SFHS Fencing Club

SFHS Fencing Club

SFHS Fencing Club 2013-2014 Club Officers President: Abbie N. Vice President: Shivani B. Treasurer: Bryan G. Secretary: Jessica Webmaster: Shivani B. Boys Captain: Garrett B. Girls Captain: Abbie N.

Sponsors Ms. Jessica Nelson Coordinate Algebra/Analytic Geometry Honors Teacher Coordinate Algebra Teacher SADD Co-Sponsor South Forsyth High School 585 Peachtree Parkway Cumming, GA 30041 770-781-2264 ext. 101226 [email protected] Sr. Jeremy Hedges Spanish / Latin Teacher South Forsyth High School 770-781-2264 ext. 101427 [email protected]

Parent Representatives Melissa and Magnus Danielsson Our son, Eric, started the fencing club in January 2013. Eric is studying at an IB school in Sweden for a year. We lost a son, but we have gained a fencing club! You have amazing children! We want to see them thrive both academically and in the world of high school fencing. Contact Information: Provided upon request. Contact Info

Website: www.wareaglefencing.weebly.com Website includes all forms, tournament schedules/ results, links to information about tournaments and scoring and how to fence, and much more! Facebook: SFHS Fencing Club Facebook page will keep you updated! Email: [email protected] Any questions? Concerns? Comments? Contact us! Georgia High School Fencing League 3rd largest high school fencing league in the United States We are a school based league that exists to provide

organization, support, and guidance for Georgia high schools having or wishing to develop a fencing team www.ghsfl.net Member Schools include: Alpharetta HS

Centennial HS Chattahoochee HS Dunwoody HS Johns Creek HS Lambert HS

Lassiter HS Milton HS North Springs HS Northview HS Pope HS Roswell HS South Forsyth HS Tournaments Date Host(s) -

Sep 7, 2013 Roswell (experienced fencers only) - Sep 28, 2013 Centennial Chattahoochee Oct 19, 2013

Johns Creek Northview Nov 2, 2013 Pope -- Nov 16, 2013

Lassiter Milton Alpharetta - Johns Creek Lassiter Jan 11, 2014

Dunwoody Milton Feb 1, 2014 Northview (Individual) Pope (Team) Dec 21, 2013 Feb 22/Mar

1, 2014 Championshi ps *Underlined names are those in which SFHS is partic September 7 Tournament Roswell High School Alpharetta High School Fencing Club will mentor our members! Each SFHS will be partnered with an experienced fencer from AHS Raider Fencing. Attendance is required. You cant fence in a tournament until you attend one and shadow a

fencer. Dinner at Los Rancheros 2090 Dunwoody Club Dr. Sandy Springs, GA 30350 Meet at Roswell HS and introduce yourself to Mr. and Mrs. Stanton, the team parents for the Practices Every Tuesday at Olympic Fencers Club 6:00 PM 7:20 PM These practices are with Coach Henry at Olympic Fencers Club Students will participate in open fencing with electronic scoring systems

Every Friday at SFHS 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM These practices focus on stretching, conditioning, footwork, and rules Olympic Fencers Club Coach Lee was a member of the Korean National Fencing Team. Her husband, Coach Henry, coaches several local high schools: Pinecrest, Lambert, Northview, Johns Creek, and Peachtree Ridge. They started Olympic Fencers Club two years

Olympic Fencers Club Olympic Fencers Club 10900 Medlock Bridge Rd #304A & 305B Johns Creek, GA 30097 [email protected] m Tel: 678 - 957 8348 Cell: 404 - 519 4255 On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com /olympic.fencersclub

Photo with Jung Jin Sun, a South Korean epee fencer and Olympic bronze medalist! Lettering Requirements 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Student may miss only two practices per semester (unless

approved by teacher sponsor). Student may miss only two tournaments per school year. If student is not able to fence in the tournament due to MINOR injury or illness, he/she must attend to support the team. The student must participate in and be present for the entirety of the SFHSFC hosted Tournament. Dues and fundraising requirements must be paid in full for current fencing year. The student must be equipped with required gear by the approved date: a. New fencers must have standard gear ordered by August 29, 2013. b. Existing fencers - must have a second epee by September 19, 2013.

