Section 5.10 - Murrieta Valley Unified School District

Section 5.10 - Murrieta Valley Unified School District

Section 5.10 Integration: Logarithmic and Other Functions Defined by Integrals All graphics are attributed to: Calculus,10/E by Howard Anton, Irl Bivens, and Stephen Davis Copyright 2009 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights

reserved. Introduction Remember that the natural logarithm function ln x is the inverse of ex. In this section we will show how ln x can be defined as an integral and work to recognize when integrals that appear in solutions of problems can be expressed as natural

logarithms. Connection Between Natural Logarithms and Integrals Continuity and Differentiability Natural Logarithm Properties Please read the bottom half of page 397 and the top part of page 398 regarding the our

previous assumption that ex is continuous and the resulting properties of logarithms. Below are listed the product, quotient, and power properties from Algebra II and PreCalculus/Math Analysis in terms of the natural logarithm (proofs on pages 398-399): Graph, Domain, Range, and End Behavior of ln x

Definition and Derivative of ex Irrational Exponents The logarithm power property states that if a>0 and r is a rational number, then If you raise e to the power of each side, then you get elnar=erlna. When the property elnx = x is applied, elnar=ar. By substitution: ar=elnar=erlna

Applications of Definition 5.10.6 When that definition and algebra I exponent rules regarding adding, subtracting, and multiplying exponents are applied, we can prove (more formally on page 402) some of the derivatives and limits we have been using (such as the power rule and the derivative of bx).

General Logarithms When b>0 and b does not equal 1, bx is a one to one function (meaning it passes the horizontal and vertical line tests) and so it has an inverse that is a function. y= bx = eln bx y= bx = eln bx = exlnb

by elnx = x by the power prop. ln y = ln(exlnb) take natural log. both sides ln y = ln(exlnb) = x lnb

by ln ex = x ln y/ln b = x divide both sides by ln b ln x/ln b = y interchange x and y

Therefore, the inverse function for bx is ln x/ln b. Change of Base Formula = Inverse Function for bx The inverse function for bx is ln x/ln b which you may remember is the change of base formula:

Therefore, logbx is the inverse function for bx by substitution. Functions Defined by Integrals The functions we have dealt with so far this year are called elementary functions: they include polynomial, rational, power, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric and all other functions that can be obtained from

these by addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, root extraction, and composition. There are many important functions that do not fall into this elementary function category which often result from solving initial value/condition problems of this form: dy/dx = f(x) given y(x0) = y0

Solving Functions Defined by Integrals The basic method for solving functions of this type is to integrate f(x), and then use the initial condition to determine the constant of integration C as we did in Section 5.2. Instead, we could find a general formula (indefinite integral) for the solution and then

apply that formula to solve specific problems. Integrals with Functions as Limits of Integration Various applications can lead to integrals in which at least one of the limits of integration is a function of x. For now, we will differentiate (take the derivative of) these integrals only.

To do so, we will apply the chain rule: Example Guess who this is

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