Call Center Professional (CCPro) CCPro: Overview Powerful

Call Center Professional (CCPro) CCPro: Overview Powerful

Call Center Professional (CCPro) CCPro: Overview Powerful call management tool Agent call control, instant messaging and customer information repository Agent screen popup for quick customer identification Comprehensive real-time and historical tools for Agent tracking and Queue statistics Provide distributed connectivity to multiple remote PBXs via intranet CCRecord Pro and CCIVR ready Target Customers Small/Medium Call/Contact Centers Any SMB which do care about the customer relationship quality

CCPro: Key Features Integrates with Panasonic KX-TDA/ TDE/ NCP IP-PBXs Connect to up to 8 remote IP-PBX simultaneously via intranet Wallboard-like flexible monitoring Full ACD statistics, reports and call billing Comprehensive Call Log information Call handling System, Queues, Groups, Agents and Calls Transfer Consultation Conference 2-Way Recording Dial from any Windows application or by phone book CCPro: Key Features (contd) CRM Integration Support

Agents Management Built-in for Goldmine, ACT! and Outlook Custom via Microsoft ActiveX technology 1st-party TSP for integration with TAPI compliant CRMs (e.g. Maximizer) Start/ Stop Voice Recording Enable/ Disable Chat Log-in/ Log-out Handle Agents information Call Monitor Call Park Enhanced Supervisor productivity

Save, load, export, import user profiles Security passwords Auto login Access Code window Threshold Alarms Lost calls Calls in Queue, etc. Actions Play a wave Flash main window Send an email to supervisor if threshold value is exceeded Global filtering at ACD Group level CCPro: Add-ons DISA/ OGM Estimated hold time in Queue

Tell the caller the estimated hold time they can expect in the Queue using IVR interactions provided by OGM/ DISA IP-PBX boards Estimation based on current statistics and past performance Compatible with Panasonic VPS devices only CRM Integration - 1st-Party TSP Enable integration with any Microsoft TAPI compliant CRM system of choice Maximizer Tigerpaw Microsoft CRM 3.0 Call Control Make Call Answer Call End Call Hold/ Un-hold Blind Transfer

CCPro: Benefits Improvements with Call Recording Customer service levels Management of customer information Proactive agent training Call quality Staff evaluation Rapid ROI through low initial investment Increase Monitor simultaneously Queues ACD Groups Agents

Agent productivity with customer pop-up window Loyalty by improving customer satisfaction Overall business performance Evaluate Call Center Performance Service Level Objectives CCPro: Supervisor Features Collect information ACD groups Extensions Extensions allocation to different ACD groups Listen to voice recordings via Call Logs Access restrictions based on DIDs and/ or extensions Call Park

Manage the customer information associated with the Caller IDs CCPro: Supervisor Features (contd) Real-time information Status of each Agent (idle, busy, etc.) Type of the call (incoming, outgoing, internal) The phone numbers for each party involved in the call and customers name Manage over 100 types of counters and timers Active Counters Cumulative Counters Peak Counters Active Timers Cumulative Timers CCPro: Supervisor Features (contd) Real-time statistics

Predefined performance graphs Custom performance graphs Counter graphs Call traffic activity Agents PBX line/ Dialed number Call duration Customer Name Lost calls Incoming calls for ACD Queue time Overflow calls No Answered calls Time range Type of the call (incoming, outgoing, internal) CCPro: Supervisor Features (contd)

Shipped with predefined report templates Call Billing Trunk Based CO Call Log Report Lost Calls Report Agent Based CO Call Report Call Trunk Report Analysis Report Queue Performance Report Abandoned Call Report Extension Group Performance by Extension Report Agent Activity Call Cost Report Account Code Report Ext Charge Report Charge Report

Resource Utilization Outgoing Dialed No Report Department Report CO Ext Report Call DID Report Intercom Report Agent System Report Agent Report Call Result Report Presence Report Group Based Agent Group Report Call Group Report Customer Based Incoming Caller ID Report CCPro: Supervisor Features (contd) View, print and drill down on stored information Export in different portable formats

Customizable by PDF, Word, Excel, RPT, CSV Advanced Filtering Field Chooser Time Division Date Selection Paper Format Schedule reports Export Print Send to multiple e-mail addresses CCPro: Supervisor Features (contd) Call Logs CO Call Log

Agent Based CO Based Intercom Call Log Agent Call Log Manage Call Logs Information Lookup Advanced Filtering Field Chooser Print Delete records Export Schedule Export Sort Fields Listen Voice Recording CCPro: Supervisor Features (contd)

Handle information Agents Add Delete Edit Voice Recording Sort Fields Import Export Customers Add View Modify History Import Export Sort Fields CCPro: Supervisor Features (contd) Call Costs Phone Number Prefix Minimum Call Duration Call Cost Report Call Charges Globally predefined billing items General Charges Additional Charges Additional Types of Charges Taxes Customization

Per Minute Flat Rate Per Extension Add/Delete/Modify Billing Reports CCPro: Agent Call Handling Using buttons Place a call Answer a call Hang up Consult another party Connect parties Using menu Transfer a call

2-way record for incoming and outgoing calls Chat and Assist Me tools CCPro: Agent Pop-up Window Incoming call in a pop-up screen Fill in for later use Customer Request Customer Records Call Result Agent Notes Filter information Call information Customer information from the database Call Log Real-time Counters

Break Reason for presence reporting CCPro: Agent Automation Customize sound notifications Automatic new Customer addition by the Caller ID Personal Agent phonebook Dial from any Windows application CCPro: Contact To find out more you can always request Demo version Integrates a PBX simulator Automatically generates calls Contains all the features of the full-released version with a number of limitations

30-day free trial version Contains all the features of the full version If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us Phone: +1 (864) 642-6103 Web: Email: [email protected] Thank You!

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