Science Investigation

Science Investigation

This project and its actions were made possible due to co-financing by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals EAL Nexus resource Science investigation Advanced PowerPoint Subject: Science Age groups:

1214, 1516 Topic: Licence information | This resource is free to use for educational purposes. Source | This resource was originally developed by Simon Beavan and has been adapted by EAL Nexus. British Council 2015 Title An investigation into

An experiment to show Key terminology for this investigation English hypothesis independent variable prediction analysis evaluation

My first language Aim Consider the following: Why are you doing the experiment? What are you trying to find out? What question are you trying to answer? Variables The variable that I will change is called the independent variable. My independent variable is the (size of the ice cube).

The variable that I will measure is called the dependent variable. My dependent variable is (the length of time taken). I will keep the other variables the same to make sure it is a fair test. The variables that I will keep the same are called the control variables. My control variables are Writing about the effects of variables: o the higher the the faster the o the more the the slower the o the longer the the more the Equipment list

Bunsen burner beaker safety goggles thermometer

measuring cylinder funnel tripod Hypothesis What do you think will happen and why? E.g. I think that the larger the size of the ice cube, the longer the time it will take to melt. I predict that sugar will dissolve quicker if I stir it because I am providing energy to speed up the chemical reaction.

If I increase the mass of the shoe then the energy taken to pull the shoe down the slope will increase because the shoe will be heavier. Method

First I After that I Next I After several minutes Then I Finally I Safety I had to take the following safety measures (with reasons why): Diagram

beaker gauze solutio n tripod heatproof mat Results table

Title A table to show Size of ice cube (Independent variable) Time taken to melt (Dependent variable) (List results in ascending order) Graph/chart to show results

6 5 4 Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 3 2 1 0

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Analysis My results showed that (comment on the relationship between the variables under consideration).

One result that did not seem to fit was Conclusion The prediction I made at the beginning of the investigation was My results supported/undermined my prediction because Evaluation I made the experiment a fair test by

My investigation produced reliable/unreliable results because Another variable I could test would be If I did the experiment again I would make the measurements more accurate by increase the number of times I did the experiment because take better safety precautions, for example,

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