BEN Series LFD EX-LINK Guide Q2 2019 EX-LINK Control EX-LINK is a Samsung branding for industry standard RS232C serial control protocols. This was originally developed for the Consumer TV product line, and is now being used in the BEN series of Commercial LFD products. The following guide will cover: Samsung EX-LINK code structure Checksum calculation Connector pin-outs EX-LINK Code Structure EX-LINK codes are based on a 7 byte code structure: Byte 1

Byte 2 0x08 0x22 Byte 3 Byte 4 Byte 5 Command 1 Command 2 Command 3 Byte 6 Byte 7 Variable Checksum

Bytes 1 and 2 should not be changed, they are a fixed value. Bytes 3 through 5 are the command bytes, for the command you wish to issue. Byte 7 is the checksum of Bytes 1 through 6. For Example Setting a tuner channel change command to a specific channel: Byte 3 = 0x4 Channel Direct Tuning

Byte 4 = 0x80 DTV/ATV selection (set to DTV) Byte 5 = 0x10 Major channel in DTV, multiplied by 4, converted to hex Byte 6 = 0x2 Minor channel in DTV Byte 7 = 0x40 Checksum for Bytes 1-6 Thus the full command string would be 0x8 0x22 0x4 0x80 0x10 0x2 0x40 EX-LINK Checksum Calculation To calculate the checksum for the EX-LINK command string: 1. Using a hexadecimal capable calculator, add the base hex values for each byte (removing the prefix 0x from each number). For example: 0x8 0x22 0x4 0x80 0x10 0x2 becomes 8 22 4 80 10 2 2. Take the resulting sum, and convert it from hexadecimal, to decimal. For example (in hex) 8+22+4+80+10+2 = C0 C0 in decimal is 192 3. Take the resulting decimal sum, and calculate its inverse (subtract the value from 255). For example: 255-192 = 63 4. Add 1 to the resulting inverse. For example: 63 + 1 = 64 5. Convert the resulting sum back to hexadecimal. For example, the decimal value 64 is 40 in hexadecimal.

So the resulting checksum would be 0x40 following this string EX-LINK Pinouts Samsung EX-LINK ports use a 3.5MM stereo audio style jack, TipRing-Sleeve (TRS). These can be adapted to standard DB9 connectors using off-the-shelf adapter cables. 1 23 4 5 6 78 9 S Pin 2 / Tip = Received Data Pin 3 / Ring = Transmitted Data Pin 5 / Sleeve = Signal Ground R T For more information, contact your local

Samsung representative, or Brawn Consulting: 1 (866) 754-6450 [email protected] Jonathan Brawn Principal Brawn Consulting E: [email protected] Brian Kosich Engineering Services Manager Brawn Consulting E: [email protected] Thanks for Attending!

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