Software Engineering Education: How Far Weve Come and How Far We Have To Go Nancy R. Mead April 17, 2008 2008 Carnegie Mellon University Agenda History Timeline

60s 70s 80s

90s Present 00s Future 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 2 History 1960

1970 1980 1990 2000 Future 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 3

History: The 60s Software engineering as a term first appears in the literature Early publications on structured programming 1960s 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 4 History: The 70s IBM Federal Systems Harlan Mills convinces then Division President John Jackson to train all

programmers in structured programming and leaders in structured design Harlan Mills 1970s IBM forms Software Engineering Institute, an educational organization at the corporate level in New York Early MSE programs are started Wang Institute, Seattle University, Texas Christian University Software engineering books

start to appear Linger, Mills, Witt; Fairley Mark Ardis Dick Fairley Rick Linger 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 5 History: The 80s

SEI contract is developed RFP followed by award to Carnegie Mellon University in 1984 Angel Jordan Mary Shaw Nico Habermann 1980s 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 6

History: The 80s Norm Gibbs is hired as Director of Education at SEI First CSEE is held in 1986/87 Nancy Mead and others at IBM submit papers Curriculum Design Workshop held in 1988 MSE Model Curriculum published in 1989 SEI Continuing Education Program is started 1980s Norm Gibbs Jim Tomayko

2008 Carnegie Mellon University 7 History: The 90s CMU MSE is started in 1990 with first graduates in 1991 1990s 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 8

History: The 90s Forum for the Advancement of Software Engineering Education (FASE) is started in December 1991 Online newsletter distributed to many educators in many countries Editors include Keith Pierce, Don Bagert, Susan Mengel, Barrie Thompson, and Helen Edwards 1990s Don Bagert Barrie Thompson

2008 Carnegie Mellon University 9 History: The 90s CSEE becomes CSEET and transitions from SEI event to IEEE Conference. Nancy Mead is first Steering Committee Chair; subsequent chairs are Don Bagert and Tim Lethbridge. WGSEET is started under Nancy Meads leadership in 1995.

1990s WGSEET topics include curriculum development, professionalism, industry-university collaboration 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 10 Curriculum Development Early effort by ERAU in support of FAA Curriculum development work by WGSEET, published as SEI reports WGSEET members successfully apply for a grant to develop materials

(SWENET) Subsequent efforts by ACM, IEEE resulting in standardized curricula 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 11 Undergraduate Software Engineering Programs First program at RIT in 1996 Mike Lutz Merger of CSAB and ABET started, becomes official in 2001 Numerous engineering programs at present

2008 Carnegie Mellon University 12 Industry-University Collaboration Studies of successful industry-university collaboration, publication of success stories 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 13 Software Engineering Coordinating Committee

(SWECC) SWECC started in 1999 Dennis Frailey 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 14 SWEBOK In 1998, IEEE Computer Society funded effort to develop a software engineering body of knowledge multiyear effort, numerous writers, several stages of review and revision. Open review process. Industrial Advisory Board.

Robert Dupuis and Pierre Bourque are editors SWEBOK adopted by IEEE Computer Society in 2004 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 15 Licensing of Software Engineers Widespread debate in the U.S. Texas Board votes to license software engineers in 1998 Don Bagert 1st licensed software engineer in state of Texas

Licensing process is different in other countries more closely linked to degree programs. Licensing faced legal challenge in Canada. Remains to be seen whether licensing will become common practice. 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 16 Certification of Software Engineers Initiated by IEEE Computer Society CSDP (Certified Software Development Professional) Exam carefully constructed and tested Less controversial than licensing, avoids use of term engineer

2008 Carnegie Mellon University 17 Present 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 18 Academy for Software Engineering Education and Training ASEET added to CSEET conference in 2006

Dan Port Tom Horton Experts engaged to help mentor present and future software engineering educators This years ASEET included Barry Boehm as keynote speaker and Vic Basili, Jared Richardson, and Dieter Rombach as instructors 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 19 Evolution of CSEET

CSEET goes international! Spain 2003, Canada 2005, Ireland 2007, India 2009 Heidi Ellis Nancy Mead and Barb Gibbs 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 20 International Degree Programs Many universities are offering international degree programs,

either by electronic delivery or branch locations. CMU examples: Japan, Greece, Qatar, Australia 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 21 Software Engineering Education Tracks Introduced in Other Conferences ICSE COMPSAC FIE SIGCSE

2008 Carnegie Mellon University 22 Future 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 23 New Curriculum Development Integrated Software and Systems Engineering Curriculum (iSSEc) Influence of other specialties such as software assurance

2008 Carnegie Mellon University 24 Evolution of Degree Programs Globalization not just international programs but programs that reflect the global nature of software engineering Multiple software engineering degree programs as suggested by Parnas at CSEET 2007 David Parnas 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

25 Other Trends Electronic publishing journals, books, use of the Web for research Webcasts 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 26 Our Challenge Leadership in the evolution of software engineering education Mentoring new faculty Encouraging industry-university collaboration

Legitimizing educational research Furthering the profession 2008 Carnegie Mellon University 27

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