School of Economics and Management

School of Economics and Management

Before starting If you are planning to use your own computer, make sure to have installed: for these lessons for the rest of the course 7-Zip for Windows i-Zip or keka for Mac Excel, possibly 2016 but 2013 and 2010 should work as well Access (not available for Mac) Alternatively you can use 11 Aug 2015 Windows

1 Storage devices Bits, Bytes, Kilobytes, MB, GB, Terabytes Hardware Moores law Disks Internal hard disk 1 - 4 TB (50-100 ) External hard disk 1 - 4 TB (50-100 ) Solid State Drive SSD up to 500 GB (up to 150 ) 11 Aug 2015 Computer introduction

2 Storage devices OLD TECH Discs CD 700 MB DVD 4 GB Blu-ray 25 GB Need a reader to be read Need a writer to be written Large and easy to scratch 11 Aug 2015 Computer introduction

3 Storage devices Memory USB pen drive or memory stick up to 500 GB (5-200 ) Used mostly to move data Memory cards Camera, phones 11 Aug 2015 Computer introduction 4 Software

Software types Operating system Takes care of devices User-computer interface Windows macOS Linux Android iOS Windows Phone Program files (Word, Excel, Skype, ) Data files 11 Aug 2015 Computer introduction

5 Software licenses Market cost Freeware (Skype; Linux; 7-zip) Shareware (mobile phone apps) Commercial (Windows; Office; Photoshop) Subscription (Office 365; Photoshop CC) Private Total cost of ownership 9 Aug 2017 Computer introduction 6 Software licenses

Permission to modify 11 Aug 2015 Free or Open Source (Linux) Proprietary (Acrobat Reader; WinZip; Office) Copyleft Computer introduction 7 Software naming Name Distribution/edition

Linux, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Linux Ubuntu Microsoft Office Professional Microsoft Windows Enterprise Version (usually numeric but may be a name) 11 Aug 2015 Linux Ubuntu 17.04 Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Computer introduction 8

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    PowerPoint bemutató - Chemotaxis

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