School Transportation Security, Strategy, Plans and Programs Presented

School Transportation Security, Strategy, Plans and Programs Presented

School Transportation Security, Strategy, Plans and Programs Presented by Stephen Joyce, TVC Branch Highway and Motor Carrier Division Transportation Security Administration July 8, 2009 Hank Suderman Collection 1 Highway & Motor Carrier Four Security Pillars HighwaySecurity Process 2 4 Assistance/Compliance r ci Ex e g n in Tra i Lessons Learned se s 3 Imp Plann lem ing ent atio n

uri ty Se c As se s sm en t Pla n 1 Highway Programs: The Landscape Motor Carrier Guidelines/ Standards Risk Management & Grants Exercises, Plans, Policy Awareness (Domain) Hazmat Motor Carrier Security Action Items 9/11 Industry Assessment CSR Universal CDL Vetting

Hazmat Driver FLETC Training Hazmat Self Assessment Technology RDT&E Programs Programs DOT 9/11 MOU Motor Carrier Security Specialist Training 9/11 SSM Tracking TSA Alerts System Information Sharing Info Sharing Plan (9/11) Hazmat Supply Chain Study 9/11 SSM Shipment

Tracking Program HSIN HMC Conferences HMC Webpage GCC/SCC Brochures & Posters CDL HME STAs 9/11 OTR Bus Vulnerability Assessments & Security Plans HM 232 First Observer ISAC School Bus School Transportation Security Action Items Highway Infrastructure Security Action Items OTR Bus SAI CDL HME STAs First Observer ISAC TSSP & Security NSTS Directives

IStep Exercise Program Motor Coach Infrastructure & Licensing CSR Universal CDL Vetting Security Directives 9/11 Exercise Program 9/11 Intercity Bus Grant 9/11 Info TSSP & NSTS Sharing Plan SEPP 9/11 DOT MOU Volpe Industry Vulnerability Study CSR Universal CDL Vetting Security Directives IStep Exercise Program TSSP NSTS 9/11

Industry Security Assessment Info Sharing Plan (9/11) DOT 9/11 MOU School Transportation Industry Vulnerability Assessment (9/11) Operation Secure Transport 9/11 Over-the-Road Bus Training Program 9/11 OTR Bus Security R&D TSA Alerts System HSIN HMC Webpage School Transportation Security Awareness Security Tech Info Sharing Program (9/11) TSA Alerts System HSIN HMC Webpage HMC Conferences GCC/SCC

HMC Conferences GCC/SCC Bus Public Awareness Program (9/11) Brochures & Posters HMC Newsletter and Conference Calls Brochures & Posters 9/11 Risk Assessment & Security Plans Program 9/11 Training Program School Transportation Security Awareness First Observer /ISAC CSR DOT MOU CDLIS Guide on ID Bridge Threats Smartbook TSSP Info Sharing

Plan (9/11) DOT MOU CDLIS NSTS DOT 9/11 MOU CSR CDL HME Top 100 Bridges Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Management Workshops Security Tech Info Sharing Program (9/11) NCHRP TSA Alerts System License Plate Reader HSIN HMC Conferences HMC Newsletter and Conference Calls CDL HME STAs HMC Webpage GCC/SCC IP & EM Workshops Highway Industry Core Security Requirements What: Requirements for Highway Transportation Industries to have Vulnerability Assessments, Security Plans, Training and Exercise

Programs Current State: DOT has requirements for Hazmat Operators for Assessments, Security Plans and Training under HM 232 9/11 requirement for regulations on Motorcoach industry requiring vulnerability assessments and security plans, training and exercise programs Needs: Proposed regulations for DHS to require vulnerability assessments, security plans, training and exercises for specific modes of the highway transportation system (i.e. motorcoach, hazmat trucks) Proposed legislative change to Patriot Act for DHS to establish a list of security sensitive materials 4 School Transportation Risk Assessment Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 (P.L. 110-53, Section 1538): 1. School Bus Security Risk Assessment TSA is to complete an assessment of the risk of a terrorist attack on the nations school bus transportation system. a) b) c) d) 2. Public and private operating systems Assess current actions by industry to ID security risks Assess if additional actions are necessary to improve security Consult with school systems, school bus industry, public safety, law enforcement, and labor organizations

Assessment Update a) Report has been drafted and is undergoing review and approval at TSA. 5 School Transportation Security Planning Tools to Assist You in Security Planning: 1. School Transportation Security Awareness (STSA) Topics include: Joint Planning Between Organizations Leadership Issues in Relation to Security Planning 2. Security Emergency Preparedness Plan (SEPP) Developed with Motorcoach Industry Includes basics common to passenger carrier industry 3. Universal Security Template Developed at TSA Overall template can be used by all highway transportation operators Currently in Draft 6 School Transportation Security Planning Guidance Draft Security Action Items (SAIs) might include:

