SENIOR CLASS PARENT MEETING THE FINAL YEAR September 6, 2018 Class of 2019 AGENDA Team 2K19 Staff Attendance Policy Updates Senior Dues Senior Pictures Tiger Caf and Senior Avenue Senior Events and Activities Surviving Senior Year College and Career Planning

Questions MEET YOUR TEAM 2K19 STAFF Class of 2019 Assistant Principals Mr. Greg Bargeman (A-K) - Suite 19 Ms. Camille Robinson (L-Z) 104i Counselors (12th grade) Ms. Ramona Singletary-Robertson (A-K) 105c Ms. Wanda Flowers (L-Z) 105a Dean: Mr. Mark Martin- 220 Attendance Counselor: Ms. Dionne Clemmons Suite 19 Social Worker: Ms. Kimberly Wilson Suite 19

Class of 2019 ATTENDANCE POLICY UPDATES Students should arrive to class on time and ready to work when the bell rings Students who arrive to class 5 minutes or more after the start will be marked tardy (please see teacher syllabus for tardy make-up work guidelines) Students will receive a course failure upon accruing more than 30 absences (31 absences) There is no longer an automatic grade penalty for 5 and 10 day absences Please give all absence and tardy excuse notes to Ms. Clemmons within 5 days of the absence

Class of 2019 SENIOR DUES $119.00 Includes: Graduation Venue (Constitution Hall) Senior T-shirts Senior Lanyard College Transcripts Awards Ceremony

Due: January 15, 2019 Class of 2019 SENIOR PICTURES Senior Portraits were taken last week If your child was unable to take their picture, the make-up days are November 28th 30th Call Lifetouch at 1-800-445-1189 if you do not have an appointment. Class of 2019

TIGER CAF AND SENIOR AVENUE Tiger Caf The Tiger is open and is a SENIOR ONLY space For seniors who have a free period in their schedule (and lunch) Also used for college visits and afterschool meetings Start of a senior tradition Senior Avenue Used to show school spirit during Homecoming Week Located in the hallway with College and Career, LAYC, Registrar, and Pathway Coordinator Class of 2019 CALENDAR

HIGHLIGHTS September 19 21 26 29

2019 School Spirit Day Decorate Senior Avenue for Homecoming Week Block Party on Senior Avenue Homecoming Game and Dance October 2 College Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshop 10 In-School PSAT and SAT 10 College Night/Fair 6-8:30pm

15 Common Application Workshop 4-6:00pm 18 Applerouth Session: The College Process 6-7:30pm 19 2019 School Spirit Day Class of 2019 CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS November 15 Senior Class Meeting 19 Senior Parent Meeting 19 2019 School Spirit Day December 19 2019 School Spirit Day

January 2019 3- Community Service Hours due 15 Senior Dues due CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS February 2019 27 Senior Class Meeting March 2019 13 Senior Parent Meeting 19 2019 School Spirit Day April 2019 12 Vocational Fair for Class of 2019 May 2019

6-17 AP Exams 30 June 4 Senior Final Exams Class of 2019 CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS June 2019 1 Prom 12 Senior Awards

13 Senior Clearance 14 Graduation Rehearsal 15 Class of 2019 Commencement Class of 2019 STAY CONNECTED Sign-up for the REMIND App to receive text reminders regarding the class of 2019 Enter this number 81010

Text this message @mrbargem Class of 2019 SURVIVING SENIOR YEAR Senioritis Symptoms Class of 2019 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 100 hours of community service (due January 3, 2019) A total of twenty-four (24) Carnegie Units in the following subjects:

Courses Unit(s) English Mathematics (must include Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II 4.0 4.0 Science (must include 3 lab sciences) 4.0 Social Studies (must include World History I and II, US History, US Government, and DC Government)