All fencers must exhibit good sportsmanship Forms* Assumption of Risk and Waiver and Release of Liability Requires both parent and student signature, consent for emergency care, and medical information Emergency Contacts Requires student info, 3 emergency contacts, and doctor/medical information SFHSFC Code of Conduct Requires both parent and student signature

GHSFL Waiver Provided by the Georgia High School Fencing League; requires both parent and student information as well as cell/work phone numbers *All forms can be found on club website: www.wareaglefencing.weebly.com Upcoming Meetings Thursday, August 22 at 8:30 PM Olympic Fencers Club Parent attended meeting to order clothing and equipment If you need to arrange another time to order please contact Coach Henry at [email protected]

Tuesday, August 27 at 6:00 PM to 7:20 PM Practice at Olympic Fencers Club every Tuesday. Costs Fencing shirt, patch, and socks: $45 (estimatecheaper the more students we have) Fencing dues to GHSFL: $200 divided by the number of students who join (pays for trophies and running the league) Liability cost: $7 per student (payable to the GHSFL) Tournament dues: $50 per tournament+$5 per student (10 students=$10 each) Fencing dues to OFC for Fall term: $800 (divided

by number of students who join) Costs (Equipment) Clothing and equipment: Ordered through OFC. They will order through Absolute Fencing and receive a team discount for our club. The following example is only that. The final pricing and ordering of equipment will be with the help of Coach Henry. Deluxe Electric 8-piece epee set is $295.00 and includes a bag. Team Shirt

Back of Shirt SFHS Fencing Club 2013-2014 Sponsored by Los Rancheros Estimated Cost Per Student Based on 10 students (Excluding personal equipment) GHSFL Annual Club Membership: $200 for year ($20 per student) GHSFL Liability Member Cost: $7for year per student Tournament Member Cost: $80 for year per

OFC Coaching Club Fee: $800 for fall term divided by the number of students ($80 per student) Club shirt, patch, and socks: $45 TOTAL: $232! (All we pay in January is another $80 each for coaching.) This is actually not bad at all compared to other sports at our school. (Band members pay around $1500 a year and other sports, like football, pay $1000 a year.) You buy your fencing clothing once and it should last you all four years of high school. fundraising We are currently exploring fundraising opportunities.

We will need to raise money for electronic scoring equipment. Our goal is two pieces of equipment or $2400 by September of 2014. Sales of candy or babysitting services Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre offers a concessions program for club parents to work two or three concerts. Any suggestions are welcome. Fundraising must be approved by both the school and the FCBOE. Club Banquet There will be an end of the year banquet with the

presentation of letters! We will have a t-shirt designing contest with the winning club t-shirt for the 2014-2015 season announced at the banquet and a $20 gift card for the winner Parent Training For every 5 students who participate in a tournament, we are required to supply a parent volunteer to act as a Director. Director Training will be provided for parents. We will be joining parents from other high schools for training. (Date to be announced)

Volunteers! Volunteers are needed for: Booster Club Homecoming Parade

Tournament Dinners we will meet for dinner after each tournament Fundraising Lettering- tracking student participation for practices and tournaments Forming a 501c3- any parents with accounting background who can help fill out the paperwork for a 502c3 Making of PVC epee guards Tuesday practices: signing in, club updates and watch over drills at OFC Friday practices: signing in, club updates, and watch over drills (no fencing equipment at these practices) PVC Party! TBA

Fencers need to make a blade protector from PVC piping. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, and working together is a success ~ Henry Ford Guest Speaker: Kathy Vail GHSFL Vice

Chairman Any Questions?

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