Youth Reinvestment Grant Bidders Conference February 14, 2019

Youth Reinvestment Grant Bidders Conference February 14, 2019

Youth Reinvestment Grant Bidders Conference February 14, 2019 AGENDA Introductions Grant Summary

Executive Steering Committee Request for Proposals Overview Proposal Rating Process Proposal Instructions Key Dates Questions YOUTH REINVESTMENT GRANT The Youth Reinvestment Grant was established during the budget development process last Summer $35,062,000 for cities and counties Diversion programs for minors Trauma-informed, evidence-based,

culturally relevant, and developmental appropriate. YOUTH REINVESTMENT GRANT The structure of the YRG program is unique Three entity types involved in each grant: 1. Applicant city or county 2. Lead Public Agency 3. Non-Governmental Organization YOUTH REINVESTMENT GRANT

Eligible applicants for Youth Reinvestment Grant funds are: California Counties Applications must be submitted by the Board of Supervisors or the Chief County Administrative Officer California Cities Applications must be submitted by the City Council or the Administrative Office of the City RFP, Page 4 YOUTH REINVESTMENT GRANT Lead Public Agency:

The city/county applicant may serve as the Lead Public Agency or Appoint a department or agency within the city or county Non-Governmental Organization: There may be multiple NGOs EXECUTIVE STEERING COMMITTEE 14-Members representing various disciplines and communities Co-chairs: David Steinhart & Mark Varela Full roster is included in the RFP

Develop the RFP, read & rate proposals, and develop award recommendations Conflict of interest policies prohibit anyone who participated on the ESC from receiving these grant funds RFP OVERVIEW (1) YRG intended to fund diversion programs that are: Trauma Informed Evidence Based Culturally Relevant Developmentally Appropriate And are located in communities that: Lack services

Have high juvenile arrest rates Have high racial/ethnic disproportionality RFP OVERVIEW (2) Letters of Intent due: February 21, 2019 Non-Binding Cities/Counties that submit a Letter of Intent and decide later not to apply will not be penalized

Applications will be accepted from eligible applicants who did not submit a Letter of Intent RFP, Page 2 RFP OVERVIEW (3) Proposal Due Date: March 29, 2019 One original signed proposal packet and

One electronic copy of the signed proposal [email protected] RFP, Page 2-3 RFP OVERVIEW (4) Purpose of YRG Primary Goal: Avoid initial contact with law enforcement Secondary Goal: Avoid further involvement in the juvenile justice system Diversion Interventions may incorporate: Educational Services, incl. academic & vocational Mentoring Services Mental Health or Behavioral Health

RFP, Page 3 RFP OVERVIEW (5) Diversion services are intended for youth under 18 or 18+ with continuing juvenile court jurisdiction Applicants must demonstrate a clear referral plan and process Applicants must ensure participant confidentiality Applicants must show a commitment to avoid net-widening RFP, Page 3

RFP OVERVIEW (6) Eligible Applicants: California Cities & Counties Lead Public Agency: Any public agency/dept Receives 10% of award Coordinate local implementation efforts Data collection & management Non-Governmental Organizations: Receives 90% of award Deliver diversion services to minors RFP OVERVIEW (7) Non-Governmental Organizations

Be duly organized, in existence, and in good standing at least six months Be registered with the California Secretary of States Office, if applicable Have a valid business license, if required by the applicable local jurisdiction Have any other licenses or certifications necessary to provide the services requested Have a physical address RFP OVERVIEW (8)

Project Funding Information Projects funded for 3 years and 8 months beginning July 1, 2019 $35,062,000 available Minimum request = $50,000 Maximum request = $1 million RFP, Page 5 RFP OVERVIEW (9) Project Funding Information ESC created 4 funding categories

Small counties 20% Medium counties 20% Large counties 20% Highest rated proposals 40% RFP OVERVIEW (10) Project Funding Information

Multiple applications allowed Regional applications allowed 25% match or 10% match Supplanting of funds not allowed RFP, Page 6-7 RFP OVERVIEW (11) Evaluation Requirements Local Evaluation Plan Identify goals and objectives How will effectiveness be assessed?

