents tell her to do Nave: believes everything that Romeo tells her and blindly goes along with Friar Laurences plan Lord Capulet

(Referenced as Capulet) Father of Juliet Husband of Lady Capulet Leader of all Capulets Confused: doesnt understand the emotions of Juliet or why she doesnt want to marry Paris Impatient: demands others respect him, and is furious when

something doesnt go his way Lady Capulet Juliets Mother Became a wife and mother around the age of 14 Impatient: pushes for Juliet to marry Paris Unemotional: relies on The

Nurse to care for Juliet The Nurse The mother figure for Juliet who served as a type of nanny for her Entertaining: makes vulgar jokes and long speeches at inappropriate times Trustworthy: Juliets confidant

Worried: concerned about Juliets rushed love for Romeo, her concerns lead to a strain on her relationship with Juliet Gregory and Sampson Servants to the Capulet family Begin a fight at the

beginning of the play by insulting Montague servants Immature: dont know what they are fighting over, just that they like to instigate a fights with the Capulets Tybalt

Juliets cousin Hateful: loathes the Montagues and is eager to fight Romeo at a formal event as well as in public areas Arrogant: proud of his sword fighting skills and ready to use them on anyone who

disrespects him Other Important Players Prince Prince of Verona Threatens death to a Capulet or Montague who fights in the

public streets Political: set on keeping the peace between the Capulets and Montagues after citizens begin to complain Paris The suitor who Lord and Lady Capulet want choose for Juliet

to marry Bold: once he is engaged to Juliet, he begins to act possessive over her Apathetic: not very romantic when it comes to his relationship with Juliet Rosaline

The girl who Romeo is in love with at the beginning of the play Romeo and Rosaline would have never been together because she has decided to live a life of chastity The Apothecary

Like a pharmacist Selfish: cares more about money than morals Friar Lawrence Marries Romeo and Juliet in secret Kind: friend and advisor to Romeo

Sympathetic: has good intentions and hopes this marriage will ultimately end the feud between the Montagues and Capulets Friar John A friend of Friar Lawrence Friar Lawrence sends him an errand to bring a message

from Verona to Mantua

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