Root Word Vocabulary

Root Word Vocabulary

Vocabulary Unit 3 DOCUMENT


CAPUT/CAPITIS Definition: Head

CAPUT/CAPITIS Decapitate, Captain,

Capitutlate, Capital CAPUT/CAPITIS The

captain made it clear that he was in charge of the voyage. EMPHASIS

EMPHASIS Definition: Special importance

or significance Stress made to fall on a particular syllable, word, or phrase in speaking

Force or intensity of expression Sharpness or clarity of form or outline

EMPHASIS The sunlight gave emphasis to the shape of the mountain.

AB- ABDefinition:

Away ABAbnormal, Abdicate,

Absurd, Absent, Abomination ABDogs

and cats, living together?! Absurd! DEMONSTRATE

DEMONSTRATE Definition: to show clearly to prove or make

clear by reasoning or evidence to show or prove the value or efficiency of to a

prospective buyer DEMONSTRATE While

at Best Buy, I tried to demonstrate to my wife how amazing 3D TV is because I want a bigger television.

NEGO- NEGODefinition: To deny

NEGONegate, Negativity, Abnegate (ab- + nego-)

NEGOHis indulgence in expensive hobbies negates his wifes

efforts to keep the family on a budget.

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