SADDLE UP FOR FITNESS Elaine Graf, MPA Precilla Bobo, B.S. Aging Commission of the MidSouth SADDLE UP FOR FITNESS Check Out: u/0 /? pli=1#inbox/14db07d598137c 1d?projector=1

Why Fitness Matters Share ACMS Program Lessons Learned Idea Sharing

GOALS Employers spend more than $8500 per active employee on health care coverage (National Business Group on Health, 2011) Contributions to health care costs have increased 45% for employees and 36% for employers in the past 5 years (Kaiser Family

Foundation, 2012) An estimated 75% of total spending is for chronic conditions. Just four health risks (tobacco use, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity,WHY and excessive alcohol use), are FITNESS MATTERS responsible for much of this chronic disease burden. (CDC, 2012)

In the U.S. only one in five adults meets the CDCs Guidelines for Physical Activity. The World Health Organization estimates that the number of clinically obese adults has more than doubled since 1980. Obese Americans spend 36% more on healthcare costs & 77% more on medications than their healthier counterparts (Brookings Institute) Add in stress, overwork and compassion fatigue

for those in the helping professions and we have a crisis GOAL - CARING FOR OURSELVES AS WE CARE FOR OTHERS HOW ARE WE DOING? * U.S. OBESITY RATES - CDC 2013 EVIDENCE BASED RESEARCH Dr. Mike Evans research shows: 150 min/week of exercise, walking etc Dementia by 50% Diabetes by 58%

Hip Fractures by 41% Anxiety by 48% Harvard Study, Death by 23% Even 20 30 minutes a day is a health benefit! 2008 Workplace Walking Group Break time walk approved This group continues today

Cited as a Best Practice in 2012 monitoring report by our State Unit on Aging. BEST PRACTICE Secure the #1 support of top management for your fitness programs. FITNESS

WELLNESS Walk Away the Pounds (video) Line Dancing Shaun T 25 (video) Volleyball Team 7 Week Challenge

Healthy Vending Healthy Eating Resource Brochures Weight Watchers Biggest Loser ACMS Healthy Workplaces Lunch and Learn

Events NEW PROGRAMS BEST PRACTICE #2 Workplace wellness programs are not one size fits all. NEEDS ASSSESSMENT

Fitness Committee Formalized Goal On Site Fitness Room Fundraising Goals Set Metrics Participation, Staff Engagement, Employee Satisfaction & Sustainability New . BEST PRACTICE #3 Conduct an Interest Survey/ Needs

Assessment. FUNDRAISING Casual Friday Fund Human Vending Machine Lunches (BAR-B-Q BONANZA, SPORTS MANIA & FIESTA). Bottled Water

management Survey your staff to identify needs Identify diverse champions and organize Develop metrics for

measurement Empower employees to innovate and try new programs ROUND UP CLOSING THOUGHT Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. John Wayne

CDC ehealthpromotion/ Federal Wellness Resource Guide http:// s/FederalWellnessResourceG uide.pdf USDA Choose my Small Starts at Work Dr. Mike Evans 23-and-12-hours/

RESOURCES [email protected] org [email protected] .org

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