Enhancing Assessment and Building Communities of Practice: Priority

Enhancing Assessment and Building Communities of Practice: Priority

Enhancing Assessment and Building Communities of Practice: Priority Projects at CIC Yves Saint-Germain Integration Branch TESL Ontario Conference 2010 Overview of Presentation Context Departmental priorities Areas of exploration Priority projects: Enhancing Assessment: Portfolio-based Language Assessment (PBLA) in LINC CLB Achievement Test National Repository of language tools and resources 1 Language gives people the tools they need to further their skills and find their place in the world. The ability to effectively communicate in either English or French is crucial to success in Canada. Context Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multicultural Language gives people the tools they need to further their skills and find their place in the world. The ability to effectively communicate in either English or French is crucial to success in Canada. Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Ministerial priorities LINC Program Evaluation Renewal of the Canadian Language Benchmarks / Niveaux de comptence linguistique canadiens Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System (CLARS) 2 CIC Priorities in Language Training Encouraging more immigrants to access and complete language training Evaluate results of vouchers pilot project Expand occupation-specific and in-workplace training options Increase use of e-learning tools and technologies Enhancing measurement and reporting of program results Standardized testing and better in-class tools Improved reporting of program data Sector-wide performance measurement strategy

Ensuring comparable program quality across Canada Share best practices and build teacher communities through interactive website that includes social media applications Expand professional development opportunities for teachers 3 Areas of Exploration Work underway on issues including: Informal learning approaches Language training in the workplace Better ways to serve FSL learners Role of HRSDCs Essential Skills in the LINC program More effective student intake process 4 Enhancing Assessment 5 Issue in Brief Language assessment should ideally consist of three related components: 1. Placement 2. Learning (Progress) 3. Achievement While these components share some common elements, each serves a specific purpose.

6 Placement Testing to place learners in suitable second language training Sorting tool General Short Low-stakes Current Status Before entering training, learners receive a placement assessment from trained language assessors who deliver one of several standardized placement tests (e.g. CLBA, CLBPT, ELTPA). CIC regards existing placement procedures as sound efficient, effective and reliable. 7 Learning Program-specific assessment to measure PLACEMENT Program-based Diagnostic Ongoing & incremental Teacher-administered incremental learner gains

Closely linked to course content Usually informal in nature, though results can be tracked to measure program performance Current Status LINC teachers conduct ongoing assessments of their learners using a variety of tools, some of their own making Many use CIC-funded assessment tools to provide support and begin to standardize the process (e.g. SAM, CLB Exit Tasks) 8 Achievement Formal and narrowly-focused PLACEMENT LEARNING testing to pinpoint the proficiency of participants, regardless of how their language skills were acquired Precise and reliable Time and resource intensive Recognized and comparable High-stakes Current Status To date, placement and progress assessment

tools have been used as indicators of program results. 9 A coherent system Each component is important for overall program integrity PLACEMENT PLACEMENT No single tool can accomplish all of the objectives in each area To be coherent as a single LEARNING LEARNING ACHIEVEMENT ACHIEVEMENT system, each tool must take the same approach to language assessment and instruction (CLB) Investment in all three tools safeguards the validity of each 10

LINC: Current Situation Placement LINC Assessment Centres deliver standardized, CLB-based placement tests Learning* No standardized system for performance measurement data Achievement No standardized achievement test (teachers use a variety of tools, some of their own making) * Encompasses both promotion from one training level to the next and completion of the entire program (exit). 11

LEARNING 1. Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA) General General settlement info info settlement Benefits and and Benefits CLB Levels Levels CLB CLB Lit Lit CLB CLB 22 CLB Regional Regional info info Student Student Notes Notes CLB 2-4

2-4 CLB Language Language portfolio portfolio The Language Companion will provide students with national and regional settlement information, Essential English reference material, a place to keep class notes, and My Portfolio, where students will collect examples of their language tasks in listening, speaking, reading and writing. 12 LEARNING PBLA in the learning cycle Provides evidence of learning Basis of student evaluation EXIT Contributes to final outcomes evaluation (Coupled with Milestones Test at CLB 4 +) TERM END Initial assessment: CLB placement test

ENTRY Assembled over time, a portfolio provides evidence of progress 13 LEARNING Project timeline 2009 2010 2011 PBLA design design begins begins Field Field test test and and implementation implementation plans, plans, Best Best PBLA Practices Guide Guide for for teachers, teachers, Language Language Companion Companion Practices

Advisory Advisory committees committees of of LINC LINC teachers teachers and and administrators administrators PD PD workshops workshops delivered delivered to to field field test test teachers teachers in in Ottawa Ottawa Province Province of of Ontario Ontario (MCI) (MCI) agreement agreement to to join join Field Field Test Test Field Field test test launched launched in in October

