Science Year 11 -

Science Year 11 -

Triple Science Year 11 EXAM PREPARATION Overview The Course Assessment Examinations Question Styles Preparation Facts Application of Facts

The Course AQA Science: Biology (8461) Chemistry (8642) Physics (8463) When searching for revision AQA GCSE Science: Biology / Chemistry / Physics Teaching from September 2016 The Triple Science Exams This course is 100%

terminal exam There are 6 exams, each covering a different area. All are 1hr 45 mins long ( 100 marks each) Two Biology Two Chemistry Two Physics Multiple choice, structured, closed short answer, and open response, practical related questions Three separate GCSE Triple the work Triple the reward

grades The Trilogy Exams Paper Biology 1 Topic Number Biology topics 14: Titles Biology 2

Biology topics 57: Homeostasis and response; Inheritance, variation and evolution; and Ecology. Chemistry 1 Chemistry topics 812: Atomic structure and the periodic table; Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter; Quantitative chemistry; Chemical changes; and Energy changes.

Chemistry 2 Chemistry topics 1317: The rate and extent of chemical change; Organic chemistry; Chemical analysis; Chemistry of the atmosphere; and Using resources. Physics 1 Physics topics 1821:

Energy; Electricity; Particle model of matter; and Atomic structure. Physics 2 Physics topics 2224: Forces; Waves; and Magnetism and electromagnetism, space physics Cell Biology; Organisation; Infection and response; and Bioenergetics.

Triple Science Exam Dates Biology 1 12th May 2020 Chemistry 1 14th May 2020 Physics 1 20th May 2020

Biology 2 1st June 2020 Chemistry 2 10th June 2020 Physics 2 12th June 2020 Tier of Entry

There are Tiers for Science This will be decided in spring Foundation is grades 1-5 Low (1-3) and standard (4-5) demand questions Higher is grades 4-9 Standard (4-5), standard/high (6-7) and high demand questions (8-9). Mathematical Requirements Students will need to use their GCSE maths knowledge in science.

10% Biology 20% Chemistry 30% Physics Assessments 40% will assess knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, techniques and procedures. 40% will assess your application of those ideas 20% will assess candidates ability to;

interpret evaluate make judgements draw conclusions develop experimental procedures improve experimental procedures The Exam Questions Multiple Choice Questions Long Answers Increased mathematical requirements

Familiarity with command words Increased demand Revision Guides It used to be that If you know your revision guide you will get a 4 or 5. This is no longer the case. To get a 4 and above you need to be able to apply and discuss the Science. Revision guides are the first step. Exam Preparation Revision Guides (students have these)

Workbooks (will be available from the school). Learning Checklists Mindmaps/flash cards and other techniques (search YouTube how to revise for GCSE exams) Past Papers Sample papers and specimen papers (Search AQA GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy) Online help Search how to revise for GCSE exams? in YouTube and see what advice there is (pick 2 or 3 good strategies) YouTube Channel myGCSEscience

YouTube Channel Primrose Kitten (search Primrose Kitten AQA chemistry for the new spec 9-1) GCSE Bitesize (search GCSE Bitesize Combined Science) notes, questions etc ready made flash cards and more I cant help, I dont know any Science Encourage them to start now (maybe develop a weekly routine) Encourage students to discuss the science on particular pages of the revision guide. Which is the most important part? Why? What are the 5 most important ideas? How does

it link to the wider world? Talk through answers to exam questions. E.g. Read the question together then the student answers while you read the mark scheme and check off correct parts and highlight anything that was missing. I cant help, I dont know any Science See if they can talk you through experimental methods. Sub sections of the revision guide are labelled practical This means the students must know the experimental method. You could ask what the equipment does? What the point is? Use the questions at the bottom of each revision guide page

to test students. Challenge students to give you a lesson on a certain topic or subtopic. Any Questions?

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