Local Evaluation Report Was the project successful overall in meeting the goals? RFP, Page 7-8 RFP OVERVIEW (12) Other Requirements Grant Agreement Governing Board Resolution Audit Requirements Grantee Orientation

Funding Disbursement Quarterly Progress Reports RFP, Pages 12-13 RFP OVERVIEW (13) Other Requirements Travel Debarment, Fraud, Theft, Embezzlement Comprehensive Monitoring Visits Effective Programs & Data-Driven Approaches Reducing Racial & Ethnic Disparities

RFP, Pages 14-17 PROPOSAL RATING PROCESS (1) Technical Compliance Review Disqualification Notification ESC Rating Process RFP, Pages 9-10 PROPOSAL RATING PROCESS (2) Rating Factors Rating Factors

Point Range Percent of Total Value 1 Program Need 1-5 35% 2 Project Description

1-5 50% 3 Data Collection/Evaluation 1-5 5% 4 Program Budget

1-5 10% Total Funding Threshold: 60% RFP, Page 11-12 RFP, Pages 19-26 for actual rating factors 100% PROPOSAL RATING PROCESS (3) Scoring Rubric

Poor 1 The response addresses the criteria in a very inadequate way. Fair 2 The response addresses the criteria in a non-specific or

unsatisfactory way. RFP, Page 12 Satisfactory 3 The response addresses the criteria in an adequate way. Good 4

The response addresses the criteria in a substantial way. Excellent 5 The response addresses the criteria in an outstanding way.

PROPOSAL RATING PROCESS (4) Preference Points: Services for Indian Children 10 points Application must identify the target population and estimated number of Indian children to be served Application must describe what services will be provided to Indian children Application must identify the NGO partner and provide a Letter of Commitment

PROPOSAL COMPONENTS Proposal Abstract 1 page Proposal Narrative 10 pages Program Need Program Description & Work Plan Data Collection Program Budget Excel Document Additional Documents 10 pages or less

Letter(s) of Support & Commitment RFP, Pages 18-27 PROGRAM BUDGET The Budget Table and Narrative are submitted in a separate document The link is built into the RFP RFP, Page 26 & Proposal Summary BUDGET REMINDERS Funds must be requested in whole dollars only Budget line items are limited to

those contained in the Budget Attachment If no money is requested for a particular line item, enter $0 in the budget table and N/A in the corresponding narrative INDIRECT COSTS Indirect Costs for applicants are limited to: 10% of direct salaries and wages

5% of project costs, excluding equipment Budget Attachment, Instructions APPENDICES Appendix A: NGO Criteria - Pg. 29 Appendix B: County Population - Pg. 31 Appendix C: Glossary - Pg. 32 Appendix D: Local Evaluation Plan - Pg. 35 Appendix E: ESC Roster - Pg. 36 Appendix F: Sample Agreement - Pg. 37 APPENDICES

Appendix G: Resolution - Pg. 58 Appendix H: Sample Quarterly Progress Report - Pg. 59 Appendix I: Compliance w/ Policies - Pg. 65 Appendix J: Sample Monitoring Tool - Pg. 66 Appendix K: Evidence-Based Resources Pg. 76 PROPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS Proposal Checklist Applicant Information Form Proposal Narrative

Budget Section Budget Table and Budget Narrative RFP, Pages 78-end Activity Release Request for Proposals Letter of Intent to Apply Due to the BSCC Proposals Due to the BSCC Proposal Rating Process and Development of Funding Recommendations BSCC Board Considers Funding Recommendations New Grants Begin (planned) Mandatory New Grantee Orientation

Date January 18, 2019 February 21, 2019 March 29, 2019 April-May 2019 June 13, 2019 July 1, 2019 August - Sept 2019 (Date to be determined) SUMMARY Proposals due March 29, 2019 Submit questions to [email protected] BSCC will respond to questions through

the proposal due date Q&A will be posted on the BSCC website and updated as needed

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