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DEV14 Building Business Dashboards: Excel Services, KPIs and Darwin Report Centers Grant Paisley Schweitzer MVP SQL Server Enterprise Technology Strategist [email protected] Angry Koala [email protected]

Agenda Business Intelligence Overview - Self-directed People Ready BI Demo - Excel Services, KPIs, Filter Web Parts, Report Center Deployment Considerations - Solutions for different WorkStyles - Using SharePoint to Drive Adoption Q&A Who uses Business Intelligence? Analysts

Execs Operations Middle Managers Our Integrated BI Offering DELIVERY CH R A SE Reports


NT M ANAG Server EMENT Excel Analytic Dashboards Workbooks Views Scorecards Plans END USER TOOLS & PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT APPS PerformancePoint Server

Excel BI PLATFORM SQL Server Reporting Services SQL Server Analysis Services SQL Server DBMS SQL Server Integration Services Server investments SharePoint is BI Portal and Report

Center Excel Services Dashboards & Web Parts Report Center Reporting Services ProClarity Business Scorecard Manager Demo Excel Services, KPIs, Filter Web Parts, Report Center Darwin Schweitzer

Grant Paisley MVP SQL Server Enterprise Technology Strategist [email protected] Angry Koala [email protected] Solutions for Different WorkStyles Customized delivery of information - PM dashboards & scorecards - Embedded BI in applications BI self-service - Enterprise-wide self-service reporting - Parameterized & Operational Reporting

Ad hoc Reporting and Analysis - End-user analytics and reporting Business User Innovation Incubation - Flexible Empowerment with Responsibility Driving Adoption Software that is Familiar Ease of Use Centers of Excellence Communities of Practice Communities of Interest Competency Centers

- Business Intelligence, Integration Relevance of Tools to performing job function - Information Worker - Employee self-service (role based portals) More than a BI Portal - Collaboration & Communication - Enterprise Content & Project Management More than a BI Portal Content Management Project Management Presence

Collaboration Training User Adoption Links & Resources Microsoft Business Intelligence Demos and White Papers /demos.aspx CRM Analytics Foundation &

the Technical White Paper ARC04 BI with Excel Services and Reporting Services May 15th 2.25pm: Session Three genda/Pages/newdefault.aspx Darwin Schweitzer Enterprise Tech. Strategist [email protected] .com

Grant Paisley MVP SQL Server Angry Koala [email protected] Q&A Darwin Schweitzer Grant Paisley MVP SQL Server Enterprise Technology Strategist [email protected] Angry Koala

[email protected] Appendix Darwin Schweitzer Grant Paisley MVP SQL Server Enterprise Technology Strategist [email protected] Angry Koala [email protected] Dashboards

Aggregate various artifacts (workbooks, reports, scorecards) Make BI information relevant Annotate core BI data with relevant information - Unified filtering (Slicing) across web parts - KPIs, Excel workbooks and SQL Reporting Services reports - Simple to create, simple to customize Excel Services Features Publish Excel sheets, workbooks, pivot tables and charts Rendering in pure DHTML Server side Excel calculation engine - Named ranges as parameters (single cell) - Access using browser or web services

Complete web services API Extensible using .NET UDFs Access to external data from SQL Server, Analysis Services & OLEDB provider - Pivot tables incl. filtering, drilldown Limitations of Excel Services Excel Services is NOT Excel on the Server - No authoring No data entry outside of parameters, no layout changes - No VBA, no non-database data sources, many other features not supported Does not Solve the problem of multi-user spreadsheet authoring

Excel Services Architecture Web frontend - SharePoint UI - HTML Rendering + Web Services Application server - Spreadsheet loading, data refresh, calculations - Holds state for interactivity - File and query cache for performance Single server or multi tier

Independent scale out Web front end Web front end Excel web Excel web access services ECS Proxy Independent ScaleFlexible Topology OutServer Application ECS interface Excel calculation service

Application Server External data sources Web Parts Components - Excel Services workbooks - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Describe important business measures Value, target, status, trend Sources: SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SharePoint lists, Excel worksheets or manual entry - Filter From SSAS, lists, text, query string, current user

Key Performance Indicators in SharePoint Server 2007 Fairly simple to create Many scenarios where code is not required at all Types ranging from very simple to enterprise-level - Manually entered, SharePoint list, Excel workbook, SQL Server Analysis Services Important! SharePoint is not intended to be a scorecarding solution - We have specialized solutions like BSM 2005 and in future PerformancePoint Server 2007 Personalizing the BI Experience

Filter Web Parts Make dashboards relevant to individual users They come in two forms: - Hidden (current user, query string) - Visible (business data catalog, choice, date, page field, SharePoint list, Analysis Services, Text) Provide a great way to customize user experience Filter information consumers In SharePoint Server 2007 - Excel Web Access KPI List

Business Data Catalog List WSS List View SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Custom consumers Data connection libraries Central repository of important data connections Simple discovery of new data sources Central update of connections in many spreadsheets and solutions Management of one version of the truth Bringing all the Features Together with the Report Center

Out of the box site template, optimized for report access and management Helps you to get started Consistent management of reports, spreadsheets and data connections Provides a specialized library for reports the Report Library - Very powerful when combined with the view history feature in SharePoint Supports full integration with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SP2) Important! All BI features are available through the entire portal

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