Please note this session makes reference to issues

Please note this session makes reference to issues

Please note this session makes reference to issues relating to sexual assault/violence which may be distressing to some. You are welcome to leave before or during this session begins. If you need support afterwards please call the Universitys Student Health and Wellbeing Service on 0191 208 3333. Nicky Houghton Senior Student Policy Manager Student Progress Service CHANGING THE CULTURE

CHANGING THE CULTURE PROJECT In 2016, Universities UK published a report into Sexual Violence on UK Campuses. In recognition of this and in response to the recommendations, we established a 'Changing the Culture' Project. This project is championed within the University by Professor Suzanne Cholerton (PVC Education) and Lesley Braiden (Academic Registrar). The University believes all our students are entitled to enjoy a safe and positive experience and we have a responsibility to make every effort to ensure that this is the case.

CHANGING THE CULTURE PROJECT We are working in partnership with staff and students to look at ways of combatting sexual violence and hate crime on campus. The work being undertaken to challenge sexual misconduct and hate crime on campus is an important part of our University's commitment to establishing a community in which respect is a shared and cherished value. CHANGING THE CULTURE PROJECT An early priority for the project is to enable students to report misconduct anonymously. Supported by a communications campaign to ensure that our

students know how to access the reporting system and perhaps more importantly have the confidence in our response. It is an essential part of our duty to support the safety and wellbeing of students and staff, and promote a culture in which sexual violence, hate crime and other inappropriate behaviours are not tolerated. We (both students and staff) all have a part to play. RESPECT WITHOUT BARRIERS Latest initiative from the Changing the Culture project. How can I get behind this initiative?

Look out for briefings on changes in how to Report and Support sexual violence/hate crime in 2018/19 Ensure you know where to refer students Talk about Respect Without Barriers with your colleagues/students. RESPECT IS IMPORTANT For Yourself allowing yourself the best chance of success For Fellow Students both working and socialising

Members of Staff learning is a shared endeavour In the Community you are representing the University Respect for self and others are inextricably linked and respectful behaviours increase your: Self-esteem Self belief Mental wellbeing Academic achievement Social desirability Employability If you have self respect, you wont be disrespectful to others. RESPECT

Respect for others is essential to the functioning of an academic community and the University. Treat others with courtesy, fairness and respect regardless of their personal circumstances, race, ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and belief, disability or political views. Students are key partners in achieving the Universitys aims. University will take appropriate action where a proven breach of its policies/ regulations relating to student conduct has occurred. Remembering this will help foster mutual respect and understanding for all members of the University Community and beyond. RESPECT IS

IMPORTANT The Student Charter outlines your Student Academic Rights and Responsibilities alongside the Behavioural Expectations we have of you. https :// arter%20for%202018.pdf We expect you to conduct yourself in a reasonable manner at all times, both on and off Campus. Zero tolerance to sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying and any report of misconduct will be investigated via the Student Disciplinary Procedure. If a student is found guilty of misconduct a range of sanctions can be applied from a warning through to expulsion.

RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS It is important to the University that: Students feel supported and respected in their research environment That there are healthy relationships with other students and with staff (academic and professional services) to prevent sexual violence, harassment and abuse. Research students have very close relationships with their Supervisory Team, which are key to the success of doctoral studies. Essential that these are respectful supervisory relationships.

SUCCESSFUL SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIPS The following guidelines may help to lay the foundations for a successful supervisory relationship: Mutual Respect and Trust Critical in establishing a learning environment that provides high quality, supportive supervision that is more likely to lead to academic success.

Clarity of Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations for both Students and Staff Academic and Behavioural outlined in: Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes Learning Agreement Student Charter SUCCESSFUL SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIPS Power Imbalance in Supervisory Relationships

Due to the influence that a supervisor can have on the success of a students studies, it is recognised that there is a considerable power imbalance to the relationship. Never appropriate for a romantic or sexual relationship between a student and a supervisor. Academic progress should never be dependent upon such a relationship. Any reports of inappropriate relationships/coercion would be investigated in accordance with University procedures: Student Complaint and Disciplinary Procedures HR Procedures SUCCESSFUL SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIPS

Unacceptable Behaviour We consider sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexist behaviour, gender based violence and hate crime to be unacceptable behaviour and no student should have to experience this. Misconduct allegations are taken seriously and the following types of misconduct allegations would normally be dealt with by the Casework Team in Student Progress Service, rather than by a School/Service: Harassment (sexual, racial or bullying, including defamation). Any Sexual misconduct/sexual impropriety, including: nonconsensual sexual activity; sexual violence, assault; harassment and stalking. Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behaviour

or language whilst on or off University premises. SOURCES OF UNIVERSITY SUPPORT Student Health and Wellbeing Service Information, advice and guidance on wide range of student support issues to help students maximise potential: Wellbeing issues

Sexual Violent Survivor and Harassment Support Counselling Mental Health Issues Disability Support Financial Support Based in Kings Gate Building SOURCES OF UNIVERSITY SUPPORT Casework Team For safeguarding action & investigation under Student Disciplinary Procedures

sciplinary/index.htm All reports taken seriously Consistency in Investigation Independent Based in Kings Gate Building REPORTING We want to make it as easy as possible for a student to: report a sexual/hate crime to the university

access appropriate help and support quickly There are currently two mechanisms for students to report a sexual or hate crime: Via crime incident report form at: Report to casework team in Student Progress via email: [email protected] SOURCES OF UNIVERSITY SUPPORT Campus Security On site University security service in Barras building

24 hours a day 365 days a year Easy to contact Work closely with Northumbria Police Contact number: 0191 2226817 In an emergency: 0191 222 6666

. SAFEZONE APP HTTPS ://WWW.NCL.AC.UK/HR/SUPPORT/SAFEZONE.PHP For all students and staff that connects you directly to the university security team when you need help on campus. Urgent help if you or someone near you feels threatened or is the victim of an assault or robbery, and call for First Aid or Help in less urgent situations.

When you raise an alarm or call for help, all on-campus security team members will be alerted to your situation and location so that they can co-ordinate to help you quickly and effectively. NUSU - Resources and Signposting Police Liaison Officers RESPECT NUSU Respect NUSU - It Happens Here RESPECT POLICE DROP-IN SURGERY Dedicated Campus Police Officer PC Mick Miller 2 days a week (term time) Tuesdays 12-2 at the Students Advice Centre in the SU Thursdays 12-2 at Kingsgate

SOURCES OF LOCAL AND NATIONAL SUPPORT Victims First Northumbria - Confidential help and support to cope and recover from the impact of crime. REACH - Our local Sexual Assault Referral Centre, staff offer confidential support whether or not you wish to report an assault to the police. Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland - A charity providing free confidential support, information and counselling to women who have experienced sexual violence. They are completely independent of the criminal justice system including the police.

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