2 chronicles 33:1 34:33 A CD of this

2 chronicles 33:1  34:33 A CD of this

2 chronicles 33:1 34:33 A CD of this message will be available (free of charge immediately following today's message This message will be available via podcast later this week at calvaryokc.com 2 chronicles 33:1 34:33 Manasseh ~ causing to forget 2 chronicles 33:1 34:33 2 Kings 21:10-11 ~ 10 And the LORD spoke by His servants the prophets, saying, 11 "Because Manasseh king of Judah has done these abominations (he has acted more wickedly than all the Amorites who were before him, and has also made Judah sin with his idols)," 2 chronicles 33:1 34:33

Hooks ~ KJV, thorns probably a ring through his nose (as in NLT) 2 chronicles 33:1 34:33 David Y 1910-970BC Jehoram 847-840BC Solomon Y 970-930BC Asa 911-871BC 1000 BC 900 BC

950 BC Rehoboam 930-914BC Y Queen Athaliah 840-835BC 850 BC Jehoshaphat 871-847BC Abijam 914-911BC Amaziah

796-768BC 800 BC Joash 835-796BC Azariah 840BC Ruled over united kingdom Note: Some dates are approximate. Reigns do not include co- Hezekiah 715-686BC Amon 642-640BC

Jotham 739-735BC 700 BC 750 BC 650 BC Ahaz 735-715BC Uzziah 768-739BC Manasseh 686-642BC Kings

of Judah 600 BC 550 BC 500 BC 2 chronicles 33:1 34:33 Jam. 1:23-24 ~ For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was.

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