Second Grade Parent Orientation Slide Show

Second Grade Parent Orientation Slide Show

Welcome nd 2 Grade Parents Rylander Elementary 2016-2017 RRE Counseling Program Melissa LeBlanc Full-Time Counselors Character Education

Core Essentials Program sponsored by Chick-fil-A Monthly Kick-off First Thursday students and staff wear color of the month Parents will receive a monthly newsletter online" Character Shines Student Rewards Counselor Roles

Guidance Lessons Student Support Mentoring Programs Safety, Red Ribbon, College Week, Career Day Rhinos in Charge Now You are 10 Junior High Preparation Parent Resources We are always available to assist our Rylander parents and families !

2 nd Grade Teachers Math, Science, and Social StudiesReading and Language Arts Mrs. Olvera Ms. Kisseberth Mrs. Stroud Mrs. Huddleston Mrs. Loverde

Mrs. McCoy Mrs. Ballard Mrs. Sosolik Ms. Goff Mrs. Lopez Lunch Schedule:

11:02 - 11:32 11:04 - 11:34 11:06 - 11:36 11:08 - 11:38 11:10 - 11:40 11:12 - 11:42 11:14 - 11:44 11:16 - 11:46 11:18 - 11:48 11:20 11:50 Ballard

Sosolik Loverde McCoy Huddleston Stroud Lopez Goff Kisseberth Olvera *Lunch will be one hour earlier on Early Release Days. Parents are asked to sit at the provided visitor tables. General Information No invitations at school (birthday list)

Birthday celebrations at Recess - Cookies or mini-cupcakes are preferred - Please send napkins or wipes. Individual healthy snacks/water bottles ID cards are to be worn at all times and students will be responsible for the $3.00 replacement cost if lost or broken.

Nurse Tara Maher 281-237-8335 Please send a change of clothes in your childs backpack to help them be more comfortable should an accident occur. KISD Grading Scale A B C D F 90-100 80-89

75-79 70-74 69 and below Parent/Teacher Conferences will begin in late September/early October. Grading Policy If a student makes below a 70 on a Major Test or Major Project, the student will be retaught and allowed to retake the test. (This does not include Major Daily grades.) The highest grade a student can earn on a retest is a 70. If the student makes a grade lower than 70, the higher of the two grades will be entered into the gradebook.

Ex. 1: Student A makes a 60 on the first test. Student A is retaught and makes an 85 on the second test. The teacher will input a 70 in the gradebook. Ex. 2: Student B makes a 45 on the first test. Student B is retaught and makes a 65 on the second test. The teacher will input the 65 in the gradebook. Communication Planners - Please review daily. Tuesday folders - Please review all papers and sign and return any papers that are graded 70 or below. Voice mail/ e-mail - 48 hour response time Conference (by appointment) 2:35-3:20 2nd Grade Rhino Rules:

1. I will follow directions the first time given. 2. I will keep hands, feet and objects to myself. 3. I will speak kindly to and about others. 4. I will show respect for others and school property. Student Conduct Responsibility cards have been replaced with an Oops! Report.

An Oops! Report will be sent home to be signed, after a student has received 2 Uh Oh! warning cards for that day. 0-5 Oops! Reports in the same category = Satisfactory 6-8 Oops! Reports in the same category = Needs Improvement 9+ Oops! Reports in the same category = Unsatisfactory 8-11 Distributed Oops! Reports = N in Disciplines Self 12+ Distributed Oops! Reports = U in Disciplines Self ***An Office Referral is an automatic N under Disciplines Self on the report card. An Office Referral resulting in suspension is an automatic U under Disciplines Self on the report card. On-Going Reading Objectives

Comprehension Fluency Reading strategies Vocabulary development Text features Inference/Drawing conclusions Decoding phonograms Guided Reading Use of technology Curriculum Overview Reading Workshop

1st nine weeks: Launching Readers Workshop, Exploring a Narrative, Schema, Making Connections, Context Clues, Character Analysis, Story Structure/Elements, Sequence, Synonyms/Antonyms, and Visualization 2nd nine weeks: Nonfiction, Fiction Series, Story Structure/Elements, Dialogue, Elements of Genres, and Contractions Curriculum Overview Reading (cont.) 3rd nine weeks: Procedural Reading, Authors Purpose, Narrative Nonfiction, Schema, Poetry, Main Idea, Sequence, and Abbreviations 4th nine weeks: Morals and Themes, Author

Study, Main Idea, Research, Media Literacy, Media Purpose, Readers Response On-Going Language Arts Objectives Writers Workshop The writing process Capitalization, punctuation, and word usage Parts of speech

Oral language and listening skills Research skills Word Study Handwriting Curriculum Overview-Language Arts 1st nine weeks: Launching Writers Workshop, Writing Process, Narrative Writing, Sentence Types/Structure, Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, and Subject/Verb Agreement 2nd nine weeks: Informational Expert Writing, Fiction Writing, Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Adjectives, Prepositions, Adverbs, and Parts of a Letter Curriculum Overview Language Arts (cont.)

