SD #42 Financial Awards and other Scholarships

SD #42 Financial Awards and other Scholarships

SD #42 Financial Awards and other Scholarships What is the difference between a scholarship, bursary or an award? Scholarships: Are usually based on academics of 70% and higher, complimented by involvement in community work, volunteer work, athletics and fine arts. Bursaries: Based on financial need. Awards:

Competitions, essays or winning a prize. Career Centre Website SD#42 Financial Awards Go To, click on students at the top and then scroll down to SD Financial Awards. Career Centre Website: m/

SD#42 Financial Awards Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Application Page: One form for every application. Leave Award # and award name blank and then photocopy. If you have more than three universities put your top three. Make sure you sign the bottom and date it. 2 Letters of Reference: From two different sources If one is from the school then other must be from outside the school. Preferably on letterhead. Brag sheets in the Career Centre. Personal Essay: No more than 1 to 1 pages, 1.5 spaced and in 12 font Times New Roman. If an award requires special qualifications, please specify on your essay. Goals in pursing post secondary and area of study, interests, hobbies and activities in the community and school, employment and or volunteer activities. Also any prizes, awards, scholarships etc. that have already been won. Transcript Your GT/Grade 12 Councellor will provide you with your

transcript or diploma verification. You will want to wait to get your most current marks. Bursary Info In addition to the paperwork for a scholarship and/or awards you will need: Financial Information Form: You will need to provide parents jobs, your job, estimated annual school expenses including books, room & board and transportation. Personal Statement: You will need to explain any specific circumstances that the bursary selection committee should be made aware of. Your statement should be page maximum, 1.5 spacing in Times New Roman 12 point font. Testimonial Statement: This should be from a parent or guardian regarding your financial need in support of your bursary application. One page maximum, 1.5 spacing in Times New Roman 12 point font.

No fancy or colored paper No envelopes No spine holders Make sure you are eligible before applying Double check your work! _ The final date for handing in your applications is: March 2, 2015. Please do not go by the date shown in the book. Please hand into the Career Centre. Do not take to District office. Students will have 2 years from the date of

issue to redeem an award unless stated. A3 Award: Blue Mountain Elementary PAC Bursary Value: 2 at $250 Eligibility: District No. 42 Secondary School graduates who attended Blue Mountain Elementary School for a minimum of 2 years, one being grade 7. Criteria: a) open to students on any program b) students must be planning post-secondary education (academic or vocational) c) involvement in school and/or community activities will be considered d) to receive bursary, applicant must enroll in a post-secondary institution within 18 months of graduation e) applicant must fill out the Bursary Application form. B2 Award: Brian Hestermann Memorial Scholarship Value: $500 Description: Established in 1991 at the request of the parents of the late Brian

Hestermann. Eligibility: Maple Ridge Secondary (male) graduating student Criteria: a) must be taking courses in metal fabrication and/or auto mechanics and planning a career along that line b) conscientious and hardworking in class c) considered to be a good citizen Tips for Submitting a Great Scholarship Do the appropriate background work and find out exactly what the specific scholarship is looking for. Read the rules and

regulations. Expand on personal experience by discussing your work or volunteering. Explain how it fits into your future plans. Communicate your longer term goals. Scholarship providers want to know they are enhancing the life of a goal-oriented person. Fill out a Brag Sheet to help those you are requesting a reference

letter from. Make a checklist for each scholarship and stay organized. Plan ahead and dont procrastinate. Give yourself plenty of time to fill out applications. You cannot accomplish this overnight. Have your application proofed before you submit it. Dont miss deadlines!

There are thousands of scholarships and awards that reward students for academic and non-academic attributes: Where you bank Family in the military Organizations or Clubs Volunteering Sports Where you live Religion Your heritage or what languages you speak Disabilities Employers

Dogwood Awards $1,000 awards that recognize excellence in achievement in any of the areas of Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Activity or Second Languages. (Drama, Music, Art, Computers, Home Ec, Tech Ed, PE, Business Ed and Languages). All applicants must have at least 1 grade 12 course and two additional courses in the area of application. Applicants must have a minimum of a B average in the area in which his/her presentation will be made.

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Arts Council Scholarship Value: 5 Scholarships at $1000 for each category 1) Visual Arts & Media Arts 2) Music 3) Drama & Theatre 4) Dance 5) Literary Arts Eligibility: Graduating students from high

schools in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Submissions: Deadline: Must be submitted to: Executive Director, Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Arts Council Scholarship Program Application can be: Dropped off at the ACT Ticket Centre or Mailed to Other Ways to Find Scholarships Scholarship Bulletin Board Career Centre Website Websites such as: Student Awards and Scholarships Canada

STUDENT LOANS Please visit Applications for the fall start date will be available June 1. For eligibility, how to apply and understanding student loans please visit * You have 6 months after you finish your post-secondary to start paying back your loan. The rate is prime +2.5%. * There are scholarships and bursaries available after you start your post secondary schooling so make sure you check the College or University websites or financial aid office. * An option to make money while attending post-secondary school is to check out the Co-op website or financial aid office to get work relevant to your field of study.

SAT/ACT Information Are you planning on going to school in the United States? You will be required to write your SATs or ACTs. You can write the test as many times as you want. You have a choice of the writing the general test or a subject test.

You must register in advance for the test date. SATs are written at Meadowridge School. There are practice tests online. If writing more than once, they will take your best mark from each subject.

You are considered an International student and will be charged international fees.

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