Safeguarding Forums for Schools Summer 2017

Safeguarding Forums for Schools Summer 2017

Safeguarding Forums for Schools Autumn 2019 Jo Barclay Safeguarding Manager for Schools and Early Years Specialist Education Service Since last time! Updated Guidance from DfE: Keeping Children Safe in Education (DfE, 2019) Relationships Education, Relationships an

d Sex Education (RSE) and Health Educa tion (DfE, 2019) Relationships, sex and health education: Since last time! Model child protection policy Level 2 training programme Safeguarding briefing (Autumn 2019) Information for visitors to schools Transfer of CP files Confirmation of key documents received Multi-agency safeguarding arrangements

(MASA) New arrangements in place since 29 September 2019 and sit under Essex Safeguarding Children Board (will remain as ESCB, but different role as LSCBs abolished) Requirements of new arrangements set out in Working Together 2018: Places a shared and equal duty on three Safeguarding Partners the local authority, police and health - to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children in their area

They have the power to identify and place a duty on other relevant agencies in the area who have functions in relation to children (such as schools, probation services etc.) to co-operate with their arrangements these relevant agencies are set out in the Essex MASA plan. Multi-agency safeguarding arrangements (MASA) Safeguarding Partners will: agree level of funding secured from each partner to support the local arrangements commission Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews where required - these replace Serious Case Reviews

be responsible for publishing annual report which sets out how effective their arrangements have been in practice ESCB update SET Procedures (ESCB, 2019) SET Procedures 2019 - summary of changes Training opportunities: Child Protection conferences and core group Child in Need Child Abuse linked to Faith or Beliefs CSE Criminal exploitation

Working with Resistant Families and Disguised Compliance Early Help Ofsted Framework the picture so far Inspectors will make judgements on the following: Overall effectiveness and Quality of education Behaviour and attitudes Personal development Leadership and management

How do you evidence that safeguarding runs through and underpins all elements? Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019 Inspection of safeguarding will continue to be built around three core areas: Identify: how do leaders and other staff identify learners who may need early help or who are at risk of abuse? Help: what timely action do staff take to ensure that learners get the right support when they need it, including preventative work, and how well do they work with other agencies? Manage: how do responsible bodies and staff manage their

statutory responsibilities and, in particular, how do they manage safe recruitment and respond to allegations about staff / other adults? Inspectors will continue to judge whether safeguarding is effective or ineffective. Ofsted The school must provide, by 8am on day one of the inspection: a list of referrals made to the designated person for safeguarding in the school and those who were subsequently referred to the local authority, along with brief details of the resolution [note: schools experience of this in Essex this term differs]

Inspectors will consider whether the school is developing the use of alternative strategies to exclusion and taking account of any safeguarding risks to pupils who may be excluded The pupil and staff surveys used in inspection contain questions about safeguarding Essex County Council Ofsted Offsite provision: what safeguarding checks leaders have made and continue to make to ensure that the provision is a safe place for their pupils to attend [who oversees this?] Pupils with SEND: often have significant and complex

vulnerabilities and can face additional safeguarding challenges. Inspectors will evaluate the ways in which leaders have made appropriate and effective safeguarding arrangements that reflect these additional vulnerabilities Safeguarding is ineffective: when there are serious or widespread failures in the schools safeguarding arrangements that give cause for concern, because children are not protected and statutory requirements are not being met, or because insufficient action is being taken to remedy weaknesses following a serious failure of safeguarding arrangements Essex County Council Ofsted

Inspections of Essex schools this so far this term: Child protection procedures are in place Ethos, culture, vigilance; safeguarding is taken seriously Training, that is regular and appropriate, different forms Staff can recognise the signs that a pupil may be at risk of harm Action is taken, and is swift What are arrangements for pupils at an alternative provision? Follow up, whats next, monitoring Essex County Council Ofsted Inspections of Essex schools this so far this term: Required checks are made on new staff