4.0 World Language Art Music Physical Education/Health Electives 2.0 0.5 0.5 1.5 3.5 24.0 TOTAL

Class of 2019 PREPARING FOR YOUR COLLEGE/ CAREER IN HIGH SCHOOL Create a resume that includes your extracurricular activities Continue to research and narrow the choices on your College Wish List by gathering information at college visits and fairs Attend vocational/trade/career information sessions Connect with your School Counselor, room 105 Create a CollegeBoard account Class of 2019 PREPARING FOR YOUR COLLEGE/ CAREER IN HIGH SCHOOL Determine which teachers you will ask to write recommendations

Review your SAT or ACT scores and compare them to the scores suggested by your college or career profile Register for scholarship opportunities on and create an online profile Most college applications require a personal statement or essay. Remember to follow instructions on the application and be sure to write about the specific topic. Class of 2019 PREPARING FOR YOUR COLLEGE/ CAREER IN HIGH SCHOOL Have your child open a professional email account for college and career communication Early Decision deadlines are November 1st or November 15th Note the deadlines for your applications. Always submit your entire application before the deadline date

Monitor your childs academic progress through ASPEN Class of 2019 ELEMENTS OF A COMPLETE APPLICATION Student Initiates Transcript Request Form Teacher Recommendation Request

Family Connection/Naviance Transcript School Profile Secondary School Report Counselor Recommendation Family Connection/Naviance 1-2 Recommendations usually required. Please see teacher before requesting online. Test Scores

Sent Directly from the College Board (SAT) or ACT companies Application Application Platform may be: College Website, or Common Application College Admissions Office Complete Application File

by Deadline! Class of 2019 NAVIANCE Class of 2019 Transcript Request Form Submit 30 days before application deadline Available

in 2 weeks Turn in to the Counseling Suite Class of 2019 SAT Test Day Wednesday, October 10, 2018 Students must: Arrive on time: 7:45 a.m. - 4 sharpened pencils - Calculator - Water - Student ID - Small snack

- No cell phones will be allowed in the testing area Class of 2019 FREE SAT PREP RESOURCES For FREE Khan Academy Test Prep ( - Free individualized test prep personalized to each student based on their PSAT scores - Sample Lesson Plans for Math (15 lessons) and Evidenced Based Reading/Writing Sections (20 lessons) - Free SAT Practice Tests (8 exams available) - Free Sample SAT Questions Class of 2019

WHAT SHOULD SENIORS DO RIGHT NOW? Make an appointment with Ms. Arrington Determine which schools or jobs you will apply to Go on to see what schools on your list are common application schools Choose from the seven essay choices on the common application to write your essay. Make sure it tells your story! Ask teachers if they will write recommendations. You need two teacher recommendations. Class of 2019

DC-CAP Ms. Larmouth Mr. Reeves Class of 2019 COLLEGE AND CAREER CENTER Who: Ms. Arrington is our College and Career Center contact What: Function of the College and Career Center College applications, essays, personal statements, and resumes Prepare for SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests Financial aid and scholarship opportunities See your favorite colleges present information

Where: Room 108B When: 8:45 am - 4:00 pm daily Make an appointment with Ms. Arrington Go to to make an appointment Stop by on your free period or before or after school Class of 2019 IN SCHOOL COLLEGE VISITS When: Beginning September 6, 2018 What: 240 Schools from around the country come to visit our school Put schools of interest in Naviance Ask questions about financial aid and scholarship opportunities Come see your favorite colleges present information

When: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Where: CCC How: Get a pass signed by your teacher to attend visit Class of 2019 FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION Federal Pell Grant (maximum award is over $6,000) Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)* (maximum $4,000) Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant (maximum $4,000) District of Columbia DC Tuition Assistance Grant Program (DCTAG)

Public Schools up to $10,000 towards the difference between in-state and out of state tuition Private HBCUs and Community Colleges up to $2,500 per year Institutional Varies by campus * Campus-Based Program Class of 2019 FINANCIAL AID

INFORMATION The FAFSA is REQUIRED Submit the FAFSA soon after October 1st of Senior year (Submit it every year thereafter after October 1st.) Lets have a great year! GO TIGERS GO Class of 2019 Questions?

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