Sargent House

Sargent House

Watson Academy Comprehensive Program Review July 25, 2014 1 HIGHLIGHTS Started new SJS Basic Training Program, February 2014 Added EPICS 101 overview into basic training program EPICS: began monthly review sessions for case managers Placed EPICS videos on CRJ website Created life skill certificates for specific groups for clients 2 CHALLENGES Obtaining funding from diverse sources Life skills: client turnover at the programs makes it difficult (at times) to have the same group complete an entire curriculum Training challenges: working with programs to ensure all staff are signed up regularly for training; arranging all of the, trainers, etc. 3 STAFFING Staff Turnover Rates Staff Retention Rates Overdue Performance Evaluations Staff Training Hours 4

STAFF TURNOVER & RETENTION RATES (4/1/13 to 5/31/14) TURNOVER RATES RETENTION RATES 38.6% 100.0% 100.0% 33.9% 33.3% 29.6% 26.9% 69.0%67.9% 58.0%57.8% 0.0% Watson Academy SJS 5/31/2014 CRJ- Overall Watson Academy 1/31/2013 SJS

5/31/2014 CRJ- Overall 11/30/2013 Last CPR, WA staff turnover was 33.3% compared to SJSs 33.9% Information obtained from HR Staff Turnover & Retention Reports 5 Current CPR: Staff Training 12/1/13 5/31/14 Training Watson Academy Last CPR: Staff Training 8/1/12- 1/31/13 E Learning Total 0 10.5 10.5 Training Watson Academy E

Learning 3.75 48 hours EPICS Training Total 51.75 Current CPR: Overdue Performance Evaluations as of 5/31/14 Last CPR: Overdue Performance Evaluations as of 1/31/13 FT PT FT PT 1 0 1 0 Watson Academy

Watson Academy The overdue performance evaluation was submitted to HR and taken care of. Training Information obtained from Watson Academy & HR Reports Data obtained from HR Reports 6 TRAININGS Boundaries, and Diversity: Cultural Diversity, and Boundaries; Case Management 101: Introduction for new case managers: Crisis Prevention and Personal Safety: Basic crisis intervention techniques: CPR/First Aid/AED: Universal Precautions, CPR, Basic First Aid, First Aid, AIDS in the Workplace; EPICS Overview : Introduction to Effective Practices in Community Correctional settings and how we use it within SJSD: Group Facilitation/Train the Trainer: Skills for staff who are facilitating groups: Report Writing: CDC Report Writing/Report Writing; Sexual Misconduct Prevention (PREA): Staff Integrity and Ethics, Prevention, Identifying handling of Sexual Abuse and Assault, Interpersonal Relationships and Communication Skills; Substance Abuse: Substance Abuse Awareness; Suicide Prevention: Signs of Suicide and Suicide Prevention; Treatment Culture: Staff Integrity and Ethics, Crisis Intervention, Interpersonal Relationships and Communication Skills, Standards of Conduct, Counseling Techniques. Information obtained from Watson Academy 7 TRAINERS December 2013 May 2014 Thanks to the following individuals for facilitating trainings : Maria Alexson, Manager of Employee Relations/Training & Development Treatment Culture and Philosophy Training Leonard Andrews, former Director of Sargent House

CPI and Personal Safety Training Kelley Cunningham, Samaritans, Inc. Suicide Prevention Training Jennifer Garvey, Case Manager and Matthew LeFrancois, Assistant Director of Hampshire House Case Management 101 Magdalana Grace Siegel, LADC L Substance Abuse Information obtained from Watson Academy 8 TRAININGS CONDUCTED AND STAFF PARTICIPATION December 2013 May 2014 Trainings Facilitated by Type Total Staff Served by Trainings 213 50 12 18 3 3 3 1 16

4 5 18 26 5 5 23 5 2 1 16 24 2 5 5 1 40 Watson Academy conducted 40 trainings and served 213 staff Last CPR, Watson Academy conducted 28 trainings and served 192 staff (Aug. 2012 Jan. 2013) Information obtained from Watson Academy Training Evaluations 9

LIFE SKILLS GROUPS December 2013 May 2014 Life Skills Groups December 2013 - May 2014 Life Skills Groups August 2012 - January 2013 470 276 106 124 122 93 30 Brooke 19 89 34 0 0 Coolidge Hampshire Horizon Sessions Held 19 McGrath

22 17 15 e ge id l o 31 0 42 Sargent Total Total Number of People Served 76 65 124 k oo Br Co 0e

r hi s p m Ha 0 Ho 0n ir zo 12 th ra G c M 54 16 20 nt ge r Sa 16 /W TS -r S he Ot

H l ta To Sessions Held Total Number of People Served A total of 124 sessions were conducted. This is a 63% increase from the previous CPR. A total of 470 individuals served. This is a 70% increase from the previous CPR. Information obtained from Watson Academy Monthly Reports 10 TRAINING EVALUATIONS 120 Evaluations : December 2013 May 2014 How does this session compare to other trainings you have attended? Material presented will help me in my current position. 12.50% 11.67% 44.17% 87.50% 44.17% Superior Above Average Average