Schools seek support from external agencies when necessary, so that pupils get the help that they need Pupils learn to keep themselves safe, including when working online Leaders know the risks that exist in the local area [For some schools, inspectors have asked about specific themes, eg Prevent / County Lines] Pupils learn about these risks through assemblies and special lessons Essex County Council Lessons from recent Ofsted inspections Oversight of governors appropriate support and challenge: What is reported to governors? What questions do governors ask where are the checks

to the system? What do governors look for when they visit? How is this recorded and reviewed? Is there an action plan to ensure safeguarding is effective? Who monitors and reviews this? How do governors know all staff are able to recognise and report concerns appropriately? How do governors know all staff are appropriately inducted and trained? Lessons from recent Ofsted inspections CP records Where is the voice of the child? How is this evidenced?

Do not rely on the knowledge of the Designated Lead all information should be on the CP files The files should tell the story a clear audit trail of all incidents, responses, actions (record all conversations / interventions) What are the safeguarding arrangements for children in alternative provision? How does the school respond to a concern raised? What advice was sought what action was taken? CP records (templates on ESI) Child Protection Records - Body Maps Child Protection Records - Case Chronology

Child Protection Records - Contact Record Child Protection Records - File Front Sheet Child Protection Records - File Transfer Child Protection Records - Report of a Concern Essex County Council Complaints Parental complaints via Ofsted Parental complaints via HYS / Members / MP Concerns raised by other professionals Process Report

Domestic abuse update School attendance at MARAC schools now attending the MARAC and feedback has been very positive (currently the highest attending agency) Referring into MARAC external agencies are able to refer new referral form this month (on ESI), or contact Hayley Speed on 03330 136478 or [email protected] to discuss the referral and obtain the new form COMPASS: new Single Point of Access (SPA) to support women, men and young people aged 16+ who are victims of or who have experienced Domestic Abuse: Essex Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0330 333 7 444 ESI / domestic abuse (links to Essex Police and ESCB) Southend / Essex / Thurrock domestic abuse partnership website

Support for victim / perpetrators Information for professionals Services available in localities Domestic abuse update - MARAC Contact was made with schools regarding 1,299 children 95.85% of forms requested returned in time for MARAC 180 actions were set for schools Forms were returned in an average of 0.89 days Feedback has been sent regarding cases since last October Thank you for your support last academic year

Domestic abuse update - MARAC Total Forms returned (per child) September October Average Forms return time missed (days)

Percentage returned Actions Attendan Set (per ce (per child) case) 86 82 0.84

4 95.35% 45 11 170 159

0.97 11 93.53% 42 31 Updating DSL and Deputy DSL email addresses It is important that we have up to date email addresses for the DSL and Deputy DSL. If there are any changes, please email the updated addresses to

[email protected] so that we can keep our records as up to date as possible. Prevent update Risk recently reduced to substantial Hate crime areas of high level of Hate Crime / low levels of referral: Epping Forest Harlow 23 referrals in Q1 in Essex (majority from Education) Essex conversion rate from referral to Channel is 30% (20% nationally) Right-wing extremism remains main issue for Essex on-line activity

targeting vulnerable individuals (SEN, mental health and other vulnerabilities) Violence & Vulnerability update 13% increase in violent crime (11-17) 3 5% of admissions to A&E involved a knife (September 2018 August 2019) 4% increase in referrals to Social Care (13-16) 14% increase in 3 or more missing episodes over last year (Harlow and Tendring highest numbers of where found) 33% increase in FTE over past 2 years 92% increase in permanent exclusion over past 2 years

(50 96) Essex exclusion rate below national average of exclusions in East of England Update on Team Around the Family Support Officer (TAFSO) Modelling TAF Shadowing TAF TAF workshops (47% of attendees were schools) Coaching approaches for Level 2 Advice & Guidance for level 2 C&FH Directory