Implement key control system for buses that require a key start and for company facilities Implement a method for locating school buses including real-time information (such as GPS) Conduct a security-focused inspection of all school buses in coordination with the required safety inspections. Provide continual security training of frontline employees Implement contingency planning including recovery plans. Restrict access to controlled information Work with local communities, including emergency and police personnel to ensure good relationships Implement employee identification procedures for display on property and in buses Ensure school bus on-board communication with dispatchers for routine and emergency incidents 7 School Transportation Security Planning Guidance Other SAIs for transportation planning in general include: Implement security plan; Follow risk management methodology; Designate an individual with overall responsibility such as a security coordinator; Implement a security awareness program; Conduct exercises; Review critical assets and infrastructure; Maintain communication capability; and Conduct background checks on all drivers. 8 School Transportation Security Training School Transportation Security Awareness (STSA) Training

Developed by TSA in conjunction with NASDPTS, NAPT, and NSTA to provide security awareness information and training to the school transportation industry. Provides school bus drivers, administrators, and staff members with information to effectively identify and report perceived security threats, as well as the skills to appropriately react and respond to security incidents. STSA includes web-based self study modules and is offered by TSA at no cost to any school transportation entity that requests it. Distributed over 8,900 DVDs to approximately 900 school districts, emergency management offices, emergency response agencies and state DOT offices that are registered for the STSA program 9 School Transportation Security Training School Transportation Security Awareness (STSA) Training (Contd) STSA training topics include: Terrorism and Terrorists Defined; Identifying Security Threats and Security Incidents; Potential Weapons and Probability of Use;

Leadership Issues in Relation to Security Planning; and Joint Planning Between Organizations. DVDs can be ordered at 10 School Transportation Security Exercises TSA and the Highway and Motor Carrier Division are developing the Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program (I-STEP). Currently planning two Fiscal Year 2009 School Transportation tabletop exercises in Columbus, Ohio in June and Greensboro, NC in July 2009 Will include all highway modes (infrastructure, motorcoach, school transportation and trucking) Will eventually include multiple exercise types (e.g. regional and national table-top, individual inter-active on-line, live functional exercises) 2010 in planning phase but will average 1-2 exercises per month covering all highway modes 11 Assistance/Compliance Corporate Security Review Program: What: A voluntary review and validation of corporate or state government security plans and processes

Why: Expand TSAs domain awareness and use data collected to assess highway security posture Status: Highway and Motor Carrier has conducted over 170 CSRs. Future: TSA will provide a security plan template, develop security policies (effective practices) and share with the stakeholders. 12 Domain Awareness Domain Awareness: HMC Security Awareness brochures, tip cards and posters for security partners in the trucking, motorcoach, school transportation and infrastructure industries School Bus Domain Awareness Guide First Observer Program: 888-217-5902 13 Information Sharing Information Sharing: TSA website and DHS Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) HMC Tele-Conference Calls Quarterly calls with each sub-mode in HMC

HMC Regional Security Exercises Great Lakes/Northeast: Columbus, Ohio June 25 Mid-Atlantic Region: Greensboro, NC July 23 Government Coordinating Council (GCC) and Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) 14 The Way Forward Implementation of the Executive Order on Surface Transportation Security signed December 2006 Implementation of the TS SSP Highway and Motor Carrier Annex signed May 2007 Complete Security Assessment of nations school transportation industry Develop Exercise Program for all HMC modes Implement security programs such as Corporate Security Reviews School Transportation Security Awareness Program Security Action Items 15 Highway & Motor Carrier POCs Bill Arrington, General Manager Highway and Motor Carrier Security Division Office: (571) 227-2436 Email: [email protected] Ray Cotton, Assistant General Manager Highway and Motor Carrier Security Division

Office: (571) 227-4237 Email: [email protected] Steve Sprague, Branch Chief Licensing, Infrastructure & Passenger Carrier Branch Office: (571) 227-1468 Email: [email protected] Bud Hunt, Branch Chief Threat, Vulnerability, and Consequence Branch Office: 571-227-2152 Email: [email protected] Phil Forjan, Branch Chief Truck and Motor Carrier Branch Office: (571) 227-1467 Email: [email protected] Paul Pitzer, Branch Chief Policy, Planning and Stakeholder Coordination Branch Office: 571-227-1233 Email: [email protected] Website: E-Mail: [email protected] 16

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