Your Project Brief! Project Brief You have just

Your Project Brief! Project Brief You have just

Your Project Brief! Project Brief You have just taken on the role of Head of e-commerce at Greenhous Vauxhall based at Telford. Your Marketing Director has asked you to produce an audit of the companys products, marketing activities and the role of the companys advertising agency. Launch date To be launched on September 27th at the Paris Motor Show and available to order

from the end of October. Working in partnership with Marketing Director Sales Director Marketing Executives UNIT TITLE: LESSON TITLE: CRITERIA: Unit 9: Creative Product Promotion The Promotional Mix

P1/M1/D1 COMPETENCY FOCUS: Creativity: learners will develop skills in creativity and design by firstly looking at how promotion is used in business to help them to reach their goals and secondly, to design their own promotional campaign responding to a creative brief from the client. Reasoning: Learners will develop skills in reasoning as after providing advantages and disadvantages for the use of the promotional mix, you will be required to make a reasoned judgment. Learning Objectives By the end of the lesson, you should be able to LO1)

To identify elements of the promotional mix (Gui) LO2) To explain the role of promotion within the marketing mix, using real business examples (Gui-Reg) LO3) Through writing a balanced argument using reasoned judgments, assess how effective promotion is in organisational aims and objectives (Reg-StrAdv). SMSC: You will assess the moral implications and consideration of product promotion. CRITICAL THINKING KEY: Knowledge

Application Analysis Evaluation The Marketing Mix [] PROMOTION How is the product advertised? How is the product promoted? Are there any promotions on the product (BOGOF, 10% extra free, free gift)?

How the business attempts to communicate with various target audiences Is a key element to the overall marketing mix AIDA MODEL (BUYER DECISIONMAKING PROCESS) MARKETING COMMUNICATION MODEL PROMOTION Advertising (above-the-line/below-the-line) Advertisers tricks:

Celebrity endorsement Put-down competition (i.e. Asdas price promise Jumping on the bandwagon: Sales promotion (i.e. BOGOF) everyone else is buying this product, why aren't you?

Online advertising Personal Selling Public Relations Direct Marketing Sponsorship Promotional Objectives These objectives allow the monitoring, feedback and assessment of the success of the promotional mix. Possible objectives may be: -To clarify customer needs -To increase brand awareness -To increase product knowledge -To improve brand image -To increase repeat customer rate

-To improve financial position What factors influence the promotional mix? - Costs Vs Benefits Exposure to the target market Type of market (B2B/B2C) State of the market Competitors Budget available Timing requirements Positioning

TASK Working in pairs. Each pair is given a product. Using the theory that they have learned about product promotion, produce a promotional campaign for their product. P1 Describe the promotional mix used by two selected organisations for a selected product/service a) To include in your audit, you are to prepare a case study of two organisations. Firstly, for your organisation with which you have had some contact, describe the promotional mix used in a campaign it has been running

to attract customers to buy their products. In your description, consider the following constituents of the promotional mix for this institution. What products/services do they sell? What are their promotional objectives? Who are the target customers? How are prices defined? How are their products distributed? What are the elements of the promotional mix and the media used, including exhibitions, written materials, websites and electronic communications, person-to-person contact etc. How have the elements in the promotional mix been designed to appeal to the target group? b) Now choose one of their competitors and repeat the above steps for that organisation.

M1 D1 Explain how the promotion is integrated with the rest of the marketing mix of a selected organisation to achieve its marketing aims and objectives Evaluate and justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix with respect to business and marketing objectives for the selected organisation. For one of your selected organisations: explain how their promotional activities are integrated (M1) explain how the promotional activities contribute to the achievement of its marketing aims and objectives (M1) evaluate and justify the use of the promotional mix with respect to your chosen business and marketing objectives (D1) make reasoned suggestions for changing aspects of the

promotional mix, bearing in mind that the budget is likely to be very constrained (D1).

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