[email protected] This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY Feedback from MACA Multi Agency Case Audit (MACA) The Professional Standards & Audit Service (PSAS) facilitates MACA days on behalf of the Essex Safeguarding Children Board MACA meetings include professionals from various agencies, and intend to evaluate, reflect, and learn from the effectiveness of multi-agency work. There are a minimum of five per year Nominations can be made by a professional involved with delivering services to a child and their family

All participating agencies are asked to complete and submit a bespoke audit tool in advance of the MACA meeting, so that everyone is fully prepared and able to present their agencys perspective Essex County Council Multi Agency Case Audit, cont The MACA is an opportunity to: Reflect on your own practice; and Learn from others experience The MACA seeks to: Inform Multi-Agency practice development; and Strengthen multi-agency networks

Safeguarding Adviser for Schools and EYS leads on the MACA for Education Essex County Council Multi Agency Case Audit, cont The experience so far: Thematic audit: Multi-Agency Child In Need work: what does effective intervention look like? 24 young people selected at random open to Social Care as a Child In Need in the prior year Each agency responsible for auditing its work Audit completed for education, linking with all settings, visiting some, gathering info from others by telephone / email

Reported on findings to PSAS Essex County Council Multi Agency Case Audit, cont Example thematic audit findings: PSAS to incorporate the feedback from the audit group in the re-design of the Childrens Social Care Section 17 agency check document. This includes providing more context about the reason for the agency check request, including a prompt for professionals / agencies to record any additional agency / professionals involved with the child / family that Childrens Social Care have not identified on the Section 17 check ESCB website to include a suite of information about CIN work. This could

include easy to navigate process maps, practice guidance, information about permission to share and the multi-agency partners in CIN work. PSAS to raise with Childrens Social Care senior management how Social Care can utilise their systems to strengthen how information is shared with agencies involved about the ending of CIN plans specific point made by schools to Matt during audit, no opportunity to contribute Essex County Council Multi Agency Case Audit, cont Schools are welcome to suggest cases for MACA: Am I nominating for the right reason? This is not a forum to influence case management decision-making or for resolving professional conflict Time right? Has enough time passed for reflection, or would a multiagency reflective discussion compromise any ongoing activity or

review? Is this the right case? MACAs primarily focus on children (under 18) who have been open to Childrens Social Care at some point during this time (exceptions can be made). The family as a whole and adult involvement is typically considered in relation to the child as part of the MACA. Am I clear about what I would like us to achieve as a multi-agency group? What might the focus of discussion be? Is there a frame for learning? Essex County Council Multi Agency Case Audit, cont Charlie Horne

Project Officer Professional Standards & Audit Service Quality Assurance & Safeguarding Service Children & Families Mobile: 07809314826 Email: [email protected] Essex County Council Feedback from MACE Missing and Child Exploitation 2

Otherwise known as MACE 2 Bi-monthly quadrant-based multi agency meetings Matt attends for education Considers wider operational activity necessary to tackle exploitation threats through analysing local trends, patterns and hotspots Responsible for building a local problem profile to better understand what threats exist locally and how these can be managed Quadrant data analysed at each meeting Details of new and ongoing initiatives discussed, ideas shared Essex County Council Missing and Child Exploitation 2, cont MACE 2 information-sharing process as follows:

Feedback sheet completed following each MACE 2 quadrant meeting Sent to local Behaviour and Attendance Partnership (BAP) facilitators in each locality, for sharing with schools Sent to EPHA for distribution to primary phase leads Sent directly to all special school leads Content will range from information about locations of interest and why, to specific preventative work (a recent example would be the ESCB / Childrens Society / Barnados Parents, Did you Know events) Essex County Council Missing and Child Exploitation 2, cont Information-sharing

The information within the feedback sheets is intended to support schools in preventing and tackling child exploitation It is ONLY for use in sharing information internally and is not public information or for wider publication MACE 2 guest presenters: will include information in feedback sheet where appropriate eg about local service providers* *Tendring example: charity supporting vulnerable people in specific localities presented at North East MACE 2, shared detail and website links with NE quadrant partners Please share your feedback with Matt, good and bad! Essex County Council

Attendance Specialist Team Linking School Attendance to Safeguarding Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyones responsibility. School staff are particularly important as they are in a position to identify concerns early, provide help for children and prevent concerns from escalating.

