Basic First Responder Training Title For page Incidents

Basic First Responder Training Title For page Incidents

Basic First Responder Training Title For page Incidents Involving Grain Storage and Handling Facilities Unit 3 Preplanning/Training/ Rescue Equipment for Emergencies at Grain Storage and Handling Facilities Developed by:

Purdue University Agricultural Safety and Health Program Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering West Lafayette, IN This material was produced under grant number SH23575SH2 from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. It does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S. Department of Labor, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsements by the U.S. Government. 1

Objectives Discuss the importance of preplanning for emergencies at grain storage and handling facilities Emphasize the importance of ongoing training that addresses the types of grain storage and handling facilities located in the community Describe the type of rescue equipment that is needed and potential hazards associated with its use Describe different types of grain containment

systems 2 Preplanning Preplanning is an essential ingredient inbeing able to effectively and safely respond to emergencies, regardless of their nature. Preplanning: reduces response time reduces potential risks to first

responders at the scene reduces frustration better utilizes resources saves lives 3 Preplanning Involves Identification of types and locations of grain storage and handling facilities in the service area Assessment of primary hazards and risks at each location

Assessment of first response capabilities Identification of available resources both public and private Development of mutual aid agreements to cover gaps in capabilities Conducting periodic on-site training Develop Standard Operating Procedures that reflect capabilities other? 4

Training Training is a core requirement of those who are called upon to respond to emergencies involving grain storage and handling facilities. It should be:

Evidence-based Performance-based Designed to meet potential response needs Realistic and on-site if possible Repeated on a periodic basis Designed to do no harm 5

Would training have made a difference? 6 Equipment Needed to Conduct Grain Entrapment Rescues

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Communications equipment Cutting equipment

Air quality monitoring equipment Grain handling equipment Ventilation systems Lockout/Tagout equipment Retrieval system/anchor point Lighting systems Grain containment devices 7 Personal Protective Equipment

Respiratory Eye Hearing Hand Head

8 Communications Equipment 9 Cutting Equipment Cutting Equipment Battery Operated Saws All

110 Volt Saws All Air Chisel K12 Rescue Saw with Abrasive Blade 10 Cutting Equipment (Continued)

K12 Rescue Saw 11 Cutting Equipment (cont.) Cutting Equipment (Cont) 12 Hazards Associated with Cutting Tools

Flying debris Contact with sharp edges and tool blades Respiratory hazards from airborne dust and fumes High sound levels 13 Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

Single gas air quality monitors Multi gas air quality monitor 14 Respiratory Protection N95 mask

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus 15 Heat Exposure Rehabilitation 16 Grain Handling Equipment

17 Grain Vacuum Equipment There has been an increased use of grain vacuum equipment in grain rescues This equipment is found at most commercial grain storage facilities and on some larger farms This equipment can move 1,000-2,000 bushels per hour of

continuous use Presents the risk of first responder entrapment Generates large amounts of dust 18 Ventilation Systems

19 Lockout/Tagout 20 Retrieval Systems 21 Overhead Lift Point

If rescuers need to be lowered into the structure, approved anchor points or overhead lift points will be needed, along with trained personnel to use them. This could include:

Ladder or boom fire truck Utility boom truck 22 Lack of Anchor Points Most storage structures found on farm and feed lot operations do not contain approved anchor points that meet the load capacity specified in the

federal confined space entry standards. Since these facilities are exempt from compliance with either the grain handling or confined space entry standards they were not constructed to meet the standards. If necessary, alternative anchor points for both fall protection and confined space entry will need to be configured. 23 Lighting Systems

24 Grain Retaining Devices and Rescue Tubes Purpose: Protect victim from inflowing or avalanching grain Reduce the inward pressure of the grain Provide for removal of the

grain from directly around the victim to allow for extrication 25 Examples of Grain Retaining Devices and Rescue Tubes A wide range of items have been used to build coffer dams Backboard Plywood sheets (max. of 24 wide strips)

Barrels with ends cut out Garbage cans Metal roofing Commercially available grain rescue tubes 26 Commercial Grain Rescue Tubes 27

Questions? 28

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