Senior Parent Night Meeting -

Senior Parent Night Meeting -

Getting Ready for College and Career BTHS School Counseling Post-Secondary choices after high school Apprenticeship Credential or Certificate State College (Two-Year, Associate Degree) Four Year College or University (Four-Year, Bachelors Degree) Masters Degree Doctorate Degree Military Apprenticeship You will learn a highly skilled job by working with an expert

Last two to four years Combine on the job training with classroom work Earn a paycheck the entire time rtunities.htm Credential or Certificate Often last up to one year Aviation Airframe Mechanics Advanced Manufacturing (Automation) Automotive Service Technician Medical Information Coder/Biller Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Massage Therapy Culinary Arts

Cosmetology Many more State and Technical colleges offer a wide range of credential or certificate programs State College Two Year Associates Degree AA Transfer to a four year university AS Go straight into the workplace academics/areas-of-s tudy

Interior Design Aviation Administration (incl . Air Traffic Control) Professional Pilot Technolog y Building Construction Techn ology Dental Hygiene Emergency Medical Service s Fire Science Technology Nursing (R.N) Radiation Therapy Supply Chain Management Computer Information Tech nology Ophthalmic Technician Many more

Four-Year College or University Bachelor of Arts Usually less specialized than a BS degree Normally awarded in such areas as the languages, literature, other humanities and history Bachelor of Science Typically involves technical fields Normally awarded in such majors as the physical and biological sciences, engineering and agriculture

Both degrees are equivalent academically Masters Degree Allows you to move into a managementlevel career in a specialized field Requires at least two years of study beyond a Bachelors degree Doctorate Degree Examples: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Medical Doctor (M.D.) Juris Doctor (lawyer, or J.D.) Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Requires at least three years of school after college and sometimes many more.

Allows the holder to practice a highly skilled profession Military Can join after obtaining a high school diploma Immediately after high school or Join ROTC while in college and then be commissioned as an officer after college graduation Offers many career and training opportunities Need to take the ASVAB during 11th or 12th grade year

Careers Now is the time to start thinking about careers and college majors Things for students to think about: What am I interested in? What am I passionate about? What am I good at?

What am I not good at? Whats the industry outlook? Where do I want to live? What kind of salary do I want to have? What kind of education level am I willing to obtain? Top 20 Fastest growing occupations for NE Florida Rank Title Wage ($)** Education Level 1 Physical Therapist Assistants

29.99 Associates Degree 2 Physician Assistants 47.91 Bachelor's degree 3 Nurse Practitioners 44.72

Masters, Doctoral or Professional degree 4 Home Health Aides 11.08 Credential or Certificate 5 Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary - Masters, Doctoral or Professional degree 6

Medical Assistants 14.47 Credential or Certificate 7 Personal Care Aides 9.89 Credential or Certificate 8 Physical Therapists

39.24 Masters, Doctoral or Professional degree 9 Software Developers, Applications 43.68 Associates Degree 10 Massage Therapists 15.72 Credential or Certificate

11 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers 29.62 Credential or Certificate 12 Respiratory Therapists 25.91 Associates Degree 13

Ophthalmic Medical Technicians 17.30 Credential or Certificate 14 Paralegals and Legal Assistants 21.04 Credential or Certificate 15 Nonfarm Animal Caretakers 9.99

No formal educational credential required 16 Nurse Anesthetists 60.25 Masters, Doctoral or Professional degree 17 Occupational Therapists 40.63 Masters, Doctoral or Professional degree

18 Operations Research Analysts 34.10 Masters, Doctoral or Professional degree 19 Speech-Language Pathologists 39.86 Masters, Doctoral or Professional degree 20 Tile and Marble Setters

13.48 Credential or Certificate Career Interest Inventories Many interest inventories to help you find career options Were going to take an assessment together

then you will take one on your own and answer the career interest inventory questions to be turned into your teacher. MyCareerShines Go to Link https://www.floridashine MyCareerShines Create an Account MyCareerShines Create a STUDENT account MyCareerShines Step 1 of 4

MyCareerShines Step 2 of 4 MyCareerShines Step 3 of 4 Your username and password should be the SAME that you use to log into BTHS computers . MyCareerShines Step 4 of 4

MyCareerShines Begin Career Interest Assessment You can log back into your account on your own and take the other two assessme nts. The more you take, the more detailed careers!

Explore Occupations Employment Trends and EntryLevel Education Things that can be done with MyCareerShines Explore Majors relating to your assessment results Plan for post-secondary education Education needed for your favorite occupations Find schools Prepare for SAT/ACT Learn about financial aid Search for scholarships

Create resumes and cover letters for job search Develop an e-Profile that can be shared with colleges

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