Attendance at school is a key protective factor in safeguarding children and young people. Registers The Law requires all schools to have an admissions and attendance register Schools must enter pupils on both registers from the beginning of the first day the school has agreed or been notified that the pupil will attend school Taking the register twice a day Holding staff accountable for completing registers

Additions/Deletions from roll Schools have statutory duties under the Pupil Regulations All schools must notify the Local Authority within 5 days of adding a pupils name to the admissions register. Deletions from roll must also be notified to the Local Authority.

Expected attendance procedures A robust Attendance Policy First Day calling procedures Children subject to a CP or CIN plan Effective tracking Strong communication between key staff does your Attendance Officer know which children are being monitored for safeguarding reasons? No N codes Children Missing Education (CME) process Follow up chat with young person being monitored for safeguarding reasons Using appropriate legal processes The New Ofsted Framework 2019

Links between attendance and safeguarding Behaviour and attitudes judgement: Considers how leaders and staff create a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment in the school and the impact this has on the behaviour and attitudes of pupils A strong focus on attendance and punctuality Clear and effective policies Referrals for particular individuals To receive a good judgement Ofsted states that pupils have high attendance, come to school on time and are punctual to lessons. When this is not the case, the school takes appropriate, swift and effective action. The New Ofsted Framework 2019

The Leadership and Management judgement is about how leaders, managers and those responsible for governance ensure that the education that the school provides has a positive impact on all its pupils. Using off site provisions Gaming how schools record attendance Inclusion and off rolling Off-rolling is defined as: The practise of removing a pupil from the school roll without a formal, permanent exclusion or by encouraging a parent to remove their child from the school roll, when the removal is primarily in the interests of the school rather than in the best interests of the pupil. Off-rolling in these circumstances is a form of gaming

To receive a good judgement, leaders create an inclusive culture and do not allow gaming or off-rolling Illegal exclusions; the Timpson report Safeguarding: ensuring no child misses out on education Vulnerable groups of children are more likely to be excluded Children who have a Child Protection Plan are around 3.5 times more likely to be permanently excluded, and children who are looked after are around 2.3 times as likely to be permanently excluded than children who have never been supported by social care. The safeguarding risks/potential harms A correlation between children who have a history of either fixed period or

permanent exclusion from school are more likely to be both victims or perpetrators of crime. Serious case reviews learning from key quotes Bad behaviour and poor attendance are potential signs of vulnerability. They may be an indicator of abuse or neglect; or of unmet special educational needs; or that a child is taking part in risky or criminal behaviour. (NSPCC Education: learning from case reviews July 2014)

It is essential that attendance is appropriately recorded to ensure that the whereabouts of children is known and can be checked. This is of particular importance for those children known to be vulnerable and at risk. (Serious Case Review - Child H1 July 2017) School 1 worked proactively to identify where H1 was located when she did not attend school This was good practice by School 1 to ensure the safety of H1, the lead for children missing from education in Local Authority 1 was informed and supported efforts to confirm the whereabouts of H1. (Serious case review Child H1 July 2017)

Timely and detailed information sharing between School 1 and School 2 to alert School 2 to safeguarding concerns and avoid the start again syndrome. (Serious Case Review - Child KN15 2019) Home visit by School 1 and the MAT when KN15 did not attend school, this proactive response resulted in KN15 returning to school. (Serious Case Review Child KN15 2019) Attendance Specialist Teams

Contact Number: 0333 032 2968 and select your quadrant team. Essex Schools Info Link for guidance and information.

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