Sage Advice: Proverbs & Aphorisms

Sage Advice: Proverbs & Aphorisms

Vocab. 9 Worksheet TEST (Part 2): Read pp. 129-132 & do questions 1-6. Sage Advice: Proverbs & Aphorisms EQ: How can I interpret and apply pithy sayings?

Agenda Bellringer

Vocab Sent. Ben Franklin ppt. Groupwork: interpretations Partner Project with Rubric Sage Slap! Ben Franklin (pp. 136-138) Printer at brothers shop At 16 yrs. old journalist (Silence Dogood: satire of life and

politics) At 17 yrs. old his own print shop in Philadelphia Poor Richards Almanack (bestseller; from 1732 to 1758) fictitious author/editor; info on sun, moon, weather, aphorisms (brief saying that teaches a moral) Attempted moral perfection (P. 144) of actions and thoughts Inventor after 42 yrs. old!

Swim fin Fire department Bifocals Street lights Stove Confirmed laws of electricity Charted the Gulf Stream

Earthquakes, ocean currents Odometer Daylight Savings Time! Famous Diplomat/Politician:

Declaration of Independence French support Peace treaty with Britain Constitution Ambassador the father of his country

Interpret, Apply, & Analyze Fools make feasts and wise men eat them. Interpret: Those who are foolish look big and successful and want to party now, but those who are wise and earn money through hard work and savings are those who will enjoy the benefits long-term.

Apply: I can apply this adage by working hard now and being disciplined in my career & studies, so that I will have a financially secure future. Analyze: Virtues = hard work and patience Lets do the text element on the next page.

Interpret Apply Analyze Flipchart: Magic Ink Group Assignment Interpret 6 proverbs/group and apply the 6. Be prepared to share whole class. Bellringer: ACT practice question

LEVEL 3: LOCATING INFO TEST (Part 2): Read pp. 129-132 & do questions 1-6. Agenda

Bellringer Vocab. puzzle Sage Slap! Partner Project (Multimedia) Proverb Research & Presentation Project EQ: How can I create a multimedia project to present my research and

interpretation? Sage Slap! Lets interpret these aphorisms. Journal on one (your choice). Create your own proverb & slap it on the board with a sticky note! PARTNERS: PowerPoint or Prezi . . .

Research & find 5 proverbs. Interpret, apply, & analyze. See Rubric. Rubric:

5 adages (2 from other countries) 15 pts. 5 interpretations 15 pts. 5 applications (personal, first-person) 15 pts. 5 virtues 15 pts. 5 graphics 15 pts.

PowerPoint/Prezi (6 slides min.) 10 pts. Layout (balanced, neat, legible) 5 pts. Grammar 10 pts.

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