Signature & Slogan - Dysart High School

Signature & Slogan - Dysart High School

SIGNATURE AND SLOGAN Dont Forget a Memorable Name! LOGO

(SIGNATURE/BRAND MARK) The LOGO is the distinctive identification SYMBOL for a business. A well-designed signature gets instant recognition for a

business o Creates IMAGE for product/company o

Visual REPETITION creates brand identity o Font, color, pictures, design should all be

taken in to careful consideration 13 FAMOUS COMPANY LOGOS WITH HIDDEN MESSAGES

Things aren't always what they seem at first glance, and these logos prove it. Check out these 13 famous logos that you may not have realized actually have a hidden double meaning. Karissa Giuliano, special to CNBC 5/29/2015

The 10 Best Logo Changes of 2015 10. With the help of design firm Studio Tilt, IHOP changed the "Restaurant" bar in its logo to create a smiley face that adds a burst of cheer. The brand reinvention arrived two

months before the popular restaurant chain reported its strongest second-quarter sales in over a decade 9. The dinner-reservation service OpenTable worked with Tomorrow Partners for a logo that looks great on the current generation of smartphones. Its icon cleverly represents a

diner waiting for a table 8. Creative agency Troika updated Turner Broadcasting's logo with a modern look that still maintains its unique "r" shapes

7. Sbarro's new owners are hoping to revive the struggling pizza chain. Its 2015 branding overhaul, evokes a slice of pizza

6. Emerald Nuts worked with the agency Girvin to replace its previously old-fashioned logo with a sleek, modern update 5.

Pentagram's redesign of The Ritz-Carlton's logo helps it stand out in the luxury hotel market. The agency cleaned up the lion crest, gave the lettering a bolder font, and imbued it all with an unusual shade of blue that the chain will now embrace as its own

4. Google Ventures, Google's venture capital arm, reinvented itself as "GV" this year and redesigned its logo in-house to accompany the change. It takes the "G" from Google's new logo and slashes into it with a half visible "V", adding some character

3. Agencies Bloom and Anomaly refreshed Johnnie Walker's logo with a more detailed character and contemporary luxury label

lettering meant to appeal to a young, sophisticated audience 2. Viacom's Spike network worked with the

bluemarlin agency to create a more mature logo that may help it attract a broader audience beyond its core male demographic 1. After 17 years of using basically the same logo, Google's inhouse redesign launched in September. The tech giant's distinctive and uniform new look is great in its applications

across all Google products. It's fresh while remaining true to the brand SLOGAN A SLOGAN is a catchy PHRASE or words which identifies a product or company

Five (5) Techniques to Develop Slogans: 1. Make it Memorable Make it EASY to remember, something you want to brand in their memory and possibly

repeat to others Sprite: Obey Your Thirst 2. Warm and Fuzzy Effect Make it leave people feeling

warm, bring a smile to their face, make them chuckle Allstate Insurance: You're in good hands with Allstate SLOGAN

(CONTINUED) 3. Rhythm and Rhyme Make it have rhyming

words or phrases Pillsbury Foods: Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven 4. Pun Make HUMOROUS use of a word that suggests two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another

word similar in sound BVD Underwear: Next to myself, I like BVD best 5. Main Benefit Make it FOCUS on benefits, not

features of product Mercedes Benz "Engineered like no other car in the world CHOOSING A SUCCESSFUL

NAME A. Short A long name tends to be less catchy than a short one Fritos, Doritos or Gatorade B. Not Too Short - DONT use

acronyms (DNA, APA, etc.) C. Added Value - Connected to products description tends to be more memorable Tidy Bowl or Internet Explorer

CHOOSING A SUCCESSFUL NAME D. Target Population Company's target population, its age, background, and social class, should be taken into account Monster / Red Bull

E. Not Too Similar to Another Company A name closely resembling that of another company/product can lead to lawsuits (If youre naming a car, you might not want to start it with an F unless youre naming a car for)

Ford Fusion, F-150 and Focus F. Not Too Unintelligible An obscure or a difficult name to pronunciation is less memorable Saucony

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