3rd nine weeks: Procedural Writing, Poetry, Transition Words, Quotation marks for Dialogue, Apostrophes, Contractions, Possessive Nouns, and Readers Response 4th nine weeks: Writing about Reading, Readers Response, and Research Projects Curriculum Overview Word Study Word Work weekly activities may include - Making Words - Word Sort - Word Wall - Reinforcement Activities: Chant, Rhyme, WORDO, Ladders Word

Assessments will be given two times per grading period. Word Study Website: dy-parent-resources Curriculum Overview Technology 3 classroom computers

3 computer labs and 1 laptop cart Smartboards iPads I-Station School and home usage FASTT Math School and home usage On-Going Math Objectives Guided Math Computation skills

Fact Fluency Place Value Problem Solving Strategies Lone Star Math Numeracy, number operation, and quantitative reasoning Target the Question Curriculum Overview - Math 1st nine weeks: Numeracy to 999, Basic +/-, Place Value, Number Patterns, Number Lines, Greater Than/Less Than (> = < ), Graphing, Problem Solving: Look for a Pattern & Act it Out, Number Strategies: +/- 1 or 2 and +/- zero 2nd nine weeks: Patterns & Place Value to 999, Two and three digit +/- Without & With Regrouping, Money, Graphing, Problem Solving:

Draw a Picture, Number Strategies: +/- 10 and Doubles Curriculum Overview Math (Continued) 3rd nine weeks: Numeracy to 1,200, Addition/Subtraction to 1,200, Measurement, Time, Problem Solving: Make a Table, Number Strategies: Making 10 and Using Tens 4th nine weeks: Addition/Subtraction to 1,200, Geometry, Fractions, Multiplication, Division, Problem Solving: Multi-step problems Curriculum Overview-Social Studies 1st nine weeks: Procedures & Citizenship, Communities, Mapping Skills, World Geography, and

Physical Geography 2nd nine weeks: Physical Geography continued, What is Government: Local, State & National, and Thanksgiving 3rd nine weeks: Historical Figures, Economics, Junior Achievement, and U.S. Symbols and Landmarks 4th nine weeks: U.S. Symbols & Landmarks continued, Inventors & Innovators, Earth Week, and Celebrations & Cultures Curriculum Overview - Science 1st nine weeks: Safety, Body Systems, Healthy Habits, and Energy 2nd nine weeks: Energy, Force & Motion, Patterns and Cycles: Objects in the Sky, Weather, and Water Cycle 3rd nine weeks: Patterns & Cycles (continued),

Physical Properties & Changes, Matter, and Resources 4th nine weeks: Basic Organism & Enviroment, Needs of Plants & Animals, and Natural & Manmade Resources Parent Resources Please utilize the following Parent Resource link, taken from the district website, to provide parent assistance with curriculum ideas and videos. arent-resources *Follow us at Twitter: @RRErhinos/ @rrepride Facebook: Homework

Please Check & Initial Planner Daily Monday-Math Practice Daily Log & Read for 20 minutes and complete Reading Response Log Tuesday-Read for 20 minutes and complete Reading Response Log Wednesday-Math Practice Daily Log & Read for 20 minutes and complete Reading Response Log Thursday-Read for 20 minutes and complete Reading Response Log Friday-Poetry Folder-Not Mandatory (initial for teacher selected incentive) Reading Options: (Free Choice Book, I-Station, and E Books) Math Options: (FASTT Math at home, Fact Practice, Math games,

flashcards, card or board games, counting money, and telling time) Absences/Transportation When your child is absent, please complete the following steps: 1. Call in absences to the front office at 281-2378300 for each day absent. 2. Send a note with your child upon returning to school. 3. All transportation changes must be made through the front office or send a handwritten note with the child that morning. (Emails will not be accepted.) Join RRE Rhino PTA! Your PTA membership money gives our wonderful school the funds to purchase all kinds of things:

technology teacher support playground equipment library needs science lab supplies classroom needs field trip expenses student programs *If you are unable to volunteer your time, this is a great opportunity to support your children, teachers, and school. 2nd Grade Teacher Contact List Jennifer Stroud - [email protected] (281-237-8346) Jennifer Huddleston - [email protected] (281-237-8390) Emily Ballard - [email protected] (281-237-8137) Angie Loverde - [email protected] (281-237-8138) Kim Olvera - [email protected] (281-237-8306) Chelsey Sosolik - [email protected] (281-237-1093)

Anne McCoy - [email protected] (281-237-8342) Melanie Goff - [email protected] (281-237-8338) Diana Lopez - [email protected] (281-237-8360) Sarah Kisseberth - [email protected] (281-237-8331)

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