Shelbyfield Animal Rescue -

Shelbyfield Animal Rescue -

SHELBYFIELD ANIMAL RESCUE Adoptable Pets MISSION to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome stray or unwanted pets. Shelbyfield Animal Rescue dedicated to helping animals in

need, and helping you find the perfect pet for your home. Visit for more info MANS BEST FRIEND Adoptable Dogs

FRANNY Female 30 lbs. Whippet 5 yrs. old Likes: Long walks on the beach

Dislikes: Drama ZOOEY Male 18 lbs. Border Collie Mix 3 mos. old

Likes: Cookies Dislikes: Fruits and vegetables SALINGER Male 72 lbs. Golden Retriever 3 yrs. old

Likes: Filthy tennis balls Dislikes: Clean tennis balls ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL Cats and Other

Adoptable Pets KHAN & BAGHEERA Male & Female 7 & 5 lbs. Shorthair 6 mos. old Likes: Clay pots Dislikes: Pans

BEATRIX Female 10 lbs. French Lop 2 yrs. old

Likes: Running Dislikes: Losing to the tortoise DONATELLO Male 4 lbs. Red-Eared Slider

1 yr. old Likes: Pizza Dislikes: Foot soldiers ALL WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE

Benefits of Pet Ownership BENEFITS OF PET OWNERSHIP Stress relief Lower blood pressure Exercise Companionship

Social opportunities Visit for more CONTACT US adoptable pets! Shelbyfield Animal Rescue

[email protected] 321-555-3746 Shelter Hours Monday Saturday 10:00 AM 6:00 PM

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