Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications On the Future

Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications On the Future

Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications On the Future of Humanity
Science, Technology, and Society
Jack MacPhee

How AI Affects Us Already

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AI can already be found all around us. Millions of people
worldwide are familiar with Apples Siri and Amazons
Alexa. These are both examples of artificial intelligence
that many interact with on a daily basis. Other forms of AI
include suggestive typing and search engine suggestions,
behavioral algorithms, as well as self-operating motor
vehicles with the ability to stop and start themselves
accordingly. These examples may make artificial
intelligence seem like a brilliant invention, which it is. The
ability to create artificial intelligence is exclusively a human
gift. No other species has the capacity to create anything
this advanced, as far as we know. That said, there are
different levels and types of AI. Most companies today
label AI as anything that responds to user behavior based
on algorithms or pre-existing input from the creator. True AI
is something that can learn and develop on its own. These
are the artificially intelligent systems typically shown in
movies, like the HAL 9000 computer (Right).

Popular Culture and AI
Movies and other forms of entertainment like to
depict artificial intelligence as a means of humanitys
demise. Films like Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space
Odyssey (1968) deal with an artificially intelligent
computer, the HAL 9000 (pictured below) turning on
and killing the crew of a spaceship which it was
supposed to aid and protect. This idea that AI could
become sentient and turn against humans is,
understandably, making many apprehensive about
the furthering of this field. Despite this stigma AI has
in popular culture, experts agree that anything similar
to scenario like that is way far down the road.

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AI Impact on Jobs

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A study done by researchers Carl Frey and
Michael Osborne of Oxford University in 2013
estimated that as many as 47% of U.S. jobs
could be replaced by systems like AI and robots
by the year 2033. The chart above illustrates
which jobs are most at risk of being taken from
working Americans in that 20 year span,
according to the study. As is shown by the
figure, Telemarketers, accountants, and those
whom work closely with technology will be most
at risk of having their jobs replaced by robotics
and AI.

Where AI Is Headed
2018 will be the year AI becomes real for medicine. By the
end of next year, I think around half of leading healthcare
systems will have adopted some form of AI within their
diagnostic groups. In 2018, well begin the adoption of a
technology that may truly transform the way providers
work, and the way patients experience healthcare, on a
global scale.
Mark Michalski, executive director, Massachusetts
General Hospital

The fields of medicine and content creation are
just a few examples of new ways AI may soon be
affecting the world around us. The possibilities
and applications of this technology are
boundless. With new advances come new
applications. For example, as we continue to
perfect facial recognition, we could soon see
hard copies of our identification and drivers
licenses done away with. True AI and deep
learning could even be integrated into our
smartphones in the near future. Whether it takes
over the world or not, AI will still be quite a sight
to behold over the coming years.

Content Creation
Given the rapid pace of research, I expect AI to be able
to create new personalized media, such as music
according to your taste. Imagine a future music service
that doesnt just play existing songs you might like, but
continually generates new songs just for you.
Jan Kautz, senior director of Visual Computing and
Machine Learning Research, NVIDIA

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