sa1 - University of Macedonia

sa1 - University of Macedonia

EGEE - UoM kick-off Meeting, Jun, 2004 Uom Roles, Responsibilities and Tasks Vassilis Stefanidis Source of slices + material: EC, EGEE, CERN, GRNET EGEE is a project funded by the European Union Objectives of this session Understand overall aim of EGEE activities Present UoM roles, responsibilities and tasks / activity UoM team Presentation Athens, 27-28th May - 2 SA1 overall objective Create, operate, support and manage a production quality infrastructure SEE - GRID Athens, 27-28th May - 3 Greece: GRID projected topology Xanthi Thessaloniki Ioannina Larissa Mytilini Athens

Isabella 10 TB Storage Area Samos Patra 32 Dual Xeon 1 GB RAM Chios Syros Grid Node 622 Mbps PoS 1 Gbps Gig Ethernet Crete Rodos 2.5 Gbps PoS upgradable to 10Gbps Athens, 27-28th May - 4 Sites + responsibilities Production site Responsible partner: operations HG01-GRNET

ICCS HG02 (Athens 2) + potential IASA cluster IASA HG03 (Thessaloniki) + potential Auth cluster Auth+UoM HG04 (Patras) CTI HG05 (Crete) ICS-FORTH Pre-production site Pre01 (UoM) UoM Pre02 (UoPatras) UoPatras Pre03 (UoA; certification site more likely) UoA + Support for key ROC services by specific partners (see SA1 presentation) Athens, 27-28th May - 5

EGEE activities in Greece SA1: GRID Operations, Support and Management NA3: User Training and Induction NA5: Policy and International Cooperation Athens, 27-28th May - 6 Our collective aim SA1: build expertise and operational procedures that will allow Greece to: Integrate into European production-level infrastructure Operate a self-standing coherent Grid infrastructure Create teams of core experts for the future NA3: train and inform users, operators, etc. NA5: contribute to whitepapers, standards etc on the international stage If we do this, EGEE-2 will follow! Athens, 27-28th May - 7 SA1 objectives in Greece: detail Pre-production infrastructure: smaller sites with next generation m/w 8/5 support, crucial as real-life testbeds, for m/w and application testing Production infrastructure: only stable clusters with significant resources can be admitted to the EGEE production infrastructure

24/7 operation, supported by RC, ROC and CICs Run a Regional Operations Centre One in each federation Provide front-line support to users and resource centers Support new resource centers joining EGEE in the regions Support deployment and operations in the resource centers Key specific ROC services: security, helpdesk/TT, portal, monitoring, m/w certification, installation procedures, core Grid services, etc. Athens, 27-28th May - 8 NA3 objectives: overall and GR Train the GRID community and wider user community Establish a training center in each region 5 regions Athens, 27-28th May - 9 NA5 General GRID and specific technical whitepapers Aegean & AUEB2 Athens, 27-28th May - 10 Pre-production service Smaller sites

New generation m/w (EGGE-1 or LCG-2) comming soon (15 Jun 2004 ??) Crucial for testing and experimentation Activities similar to those for production service Athens, 27-28th May - 11 SA1 objectives: detail Core infrastructure services: Operate essential grid services Grid monitoring and control: Proactively monitor the operational state and performance, Initiate corrective action Middleware deployment and resource induction: Validate and deploy middleware releases Set up operational procedures for new resources Resource provider and user support: Coordinate the resolution of problems from both Resource Centres and users Filter and aggregate problems, providing or obtaining solutions

Grid management: Coordinate ROCs and CICs Manage the relationships with resource providers via service-level agreements. Athens, 27-28th May - 12 Operations centers: hierarchy Athens, 27-28th May - 13 M/W: lifecycles From 1st April 2004 Production grid service based on the LCG infrastructure running LCG-2 grid m/w In parallel develop a next generation grid facility Produce a new set of grid services according to evolving standards (web services) Run a pre-production service providing early access for evaluation purposes Will replace LCG-2 on production facility in 2005 LCG-1 LCG-2 Globus 2 based EGEE-1 EGEE-2 Web services based

VDT EDG ... AliEn LCG ... EGEE Athens, 27-28th May - 14 Evolution of RCs Site Parallel (Gflops) Cluster (num. nodes) HG01 (GRNET) N/A 64*2 HG02 (Athens2)

N/A HG03 (Saloniki) Disk (Tb) 10.0 Automated Tape (Tb) Avg. LAN (Mbps) Avg. WAN (Mbps) Join VOs supported M0; M15 cms, alice, atlas, dteam, lhcb 10.0 1000.0

2500.0 128 N/A 1000.0 2500.0 M15 N/A 128 N/A 1000.0 2500.0 M15 HG04 (Patra) N/A 128 N/A 1000.0

2500.0 M15 HG05 (Crete) N/A 128 N/A 1000.0 2500.0 M15 Athens, 27-28th May - 15 Specific responsibilities UoA+IASA+GRNET-HQ: m/w certification; release documentation, etc. Certification testbed by IASA/UoA. UoA+Demokritos: Guidelines for configuration and automatic installation tools. Run local installation testbed to verify installation procedures. CTI: helpdesk, knowledge database, coordination of the support procedures. UoC: EGEE-SEE website/portal. IASA, UoA, Auth, ICCS: host and co-manage necessary core GRID services, as agreed with GRNET-HQ.

