GSM Association 2011 The GSMA mEducation project update

 GSM Association 2011 The GSMA mEducation project update

GSM Association 2011 The GSMA mEducation project update Jill Attewell, GSMA GSM Association 2011 mLearning .. students using portable devices to access learning materials, information, systems, create and share documents, pictures, videos and audio files and interact with other students, teachers, experts, learning systems, apps and the world around them. GSM Association 2011

mEducation mLearning including enhancing teaching & assessment plus educational administration and management via mobile technologies. mEducation includes: e-books, online learning materials and systems Cloud based services accessible via mobile devices Collaboration Learner-tutor and peer-to-peer communication Evidence collection and e-portfolios

e-Assessment Attendance monitoring Task planning Curriculum and Device management GSM Association 2011 Where does mEducation happen? Education Institutions

Preschool (nursery schools and play groups) K-12 (primary and secondary schools) Further Education & VET (vocational colleges) Higher Education (universities) Work Places Work place on-the-job training

Professional qualifications Vocational certification Lifelong learning Self directed revision and extra tutoring Edutainment Informal GSM Association 2011

The GSMA mEducation initiative in 2011/12 Understand the landscape, ecosystems and business opportunity Engagement with educators, publishers and other stakeholders such as local education authorities, governments, teachers groups etc. Develop and promote the Mobile Proposition for Education

Publish guidance on Safeguarding, Security and Privacy Promote the effectiveness of mEducation Identify potential partners for collaborative trials/services Develop draft Evaluation Framework to assist evaluating trials/services GSM Association 2011

mEducation project workstreams 2012/2013 1. Stimulate mEducation services 2. Experience sharing & Guidelines Stimulate mEducation trials and commercial launches, and provide evidence of the benefits of mEducation to induce cultural change and accelerate adoption

Develop case studies to facilitate experience sharing. Research and develop guidance on areas of focus or concern (including mEducation Business Models) 3. Promote crossecosystem dialogue & operator role Establish crossecosystem dialogue to promulgate the benefits of mEducation, create business opportunities

and promote the role of the operator An holistic approach to accelerating the adoption of mEducation solutions. GSM Association 2011 Understanding the educational context and providing guidance Six Key Scenarios + mEducation in the Classroom GSM Association 2011 Understanding the mEducation landscape and the business opportunity

Global mEducation Landscape Report and Country Deep Dives: USA, UK, Spain, Japan, France Market sizing report with McKinsey & Co GSM Association 2011 Gathering Evidence GSM Association 2011 Generating Evidence GSMA team can help with:

Help with Evaluation Planning Training and Mentoring for practitioner evaluators Assistance with monitoring and problem solving Advice on Data analysis Advice on Interpreting and presenting findings Assistance with disseminating findings (if appropriate)

GSM Association 2011 Advocacy and Promoting the Operator Role Education events Learning Without Frontiers conference and festival (7 operators) UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Wireless EdTech 2012

mLearn 2012 (2 operators) Industry events MWC + Summits Seoul, San Paulo, Gothenburg Policy Maker seminars and workshops Brussels - MEPs and EU policy makers roundtable & workshop Paris Senior Education Policy Makers Forum during UNESCO Mobile Learning Week MWC Ministerial Programme mEducation workshop GSM Association 2011 Brokering Relationships & Stimulating Trials GSMA is actively seeking Operators and Educators and other organisations:

With innovative ideas about how mobile technologies can be used in Education Interested in pursuing a trial, or launching a service, in partnership with a educators or a mobile operator in their country Developing a sustainable product or service with benefits for education that extends the role of the operator beyond providing connectivity

GSM Association 2011 A sustainable future Educators need to be able to engage in mEducation beyond short term initiative or project funding Operators need practical business models GSMA research is

identifying emerging business models for mEducation GSM Association 2011 The GSMA mEducation project GSM Association 2011 Business Models and the Evolving Operator Role in Education Ken Figueredo

GSM Association 2011 Taking the Message to Education Policy Makers DISCUSSION GSM Association 2011 Policy and Policy Makers The draft UNESCO Policy Guidelines for Mobile Learning - What would you add or change?

How can we engage more with education policy makers? Do you have policy maker contacts who can be targeted? GSM Association 2011 UNESCO recommendations to realise the unique benefits of Mobile Learning 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. Create or update policies related to mobile learning Train teachers to advance learning through mobile technologies Provide support and training to teachers through mobile technologies Optimize educational content for use on mobile devices Ensure gender equality for mobile students Expand and improve connectivity options while ensuring equity Develop strategies to provide devices for students who cannot afford them 8. Use mobile technology to improve communication and education management 9. Promote the safe, responsible, and healthy use of mobile technologies

10. Raise awareness of mobile learning through advocacy, leadership, and dialogue GSM Association 2011 Where do we want to be in 2015? Mark Tastayre, Vodafone GSM Association 2011 GSM Association 2011

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