www.eng.monash.edu Student Enhancement Programs in Engineering Professor Gary

www.eng.monash.edu Student Enhancement Programs in Engineering Professor Gary

www.eng.monash.edu Student Enhancement Programs in Engineering Professor Gary Codner Associate Dean (Education) www.eng.monash.edu Monash Engineering Research and Industry Training (MERIT) Student Enhancement programs

Students have access to a range of programs which enrich their learning experience in addition to their undergraduate degree www.eng.monash.edu Components of MERIT Program Leadership Work Ready Undergraduate Research

Opportunity Program (UROP) Summer Research MERIT Women in Engineering Student mobility

scheme www.eng.monash.edu Leadership in a Technological Environment www.eng.monash.edu Leadership Program Winner of Vice-Chancellors Award for

rograms that Enhance Learning 2010 Entry invitation to Engineering Excellence Awardees & central scholarship holders (approx 50), OR application at the end of Level 1 (approx 10) www.eng.monash.edu Structure of Leadership Program Year 1

Year 2 Year 3 Residential (3 day) Residential (2 day) Personality testing team skills

Residential (2 day) Project development 1. What is Leadership 2. Communications for leadership & management skills 4. Ethics 5. Sustainability 6. People skills

8. Globalisation 9. Change management 3. Critical thinking & problem solving Half day industry visit 7. Innovation & entrepreneurship One Week industry

placement Vacation placement www.eng.monash.edu Year 1 Leadership Residential: Personality Testing Understanding of self is important to understanding others Myers Briggs testing is done at the start of year 1 and then integrated throughout the program

20 07 2008 Leadership in a www.eng.monash.edu Technological Environment Participants 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

201 0 Phase 2 Residential: Developing teamwork skills www.eng.monash.edu www.eng.monash.edu End of Year Annual Leadership Dinner www.eng.monash.edu

Industry involvement in Leadership Program Provide guest speakers or panel members Mentors Shadowing and work placement opportunities Site visits or visits to company Industry Scholarships currently over $3m of industry funded scholarships available over the next 4 years Includes mentoring and work placement opportunities www.eng.monash.edu

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) www.eng.monash.edu By invitation to high performing students

Provides undergraduate students an early opportunity to experience real life in an engineering research environment www.eng.monash.edu Entry can be at level 3 or 4

Series of seminars at start of program to develop research skills how to frame a research question

Critical reading and evaluation skills related to research data and papers oral presentation skills Endnote training session Financial support to attend

national and international www.eng.monash.edu Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Students work with either a research staff member or within a research group Projects need to be interesting Leads to a research career Want research projects from industry www.eng.monash.edu

Summer Research program www.eng.monash.edu Summer Research Program Undergraduate students are invited to explore the challenge of research via a 12 week research project. The project is undertaken at the Clayton Campus from November to February Summer Research scholarship holders receive a $400 per week allowance (tax exempt)

Explore a topical problem in great depth from a variety of research areas. www.eng.monash.edu Work Ready Program Available to all undergraduate students Job search program Meet an engineer www.eng.monash.edu

Job Search Program: Module 1: Career management & finding employment Week 2 Seminar 1: Planning your career in engineering Week 3 Workshop 1.1 Identify your aspirations, values, skills & interests Week 4 Workshop 1.2 How to find engineering jobs www.eng.monash.edu

Job Search Program: Module 2: Writing Quality Applications Week 5 Seminar 2: Writing quality job applications for engineering jobs Week 6 Workshop 2.1 Targeted written applications: Resumes and key selection criteria Week 7 Workshop 2.2 Targeted written applications: Cover letter & key selection criteria

www.eng.monash.edu Job Search Program: Module 3: Tips & tricks for Interview Success Week 8 Seminar 3: Preparing for a job interview in engineering Week 9 Workshop 3.1 Behavioural interview practice Week 10 Workshop 3.2 Assessment centre practice Choice of two Seminar times per week Choice of five Workshop times per week

www.eng.monash.edu Job Search Program: Semester 2 Mock Interviews Write mock application and respond to selection criteria for vacancy advert Mock interview with an Engineer or Human Resources person from an engineering company Feedback on interview and testing www.eng.monash.edu

Meet an Engineer: speed networking Once per semester meet an engineer sessions covering all disciplines CONCEPT: speed dating approach Quick, focused discussions Sessions last for 2 hrs, but you only have a 10 minute time slot, then move on (Can stay longer if no one in the queue for that engineer) www.eng.monash.edu

Women In Engineering Program Seminar series concentrating on issues related to women in the engineering workforce given by women academics and industry professionals www.eng.monash.edu University Student Mobility

Scheme www.eng.monash.edu Student Mobility Program Study abroad for one or two semesters Study at our Sunway Campus at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Generous university support to study at Sunway Includes free airfares, free accommodation and $3500

living expenses for 1 semester, or $4000 for 2 semesters Sunway Campus, Malaysia www.eng.monash.edu Scholarships Women in Engineering Bursaries New for 2012: up to 50 bursaries will be offered (ATAR above 95.00) (duration one year, value $5000) Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA)

Faculty offers a number of awards each year based on VCE ATAR scores Awards are worth $6000 per year for four years ATAR score must be greater than 98.00 to be eligible (99.4 in 2011) Other centrally awarded scholarships available www.eng.monash.edu Thank you

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