THIRD WEEK OF DEVELOPMENT Dr Samina Anjum FORMATION OF NOTOCHORD Prenotochordal cells invaginating in the primitive pit, move forward cranially until they reach the

prechordal plate forming a median cellular cord, the notochordal process. Formation of notochordal canal Notochordal process extends from prechordal plate to primitive node The floor of the notochordal process fuses

with the underlying embryonic endoderm. The fused layers gradually undergo degeneration, resulting in the formation of openings in the floor of the notochordal process, which brings the notochordal canal into communication with the yolksac.

The openings rapidly become confluent and the floor of the notochordal canal disappears; the remains of the notochordal process form a flattened, grooved notochordal plate Beginning at the cranial end of the embryo, the notochordal cells proliferate

and the notochordal plate infolds to form the definitive notochord. The proximal part of the notochordal canal persists temporarily as the neurenteric canal , which forms a transitory communication between the amniotic and yolk sac

cavities. When development of the notochord is complete, the neurenteric canal normally obliterates. The notochord becomes detached from the endoderm of the yolk sac, which again becomes a continuous layer and itself forms the definitive notochord.

THE NOTOCHORD The notochord degenerate as the bodies of vertebrae form but small portions of it persist as Nucleus pulposus. Provides signals that are necessary for the development of axial musculoskeletal structures and the central nervous system Defines the primordial longitudinal axis of the embryo and gives it some rigidity

Remnants of notochord tissue Both benign and malignant tumors (chordomas) may form from vestigial remnants of notochordal tissue ALLANTOIS Sausage shaped diverticulum appears on the16th day and grows into the mesoderm of the connecting stalk.

In humans allantoic sac remains small. It has a respiratory or excretory function in embryos of reptiles, birds and some mammals. Thank You

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