Strongly Agree Agree Last CPR (170 Evaluations): Last CPR (170 Evaluations): (August 2012 January 2013) Superior =38% Average = 44% Fair 0% Above Average = 18% Below Average = 0% Information obtained from Watson Academy Training Evaluations (August 2012 January 2013) Strongly Agree= 83% Agree = 16% Disagree = 0% No Opinion = 1% 11 TRAINING EVALUATIONS 120 Evaluations December 2013 to May 2014 How would you rate your knowledge on the content covered PRIOR to the training being conducted? How would you rate your knowledge on the content covered AFTER the training was conducted? 15.00% 3.33% 44.17% 40.83%

Low Medium High 96.67% Low Medium High Last CPR, 170 Evaluations (August 2012 January 2013) Knowledge PRIOR to the training: 36% High and 42% Medium Knowledge AFTER the training: 90% High and 10% Medium Information obtained from Watson Academy Training Evaluations 12 TRAINING EVALUATIONS 120 Evaluations: December 2013 May 2014 The material presented was clear and easy to see. The training started on time. There were sufficient time or means to have questions answered. 20.17% 14.17% 14.17% 79.83% 85.83% Strongly Agree Agree

Strongly Agree Agree 85.83% Strongly Agree Agree Last CPR, 170 Evaluations (August 2012 January 2013): The material presented was clear and easy to see: SA: 86% A: 14% N.O. =0 D:0 Training started on time: SA: 75% A: 23% N.O. = 1% D:1% There was sufficient time to have questions answered: SA: 85% A: 15% N.O. = 0 D:0 Information obtained from Watson Academy Training Evaluations 13 TRAINING EVALUATIONS 120 Evaluations December 2013 May 2014 STAFF COMMENTS: I really liked this aspect of the training Boundaries/Diversity/PREA Trainings: "Group participation, life stories, program stories" The open discussion; felt comfortable in talking about issues" "The knowledge of the trainer on the subject" "Everyone talking about experiences and giving examples"

"It was very interactive and interesting" CPI & Personal Safety: "The training was done well and explained every aspect of the course" "Len was very clear, precise & the material delivered was succinct" Addressed staff trauma, not just client trauma First Aid/CPR/AED Trainings: "Hands on experience; "Practicing/hands on CPR/First Aid and AED "The simulated responses were great "Very informative and facilitator didn't rush through answering all questions" 14 TRAINING EVALUATIONS 120 Evaluations December 2013 May 2014 STAFF COMMENTS: I really liked this aspect of the training Report Writing Trainings: "Maria and Marcy acting out an incident that seemed very real "The simulated incident was great. It allowed us to write practice incident reports with information from the simulated incident" "The group talked about different issues and how these programs handle it "Getting to write a sample incident report" Treatment Culture Trainings: "The interactive learning" "Interactions/conversations" "It was an eye opener" "The conversation" Other Comments: "I really enjoyed the training "I appreciated the demonstrations of ways to protect ourselves from clients w/out becoming physical Great training thank you Marcy 15 Harvard Tutoring Programs

December 2013 May 2014 Harvard (PHBA) Tutoring Program 29 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 21 Number of Clients Served Number of Sessions A total of 21 sessions were conducted and served 29 clients. The Harvard (PBHA) Tutoring program was on winter hiatus in January 2014. Last CPR, (August 2013 January 2013), a total of 13 sessions conducted and 14 clients served. The PBHA program was on hiatus the months of August 2012 October 2012 Information obtained from Watson Academy Monthly Reports 16 CPR ACTION PLAN ISSUE: Funding for Watson Academy Advancement Department needs to create a concept summary COMMENTS: Gayle will help write concept paper with Paul Swindlehurst IMPROVEMENTS MADE: Still pending ISSUE: Transition of WA Quarterly and Annual Reports COMMENTS: Re-assess the need for publication of Quarterly/Annual training reports - Heriberto to work with Marcy

IMPROVEMENTS MADE: Quarterly reports eliminated. Two reports per year to be published. ISSUE: Engaging outside organizations to access WA training (i.e. Elizabeth Stone House ) as a way to generate revenue for WA COMMENTS: How feasible is it for WA to provide trainings and what is the appropriate fee to be charged. Assess organizations needing training via Providers Conference attendees. IMPROVEMENTS MADE: Still under development ISSUE: Posting the WA training schedule on the CRJ web page/larger CRJ audience COMMENTS: Various trainings offered throughout CRJ and no central location to disseminate information IMPROVEMENTS MADE: WA refined the basic two-week training for SJS. Calendar submitted to SJS. Location/time/space constraints limit the ability to expand trainings to all of CRJ. With video conferencing, some trainings (i.e. Boundaries/ Diversity PREA) may be provided to a larger audience First Aid/CPR/AED require hands on teaching. ISSUE: Update the PREA curriculum COMMENTS: Recent PREA revisions require that training to be updated IMPROVEMENTS MADE: Curriculum revisions are a work in progress Marcy updated the PREA training offered incorporating new materials from NICs National PREA Resource Center. Final revisions expected by September 2014. ISSUE: Provide evaluations to clients about their Life Skills training COMMENTS: Gayle and Marcy to develop evaluation form IMPROVEMENTS MADE: Work in progress 17

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