October Report Report on on evaluation evaluation of of PD PD workshops workshops Consider Consider larger larger implementation implementation issues issues e.g. e.g. adaptation adaptation for for FSL FSL (CLIC) (CLIC) and online online courses courses and Field Field Test Test culminates culminates in in Evaluation Evaluation Report Report with with recommendations recommendations for for roll-out

roll-out 14 ACHIEVEMENT 2. CLB Achievement Test Single-stage test covering CLB 3- to 9+ Answers the question: What Benchmark has this candidate achieved? Particularly robust at two key milestones: CLB 4 and 7-9 Third party assessment independent of training programs Delivered in secure manner consistent with high-stakes usage 15 ACHIEVEMENT Purpose of the test Not a program exit test content is general and not related to a particular curriculum or instructor's teaching objectives Not an occupation-specific assessment content not related to any particular field

Optional credential for those wishing to have an official recognition of _ their benchmark levels _ _ Facilitate flow of newcomers into education/training and labour market Motivate students to set and achieve meaningful learning goals 16 ACHIEVEMENT Project timeline 2009 2010 CIC-commissioned research research on on high-stakes high-stakes testing testing CIC-commissioned Request for for Proposals Proposals for for English English test test development

development Request National coalition coalition of of experts experts assembled assembled by by Centre Centre for for Canadian Canadian National Language Benchmarks Benchmarks (CCLB) (CCLB) selected selected Language Planning phase phase (test (test blueprint blueprint and and pilot pilot plan) plan) completed completed in in Spring Spring Planning

All 44 test test components components developed developed listening, listening, speaking, speaking, reading reading & & writing writing All Validation of of test test items items this this Fall Fall with with some some 2,000 2,000 learners learners in in Halifax, Halifax, Validation Ottawa, Hamilton, Hamilton, Toronto, Toronto, Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Calgary Calgary and and Vancouver Vancouver Ottawa, Presentation of of assessor

assessor training training materials materials and and recommendations recommendations for for Presentation how to to best best operationalize operationalize test test in in keeping keeping with with its its high-stakes high-stakes nature nature how Discussions between between CIC CIC and and Qubecs Qubecs Ministre Ministre de de limmigration limmigration et et Discussions communauts culturelles culturelles (MICC) (MICC) regarding regarding potential

potential partnership partnership for for communauts creation of of equivalent equivalent test test in in French French creation 2011 Submission of of two two complete complete test test forms forms and and pilot pilot report report in in Spring Spring Submission

Piloting of of delivery delivery infrastructure infrastructure Piloting Development of of French French Achievement Achievement Test Test Development 17 Summary Placement Learning LINC Assessment Centres deliver standardized, CLB-based placement tests Portfolio-based Language Assessment Achievement CLB-based Language

Achievement Test 18 Building Communities of Practice 19 A Shared Federal-Provincial Repository Objectives: To facilitate broader access to adult language teaching, assessment and research resources that have been developed by Canadian professionals to meet the needs of our newcomers To foster support, sharing and collaboration within the CLB/NCLC practitioner community To identify gaps and avoid duplication in the development of new resources To support planning for long-term sustainability To safeguard corporate memory To enhance and promote ongoing professional development 20 Features Database

curriculum guidelines lesson and module plans handouts worksheets templates web-based learning objects audio and video clips images assessment tasks rubrics and rating scales teacher training resources policy and management documents research papers searchable discussion forums links to external resources Discussion forums RSS feeds Wikis Polling and surveys tools Job listings

Calendar of events *user-driven content rating system 21 Guiding Principles 1. Community-led Made by and for language training professionals across Canada. With seed money from CIC, users collectively populate and develop the kind of site they would like to have. 2. ESL and FSL Contributions in French from Qubec and Francophone communities across Canada. 3. User-friendliness and Simplicity Intuitive design, with tutorial elements incorporated. For those less familiar with web 2.0 tools, the site teaches you how to use them. 4. Adaptability Things change. System built to allow new content, using new media in yet-to-beinvented formats. Use of open standards to safeguard against obsolescence. 22 Guiding Principles 5. Searchability and Interconnectivity Users can search the catalogue of materials in multiple ways: pre-defined searches through RSS feeds new material in your field now available

listing of associated documents you may also be interested in connecting to documents with similar meta-tags documents also dealing with pronunciation are following paths taken by other users with similar interests the user who posted this item also posted the reviewer you trust also rated 23 Project Timeline 2009 Committee of of federal federal and and provincial provincial government government Committee representatives reach reach agreement agreement on on core core elements

elements of of aa shared shared representatives national repository repository national Feasibility study study of of technical technical requirements, requirements, including including Feasibility consultations with with teachers, teachers, assessors assessors and and administrators administrators consultations 2010 Funds secured secured for for repository repository development development Summer Summer Funds Request for for Proposals

Proposals Fall Fall Request Target: Developer Developer in in place place before before year year end end Target: 2011 Target: Beta Beta version version of of site site for for testing testing in in Spring Spring Target: 24 Questions? Comments? Ideas? Name the new CLB Achievement Test! C-STEP

Canadian Standardized Test of English Proficiency BANC Benchmark Achievement of Newcomers to Canada SCALE Standardized CAnadian Language Evaluation MILESTONES ? Yves Saint-Germain Director Info, Language & Community Program Policy [email protected] Patrick McEvenue Manager Language Policy [email protected] Gregg Blakely Senior Policy Analyst [email protected] Your own brilliant idea 25

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