Sat Word Review & Tragic Hero Activity

Sat Word Review & Tragic Hero Activity

SAT WORD REVIEW & TRAGIC HERO ACTIVITY JUNIORS Swbat understand how to best use this weeks vocabulary in a sentence DO NOW: Take out your SAT list. You are going to make notes, so make room on your sheet.

What you should study: 1. Spelling of the word. 2. Know how to define it 3. Know how to use it in a sentence 4. Memorize the list because I am not giving you a words bank BANAL

So lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring. (tiresome, worn-out, clichd) The books main character was so banal that I stopped reading because I knew exactly how the story would end. EXTOL To praise enthusiastically

When my students do well on my writing assignments, I extol their efforts and I might even bake them a little treat. EUPHONY The quality of being pleasant to the ear.

*Since this is a noun, you have to remember to use it like a noun. The euphony of the wind chimes lulled the baby to sleep in the backyard. (This is showing you the quality of something). DERIDE Express contempt for or ridicule, make fun of.

Bullies deride others because deep down they are insecure and it makes them feel better to put other people down. INSIPID Lacking in qualities that interest or stimulate or challenge.

After of hours of being trapped in one insipid conversation after another, Mary had to escape outside to feel the cold wind on her face to refresh her and give her the will to survive

the rest of the party. AUSTERE Severe or strict in manner, attitude, or appearance The new nanny dressed in all black, dark glasses, and a frown giving off a very austere appearance.

EXPEDITE Make an action or process happen sooner or to be accomplished quickly. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you automatically get expedited shipping HERESY

Belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine (dissent, nonconformity) John Proctor committed an act of heresy when he declared that God is dead. NOVEL New or unusual in an interesting way The interns novel approach to creating

presentations for the daily meeting helped him get noticed and promoted. PHILANTHROPY The practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people. Bill and Melinda Gates are known for their philanthropic contributions in the area of

education. TRANSITION Swbat understand and apply the definition of a tragic hero With an assigned partner, you are going to piece together how John Proctor fits the definition of a tragic hero. You must use

textual evidence to support your piece in this puzzle. SHARE AND SWAP We are going to hear from each group, make sure you are copying down page number and partial quote on your sheet as they go.

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