ICS-FORTH: Coordinate the monitoring service (GridIce server + database). Auth and Aegean: security. Auth operates the CA; Aegean provides support and specific authorisation activities, site security guidelines, RA. Demokritos: certification/installation + application specific support Training: all operations people should support! Specific responsibilities start ASAP Athens, 27-28th May - 16 Milestones & Deliverables Month Deliverable / Milestone Item Lead M03 DSA1.1 Detailed execution plan for first 15 months of infrastructure operation

M06 MSA1.1 Initial pilot production grid operational (SEE RCs: GRNET, UCY, TAU) M06 DSA1.2 Release notes corresponding to the initial pilot Grid infrastructure operational M09 DSA1.3 Accounting and reporting web site publicly available M12 MSA1.2 First review M12 DSA1.4 Assessment of initial infrastructure operation and plan for next 12 months M14 DSA1.5

First release of EGEE Infrastructure Planning Guide (cook-book) M14 MSA1.3 Full production grid infrastructure operational (SEE: 9 RCs) M14 DSA1.6 Release notes corresponding to the full production Grid infrastructure operational M18 MSA1.4 Second review M22 DSA1.7 Updated EGEE Infrastructure Planning Guide M24 DSA1.8 Assessment of production infrastructure operation and outline of how sustained operation of EGEE might be addressed.

M24 MSA1.5 Third review and expanded production grid operational M24 DSA1.9 Release notes corresponding to expanded production Grid infrastructure operational Athens, 27-28th May - 17 ROC organization: vertical ROC Manager (GRNET) ROC Technical manager (GRNET) Specific people roles RC Manager HG1 Fabric admin RC Manager

HG2 M/W admin RA manager RC Manager HG3 Monitoring / User support RC Manager HG4 System admin RC Manager HG5 N/W admin Technician Athens, 27-28th May - 18 UoM: Identification of personnel & roles UoM Team Collaborator name Contact/email Institute

Role Margaritis Konstantinos [email protected] UoM Scientific Coordinator Stefanidis Vassilis [email protected] UoM Technical Coordinator Typou Theodoros [email protected] UoM Assistant Technical Coordinator - System Admin Georgakopoulos Kostas [email protected] UoM System Administrator - HG 3 Node Manager

Fotis George [email protected] UoM System Administrator - HG 3 Node Manager Michailidis Panagiotis [email protected] UoM Application Developer Digalakis Iasonas [email protected] UoM Application Developer Kousourakis Anastasios [email protected] UoM Computer & Network Technician Athens, 27-28th May - 19

UoM: (Pre) Tasks UoM Team Tasks 1st phase (waiting funding, final tasks and deliverables) Tasks Completed remarks Globus Installation Yes Ver 3 - CA installed UoM Official EU Grid Registration Request No From Greek CA (auth) Cluster preparation No PCs definition - preparation Globus Survey (Documentation Survey) No Globus Modules Definition No

Globus Operation (Documentation Survey) No Cluster Interconnection with Grid Manager No Small Grid Implementation (over Globus) No UoM EGEE Overview - Web Site No What module do what Definition Organize our work Athens, 27-28th May - 20 UoM Team Responsibilities UoM Team Tasks 1st phase Responsibilities Tasks remarks Globus Installation Ver 3 CA installed

UoM Official EU Grid Registration Request From Greek CA (auth) [email protected] mail account Cluster preparation Persons Stefanidis Stefanidis PCs definirion preparation Fotis + Kousourakis Globus Survey (Documentation Survey) Typou+Fotis + Georgak + Michailidis + Kousourakis Globus Modules Definition Typou+Fotis + Georgak + Michailidis + Kousourakis What module do what Typou+Fotis + Georgak + Michailidis + Kousourakis

Globus Operation (Documentation Survey) Cluster Interconnection with Grid Manager (Def) Definition Small Grid Implementation (over Globus) UoM EGEE Overview - Web Site Typou + Georgako + Fotis All Team Organize our work Michailidis + Georgak ? Athens, 27-28th May - 21 Communications procedures [email protected] CERN Document Server (CDS): Main site EDMS server (In OTHERS/EGEE/) Athens, 27-28th May - 22

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