Singularis - pluralis

Singularis - pluralis

Singularis och pluralis Singularis och pluralis Singularis betyder ental a day, an idea Pluralis betyder flertal many bikes, ten children De flesta substantiv har en regelbunden pluralisform med ndelsen s eller es one hat two hats one kiss many kisses Observera stavningen!

De flesta substantiv fr allts ndelsen s, men om ordet slutar p ett vsljud (ngot som lter som ett s-ljud) mste man anvnda ndelsen es one church two churches one witch many witches om ordet stavas med e i slutet lgger man bara till s one race many races uttalas alltid [-iz] Om substantivet slutar p konsonant + y blir ndelsen ies one baby many babies om ordet slutar p vokal + y lggs s till one toy many toys

Om substantivet slutar p o bildas pluralis oftast med s one kilo - many kilos one photo many photos Ngra substantiv som slutar p o fr ndelsen es one potato many potatoes one hero - many heroes one tomato many tomatoes m.fl. Sammansatta substantiv fr ibland s p frsta delen och ibland p andra baby-sitters take-offs sisters-in-law passers-by

Oregelbunden pluralis Precis som i svenska (jfr. bok-bcker) har engelskan mnga substantiv med oregelbunden pluralis t.ex man woman child ox foot tooth goose mouse louse men women children oxen feet teeth geese

mice lice Ngra substantiv som slutar p f eller fe fr pluralisndelsen ves half calf knife leaf life loaf shelf thief wife wolf halves calves knives leaves lives

loaves shelves thieves wives wolves vriga substantiv som slutar p f och fe bildar pluralis helt normalt med s one proof - many proofs one belief - many beliefs one safe - many safes Samma form i singularis och pluralis En del substantiv har samma form i singularis och pluralis t.ex. one sheep - many sheep one fish - many fish (fishes avser olika fisksorter)

one deer - many deer one salmon - many salmon one Swiss - many Swiss one Portuguese - many Portuguese Lneord fr speciella pluralisformer Ngra exempel crisis crises basis bases series series species species phenomenon - phenomena medium media curriculum curricula stimulus - stimuli fungus - fungi/funguses Singularis i svenska pluralis i engelska

En del substantiv som vi i svenska uppfattar som singularis behandlas som pluralis i engelska t.ex. scissors glasses pyjamas binoculars scales overalls pants tongs (sax) (glasgon) (pyjamas) (kikare) (vg) (overall) (byxor) (tng) ven dessa behandlas som pluralis contents

(innehll) looks (utseende) surroundings (omgivning) steps (yttertrappa) stairs (innertrappa) braces (hngslen; tandstllning) ashes /cinders (aska) customs (tull) wages (ln) the Middle Ages (medeltiden) manners (uppfrande) oats (havre)

Kom ihg att ett verb eller pronomen som hr ihop med dessa bjs som i pluralis These scissors are mine. They are not yours. Those pyjamas are new. They are on the bed. Om man vill betona att det r ett bestmt antal sger man t.ex. one pair of scissors is , two pairs of scissors are Alltid pluralis! People, police och cattle (boskap) rknas som pluralis i engelskan There are many people in this bus. The police are here. The cattle were taken out in May. Pluralis i svenska singularis i

engelska Dessa rknas som pluralis i svenska men som singularis i engelska. t.ex. business (affrer) news (nyheter) furniture (mbler) homework (lxor) knowledge (kunskaper) information (upplysningar) money (pengar) advice (rd)

Fljaktligen bjs verben i detta fall i singularis och pronominet r i singularis. No news is good news. My money is on the table. Cant you see it? Your advice has always been good. This furniture is new. It was quite expensive. Om man vill prata om ett rd, en mbel etc. , sger man a piece of advice, a piece of furniture mnesnamn och sjukdomar Dessa har plural form med s men rknas som singularis t.ex. mathematics statistics politics cards

darts measles mumps matematik statistik politik kort(spel) (pilkastning) (mssling) (pssjuka) Om resultatet avses, rknas substantiven p ics som pluralis Jfr: Statistics is a difficult subject./ Statistics show that men are Family, crowd, team Ord som family, crowd, team, crew, staff, jury etc. rknas som singularis om man ser p dem som

grupp the crew has a meeting today Om man tnker p de enskilda individerna i gruppen rknas de som pluralis the jury are out Bilda pluralis! cat bus mouse

child man ox loaf proof foot cats buses mice children men oxen

loaves proofs feet crisis goose scarf knife fish person sheep deer

wife a Chinese crises geese scarves knives fish persons/people sheep deer wives

many Chinese hero hobby cod salmon pike lorry boy tomato Irishman woman

heroes hobbies cod salmon pike lorries boys tomatoes Irishmen women

pengarna r saxen r innehllet r mina glasgon r utseende r pssjuka r kunskaper r boskapen r ett gott rd r kikaren r polisen r

the money is the scissors are the contents are my spectacles are looks are mumps is knowledge is the cattle are a good piece of advice is the binoculars are

the police are

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